Marvel Avengers Alliance Defeat Loki Guide

Loki is one of the hardest boss to beat in the game of Marvel Avengers Alliance. This guide will help you to have an easier time of beating him in game. If you have found this guide helpful, please check out our other Marvel Avengers Alliance guides.

We have offered you three different methods that you can implement and use to effectively defeat and kill Marvel Avengers Alliance Loki, please let us know what you think about these methods!

Beating Loki Strategy One

1. Set up the agent with support buffs. I use offensive accelerator and the batstone, this Marvel Avengers Alliance buff will give you 25% additional attack and remove 25% of enemies defense.
2. This alone makes for massive hits by the 2 heros starting on round 2. With the massive damage that War Machine deals after the buffs Loki doesnt stand a chance even after using his illusion.
My minigun normally kills anything standing on round 3. This works so well I battle the mini boss with loki for added points.

Beating Loki Strategy Two

This Marvel Avengers Alliance boss strategy can be applied to any bosses. What you will need is to have Hulk at least level 2. After he has hulked up to level 5, you can boost Hulk with other buffs – Hulk Strike Patch, Zap 8, Focus Patch, and Penetrating Strike. With this setup, when you use Hulk smash you will deal awesome damage with crits 2k+ damage where you will be able to one shot epic any bosses, including Loki for the purpose of this Marvel Avengers Alliance boss guide.

Beating Loki Strategy Three

Take advantage of bleed, ravage, and burn to gradually wear down the health points of Loki in battle. This method will take a long time, but however you will be able to beat and kill Loki eventually by focusing with these Marvel Avengers Alliance damage over time skills and damage effects.

Beating Loki Strategy Four

Observe the different color buffed Marvel Avengers Alliance Loki that you will be attacking. Focus on hitting the one with the Green Buff to avoid heals done by the red buff Loki. Avoid using multi enemy hits because all lokis will heal if you do so. Ignore the Lokis with the RED buff.

In addition, you can consider using the pincer is a good idea. Pincer+spotter+Pincer gives two hits. However, you can save your agent’s stamina or apply buffs to your MAA heros in the second round.

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Marvel Avengers Alliance Defeat Loki Guide — 9 Comments

  1. miqueias on said:

    oi eu que saber pra que serve isso

  2. Faheem Hasan on said:

    Thanks for the info. I just defeated Loki using Strategy Four. Too much helpful.

  3. Sunohara on said:

    i defeated loki earlier with myself and black cat.
    i was wearing the infiltrator suit though since loki is weak to it.
    2 infiltrators + thor’s buff is pretty good

  4. hyperion on said:

    There’s a better strategy for this now. Use Emma and Gambit. Loki doesn’t have a chance.

  5. Doc Griffon on said:

    OR… just use all your multi-damage resources on the multi-Loki wave like Cluster Grenade, Nerve Gas, Kunai Barrage, & Molotov. Everything from your SHIELD inventory will hit and damage over time (except the Cluster Grenade) which the multi-Loki wave can’t heal quick enough. That’s because ALL the Lokis are taking damage.

  6. Matt on said:

    i can’t do any of these can you help me? i have iron man, black widow, hawkeye, cyclops, and me of course, plus thor for this boss. thanks. :)

    • anwar on said:

      i need character hulk ang thor

    • anwar on said:

      i need character hulk and thor

    • chin on said:

      hi use nano nurse+curative reach and use ur black widow or Cyclops to weaken him for Cyclops use other skill other then aoe and use those item which deplete his hpfast like mystical ammunition and for the thing keep spam stonewall unless u have extra turn for extra turn use the deplete his dodge and aim the green not the red u will win for sure I win him with other char I got too easy hahahaah

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