Armor Enhancement | Knights & Dragons

Enhancing your armors is just as important as getting new armors through Knights & Dragons armor crafting. In this complete armor enhancement walkthrough, we will go over all the details and tips to make your armors stronger in game.

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Knights & Dragons Armor Enhancement Basic

When you first obtain the armor either via crafting or drops, your armors start at level 1. Depending on the “tier” of your armors, they can be upgraded or enhanced up to level 30, 50, or 70. The look of the armor advances or changes as it levels up too.

Because armor enhancement can boost its stats pretty significantly, a high level weak armor can outperform a strong armor at low level. The armor enhancement levels will boost different armors at a constant rate, however different armors do have different “growth rate” in terms of the stats gain.

Time to Enhance in Knights & Dragons

To enhance your armors in Knights & Dragons, you will need to “fuse” your armors together. Each enhancement can use from 1 to 4 different armors. The cost of enhancing them increases per level per item. This means that because of the cost increase, you can make the most of your money by enhancing the armor with 4 items, especially at high armor enhancement levels. In addition, the different tiers of armors can generate different amount of enhancement points.

Enhancement Gears and Points Awarded:
Basic Armor – 6 points
Single Element: 10 points
Dual Element (Tier 2): 24 points
Dual Element (Tier 3): 50 points
Level 70 Armor: 90 points.

The best way to enhance your armor in Knights & Dragons is to farm many low level armors and fuse them. You should aim to build a couple of armorsmith to ensure that you have a consistent supply of “feeder” armors.

Use Same Armor Element for Enhancing
Always make sure that you use the same element of armors as your feeders. By using the same element, you will get 100% of the enhancement value. If you use armors to enhance and they do not have the matching element, the value is decreased by about 20% per armor.

Using Armors that Have Been Enhanced Prior
If you enhance with armors that have been previously enhanced, you will earn additional 1 point per level of enhancement. In some cases, it is more cost effective to enhance your weaker armors before turning them into feeders for higher level armors. Take consideration of your play time, and the cost of crafting the basic armors and fusing them together.

+Armor Versions and Enhancement Unlocks

Knights & Dragons also offer + plus versions of different armors in the game. You can unlock the + versions when you have enhanced the armors to a certain level. However, the “unlock” does not affect your current armor in anyway, the only difference is that you will be able to start crafting the plus version at the armorsmith. The + versions have higher base stats with higher growth value. This means that whenever possible, you should craft the plus versions and upgrade those instead of your original normal armors.

Level 30 armor plus version unlock at enhancement level 10
Levek 50 armor plus unlock at 15
Level 70 armor plus unlock at 20
Because you unlock the plus versions as you upgrade the normal armor, you should always save up your high end crafting materials until you can craft the plus versions.