Marvel Avengers Alliance CP Farming Technique Cheat

This CP Farming Method in Marvel Avengers Alliance No longer works with the update that has happened this week 7/16-7/23.

It has first come as a A/B testing update where only some of the players have reported no CP drop via elektra, then the cancel of CP farm is pushed to all players. Many have reported a CP rate drop to all sorts of CP drops during normal PvE. We suspect the setup is put in place to promote gold purchasing with the new wave of heroes introduction in the Xman arc. However, new players get the worst of deals and old players may simply have to pay to “collect” all the heroes in the game. We will have to see whether or not this was a successful strategy on Playdom’s decision.
Past post:
This technique is really not a cheat, but more like a method for you to gain additional CP’s without other items. This method can help you get the most CP’s per energy spent. Use this method for all your CP needs in Marvel Avengers Alliance. If you have found this guide helpful, please check out our other Marvel Avengers Alliance list of guides.

Background on CP Farming

When you playing regular in game, your critical hits have chances of earning Marvel Avengers Alliance command points with the following chance: 1%/3%/6%/20%/25% (low/medium/high threat/mini-boss/boss.) chance for a CP drop. Roulette CP reward on the other hand is at 15%/10%/5% for 1/3/5 CPs (3/5/10 if epic). Because of such, it makes sense to farm CP inside Marvel Avengers Alliance epic boss fights.

Best Epic Boss to Farm

The best Epic boss to farm early in the game is in with Chapter 2-3: Elektra (deploy Black Cat). It is the best because you can unlock this epic boss early in the game, which means you will be able to use Elektra to farm for all of your CP needs.

Command Points Farming

The bottom line is that you need to hit and land critical attacks on the epic boss fight as often as possible. Use a weapon such as the Batstone which deals many attacks in one attack. You can also utilize a weapon that hits all the enemy to boost the number of hits possible. For another hero, you can consider using Human Torch or Daredevil which attacks deal multiple attacks on the enemy. However, the only class that you should avoid in Marvel Avengers Alliance Command Points farm are infiltrators in this fight. Because the enemy scrappers may end up killing you.

You also do not want to use heroes that may win by accident. You want to lose repeatedly after obtaining your command points. However, you will have to actually lose the battle to receive the command points at the end of the battle.

CP Farming With Other Epic Boss Comparison

Below is a quick list of number of threats in each scene as well as the EXP that goes with the 5 star version of the scene. It should be noted that you can consider combining the Mini bosses together with the boss fight to achieve even higher MAA mastery score and save energy.

2.3 has 7 threats, 1 mini-boss, 1 boss, and 1 epic boss = 10 total – 65XP
3.5 has 5 threats, 2 mini-bosses, 1 boss and 1 epic boss = 9 total – 47 XP
4.4 has 5 threats, 1 mini-boss, 1 boss and 1 epic boss = 8 total – 50 XP
5.3 has 8 threats, 2 mini-bosses, 1 boss and 1 epic boss = 12 total – ?? XP
6.3 has 8 threats, 1 mini-boss, 1 boss and 1 epic boss = 11 total – 28 XP
7.3 has 8 threats, 1 mini-boss, 1 boss and 1 epic boss = 11 total – ?? XP

Maximum Possible Amount of CP Per Day

You have 60 energy when you start playing at the beginning of the day. Hopefully you have enough allies that have sent you energy gifts. Collect 50 energy gifts.
Fight Elektra 6 times for 6 CP. Visit 50 friends for 50 energy. Fight Elektra 5 more times for 5 more CP (11 total).
Use 30 energy gifts, refill energy to 60. Fight Elektra 6 times for 6 CP (17 total).
Use last 20 energy gifts, refill 40 energy. Fight Elektra 4 more times for 4 more CP (21 total).
Based on this setup, you have the potential of earning 21 Command Points CP per day given that you have maximum numbers of allies available. You can earn even more CP with this CP farming method if you level up in the middle of the process, or if you purchase additional energy with gold.

Last Words

If you do not want to purposely farm command points, you can always play it normally. The thought is the same that you should equip heroes with multiple hit weapons as well as maximizing their crit rate to increase the command points drop. With this, you will be able to unlock and farm all the command points necessary for you to use in Marvel Avengers Alliance.