Marvel Avengers Alliance Best Flight Deck Guide

This Marvel Avengers guide will help you make the most silver from the Flight Deck missions available in game. We have offered several best flight deck mission game play guidelines to help out. Please let us know if you have any additional information to add! Lastly, do not forget to share these tips with you fellow facebook game friends by sharing about our post.

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Unlock all the flight deck slots ASAP

Always unlock additional flight deck slots whenever you can. The more flight deck that you have, the faster these jets will earn the silver income for you in Marvel Avengers Alliance. Unlock all the missing flight decks is the best way to spend your silver in game. Because these Marvel Avengers Alliance flight deck unlocks will bring you more silver through the game play.

Upgrade Your Flight Deck Jets to the Fullest

Whenever your silver count amount allows, always upgrade the jets. The higher the upgrade, the more silver bonuses that these jets will bring for you. However, when it gets to higher level, the upgrade cost of jets scale up exponentially. Make sure that you have sufficient silver to upgrade your other items before going for higher jet levels to the point that it stunts your MAA progress.

Make Sure You Hire Enough Heroes for Flight Deck Missions

You need to attach and actually send your Heroes for Flight Deck Missions, this means that you should always have enough heroes for your use even when you are doing missions or PvP fights. It is hard to have enough heroes for the flight deck mission in the beginning of the game. However, as you progress further in Marvel Avengers Alliance, always make sure to hire enough heroes to actually take advantage of the Flight deck mission silvers. Do not let your flight jets sit idle, idle jets cannot make more money aka silver for you.

Send Out Higher Level Heroes for Additional Silver Bonus

Higher level gives you better silver returns on Marvel Avengers Alliance flight deck missions. This means that it is in your best interest to send out the highest level heroes possible. However, you will have to make judgement call between using your best heroes for your game play or sending them out for flight deck missions. Because sending higher level hero out on flight missions may slow down your other game play.

Shorter Flight Deck Missions Earn More Money and Silver

In general, you will make more money per time spent for the shorter missions. This means that the best way to get silver in flight mission is by continuously sending them on the shortest one possible.

Pick the Best Time According to Your Life

If you can sit in front of your computer for an extended length of time, the shortest mission is the way to go. However, if you know that you will be idle for a while, always pick the length of the flight mission that offers continuous missions without interruption. For example, if you are going to sleep for 8 hours, pick the 8 hours missions and setup an alarm to wake yourself up.

Return on Investment of Flight Deck Upgrades

This should be noted because the upgrade cost of flight decks pretty much grow exponentially after a certain level. You should plan out and make good judgement calls before setting your silver into upgrading the flight deck jets. Only do such a investment upgrade if you know that you will play long enough to get those money back. However, the bottom line is that all upgrades will eventually earn you back the silver spent. You simply have to decide whether or not the Marvel Avengers Alliance Flight deck upgrades are worth their silver, money, and time.

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