Currency and Points Guide for Marvel Avengers Alliance

There are a few currencies and points that are utilized in Marvel Avengers Alliance (MAA). Below is a complete guide for all of these points to help you get started in game. If you have found this introductory guide helpful for you as a beginner, please check out our other Useful Marvel Avengers Alliance guides.

Marvel Avengers Alliance Silver

The Silver is one of the most common currency in game, you can pretty much get in-game silver through the majority of the actions.

Getting Marvel Avengers Alliance Silver

You can obtain Silver in MAA through flight missions and defeating scenes. However, it should be noted that the best way to obtain the silver is by sending out your MAA heroes on the shortest mission possible for maximum silver gain. However the flight deck missions should only be based on how much you plan on playing in the game.

Using MAA Silver

You will mainly use Silver to purchase new gears for your agent as well as conducting additional research.

Marvel Avengers Alliance Command Points

To make and obtain Command points in Marvel Avengers Alliance. There are a couple ways that you can do. The best way to gain command points appear to be winning battles against epic bosses.

Getting Command Points

1. Opponents in battle will drop command points at random.
2. Defeating bosses will have chance to obtain 1 command point, 3 command points, or 5 command points.
3. Defeating
4. Master a mission at 5 stars will earn 5 command points in MAA.
5. Purchase Command Points with Gold
6. Using the CP Farming Method.

Using Command Points

Command points are mainly used to recruit more heroes.

Marvel Avengers Alliance Shield Points

The Shield points in MAA is necessary for you to unlock more heroes as well as training them for higher level, as well as completing research. You will mainly get the SHIELD points from gifting you friends as well as visiting them. Lastly, you can also buy some more shield points with cash for gold.

Challenge and Energy Points

These two points are the currencies that allow you to conduct actions in game. The Energy points let you do scenarios and Challenge let you PvP against other players and their heroes.

You can purchase energy refills with gold or obtain the energy every 5 minutes in game like most of the other Facebook games.

Marvel Avengers Alliance Gold

The Gold in game is the cash equivalent, you can purchase the majority of the currencies in game as well as some of the strong gold only items. In addition to purchase MAA gold with real world money and cash, you can also complete surveys to obtain the in-game gold.

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