Armor Combination | Knights & Dragons

Combining and making new armors in Knights & Dragons is key to beating later level bosses. In this guide, we will go over some of these armor combination formulas to help you advance further into the game. Without the necessary defenses and Knights & Dragons Armor sets, it will be impossible for you to beat later monsters and levels.

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Tier 1: Armor Combination of Basic Elements

Fire Elemental Armors
Fire + Water = Steam Wizards Robes
Fire + Spirit = Livingflame Armor
Fire + Air = Flamestorm Finery
Fire + Earth = Volcanic Mantle

Water Elemental Armors
Water + Spirit = Glacier Armor
Water + Air = Atlantean Avenger Armor
Water + Earth = Asura Armor
Water + Fire = Steam Wizards Robes

Spirit Elemental Armors
Spirit + Air = Wind Monarch’s Robes
Spirit + Earth = Brawler’s Armor
Spirit + Fire = Livingflame Armor
Spirit + Water = Glacier Armor

Air Elemental Armors
Air + Earth = Monstrous Garb
Air + Fire = Flamestorm Finery
Air + Water = Atlantean Avenger Armor
Air + Spirit = Wind Monarch’s Robes

Earth Elemental Armors
Earth + Fire = Volcanic Mantle
Earth + Water = Asura Armor
Earth + Spirit = Brawler’s Armor
Earth + Air = Monstrous Garb

First Tier Armor List Without Duplication
Now with that armor combination list prior, we can deduce the following armor combos along with their elements. In this section, we also note the armors that are craftable with the loots.

Air/Earth – Monstrous Garb
Air/Fire – Flamestorm Finery
Air/Spirit – Wind Monarch’s Robes
Air/Water – Atlantean Avenger Armor (Craftable with Typhoon Gems)
Earth/Fire – Volcanic Mantle
Earth/Spirit – Brawler’s Armor
Earth/Water – Asura Armor, Snakeskin Armor (Craftable with Snakeskin Leather Strips)
Fire/Spirit – Livingflame Armor (Craftable with Yes – Phoenix Feathers)
Fire/Water – Steam Wizards Robes, Hydra Hunter’s Mail (Craftable with Hydra Scales)
Spirit/Water – Glacier Armor

Second Tier Armor Combinations

Below are the combinations that you can do to obtain the rare or premium element second tier Knights & Dragons armors. Like the previous tier, we will note the armors that you can obtain via crafting as well as the type of Knights & Dragons crafting materials needed to craft the armors.

Dragon Flame Armor
+ Seafoam Armor = Hydra Hunter’s Mail
+ Mystic Armor = Livingflame Armor
+ Wind Warrior Armor = Flamestorm Finery
+ Stonescale Plate Mail = Volcanic Mantle

Seafoam Armor
+ Mystic = Glacier Armor
+ Wind Warrior Armor = Atlantean Avenger Armor
+ Stonescale Plate Mail = Snakeskin Armor
+ Dragonflame Armor = Hydra Hunter’s Mail

Mystic Armor
+ Wind Warrior Armor = Wind Monarch’s Robes
+ Stonescale Plate Mail = Chimera Corps Uniform
+ Dragonflame Armor = Livingflame Armor
+ Seafoam Armor = Glacier Armor
+ Snakeskin Armor = Chimera Corps Uniform

Wing Warrior Armor
+ Stonescale Plate Mail = Crius Armor
+ Dragonflame = Flamestorm Finery
+ Seafoam Armor = Atlantean Avenger Armor
+ Mystic Armor = Wind Monarch’s Robes

Stonescale Plate Mail
+ Dragonflame Armor = Volcanic Mantle
+ Seafoam Armor = Snakeskin Armor
+ Mystic Armor = Chimera Corps Uniform
+ Wind Warrior Armor = Crius Armor

Second Tier Armor Combinations Without Duplicates
Atlantean Avenger Armor (Craftable: Typhoon Gems)
Chimera Corps Uniform (Craftable: Chimera Talons)
Crius Armor (Craftable: Shiny Shards)
Flamestorm Finery
Glacier Armor
Hydra Hunter’s Mail (Craftable: Hydra Scales)
Livingflame Armor (Craftable: Phoenix Feathers)
Snakeskin Armor (Craftable: Snakeskin Leather Strips)
Volcanic Mantle
Wind Monarch’s Robes

Dragons & Knights Third Tier Armor Recipes

Living Flame Armor + Atlantean Avenger Armor = Steam Wizard’s Robes Lvl1
Living Flame Armor + Crius Armor = Armor of the Infernal Lord (Craftable Infernal Iron Chunks) or Barbaria Raiding Gear

Knights & Dragons Level 70 Combos

These are some of the more rare armor combos that you can get. Please note that you can combine these armors by chance and you may not get what you need. Simply try a couple of times.

barbarian + spectral captain = starmetal
living flame + crius = infernal lord or barbarian or Roc feather
living flame + flowstone =
atlantean + living flame = roc feather
living flame + wing warrior = sky guardian
brawlers + atlantean
flamestorm + glacier = storm sorcerer
barbarian + spectral captain