Guide to Best Troops Power in the Godfather: Five Families

Fighting in the Godfather: Five Families is all about having the strongest troops possible. With the troops as your backup, you can conquer any enemies. This guide will touch upon the different methods on how to train and upkeep the strongest army in game. For other useful guides, check out The Godfather: Five Families List of Guides.


You will need the resources to train troops. Check the guide to earn more resources for the Godfather: Five Families. The resource that you will have to focus on while mass producing your mafia army is Cash and Food. So do everything that you can do obtain and produce as much Cash and Food as possible.

Increase Combat Unit Training Speed

There are a couple of ways to increase the training speed of your units. Take advantage of all these methods so that you can get your units in and out faster. The faster you train units, the faster that your Family will be ready to attack other players and win. The ability to train combat units fast is key to having the best troop in Godfather: Five Families.

Estate Buildings – Garage and Workshop

Garage decreases training time by 2.5% per level for:
Tommy Gunner, Professional, and Enforcer.
Workshop decreases training time by 2.5% per level for:
Courier, Thug, Arsonist, Demolitionist, and Hitman

Research Decreases Training Speed

There are two skills which can decrease the training speed of your troops:
Proficiency decreases training time by 2.5% per level for:
Tommy Gunner, Professional, and Enforcer.
Corruption decreases training time by 2.5% per level for:
Courier, Thug, Arsonist, Demolitionist, and Hitman

Hideout Decreases Training Time

Having multiple the Godfather: Five Families hideouts and its upgrades can reduce your troops training time as well. Build as many hideouts as your resources can afford to boost your troops training time. Remember to upgrade them as high as possible for maximum training time reduce effects.

Boosting Attack

Research to Boost Attack Power and Health Points

You can boost the attack and health points by researching these two skills:
Medicine for the health boost at 5% per level of research
Muscle for the attack boost at 5% per level of research

Apply Unit Weaknesses

Different combat units have strengths and weakness against certain units. You should base your attacks with these unit strengths and weakness to get the best attack power possible.

Boost Attack with Armory

You can boost attack by equipping yourself with armory items. Attack the maximum level of Gangs repeated to obtain the valuable gears that can boost your Attack and health. There are three different ranking for each level of armory. You should try to attack enough so that you obtain the Gold gears because they offer the best boosts. However do not stop trying for the next level of Gangs as soon as you think that you are ready.

Negative Cash Flow Strategy

Training many troops and men for your Family in the Godfather: Five Family. Then you are likely to run into the negative cashflow problem. In this post, I will teach you some tips and hints on why you get into negative Cash flow, how to remedy it, and other advanced strategies that you can do to create additional combat units. If you like this guide, remember to check other guides available for the Godfather: Five Families.

Why You Get into Negative Cash and Negative Cashflow
Every Five Families Unit has upkeep cost that will drain your cash at an hourly rate. Your upkeep is the total cost of all the units that you have combined. This include the units that are in transport to attack other Gangs, Cityscapes, or other players.

Negative Cashflow Good and Bad
Having a negative Cashflow is not exactly a bad thing because you can get much of the Cash by hitting player neighborhoods as well as gangs. However, it is bad if you run into negative Cashflow early in the game which can potential stumble your the Godfather: Five Families growth. So try not to get into negative territory unless you are sure you can sustain your neighborhood growth via pillage other places.

Getting Out or Avoiding Negative Cashflow
There are two main ways to get out or avoid negative cashflow in the Godfather: Five Families. Just like any business, you can get more positive cashflow by increase your income and lowering your cost.

Obtaining Higher Cashflow
If you are first starting the game and you run into Cashflow problem. Take a hard look at your Neighborhood built up, at the beginning till mid game you should have a healthy positive cash flow to ensure that you can successfully train more Five Families offense units while upgrading the rest of your buildings and research.

To do so, take a look at guide on getting more Five Families resources. When you run into negative Cashflow. Consider building apartments and hideouts to boost your The Godfather: Five Families cash generation. However, it should be noted that Hideouts produce better cash flow than your Apartments. The best ratio is to only build enough apartments so that it can cover your unit production over long period of away from computer such as sleep or work. The rest of the buildings should be built as Hideouts for better Cash and faster troops training time. Although the Hideout does take longer to be built than the apartments but their effects are worthwhile.

Minimize Five Families Troops
You can save money with your upkeep if you take out the troops that you no longer need. As your levels get higher, you will find yourself with troops that you no longer use. Get rid of those troops and save some money for yourself. In addition, you can always use those troops for suicide missions to get intel from enemy troops. By lowering the number of your useless Godfather: Five Families troops, you can enhance your Cashflow and get yourself out of negative territory.

Hide Troops to Conserve Cash
You can also reinforce your troops in your second Neighborhood while generating Cash in your first. The Godfather: Five Families battle units stationed inside the second neighborhood will only consume upkeep cash in that neighbor hood. You can also reinforce them in your crew member’s neighborhood when it gets released. By stashing your troops elsewhere, your first neighborhood city will have more money and cash making potential.

Building Troops While Having Negative Cashflow and 0 No Cash
There are a couple of ways where you can train troops while you have 0 Cash with negative cash flow. The trick with this is to produce troops whenever you receive a huge chunk of resources. You can then use those Cash to build up on your troops before the negative upkeep cashflow eats up all your Five Families cash. You can get the stash of Cash by either farming against Cityscapes and Gangs, or other enemy neighborhoods.

In addition, you can also consider purchase the chunk of resource within the Item Shop. However, the better way is really to purchase the resource boost rather than the chunk if you are at a higher level. But if you do have some extra real world money, you may consider it as a method to build additional troops.

Troops Training and Building Strategy

Depending on the amount of time that you have spent playing the Five Families, the strategy detailed below might be a little different for you. However, this is a comprehensive guide for you to become one of the top players in game. In addition, if you do decide to spend some real cash and get Diamonds, you will have an even easier time to become the Top Don of the family. The only time that you really should spend money is to get the second City the Greenwich Village earlier on in the game so you can build out your layout and units faster. This guide will be a basic outline on how to start from the beginning. If you are completely new to the game, I suggest you to read on my Basic Player’s guide first.

The first 7 days will be hustle days where you try to play as much as possible to avoid any nonbuilding times. Your goal is to build, build, and build more. In this Five Families strategy guide, you will not build many resource buildings, so you will have to rely more on farming other players as well as gangs to keep up your own troops training.

With this strategy and some luck at getting a Greenwich Village Deed early in the game via Lucky Chance, I was able to take over level 9 Gangs and Cityscapes without spending any real cash on diamond. If you like this guide, remember to check out my other Godfather: Five Families tips and guides. Please note that this strategy combines both the first and second neighborhood because they complement each other.

First Godfather: Five Families Neighborhood
First Neighborhood Build Strategy
Your First City is your most important City in game. How you build your first Five Families neighborhood will determine the direction and strength of your future mafia. In this strategy, you will use your first Neighborhood as the primary build for your Offensive (Damage) Units. The basic idea is that you should build one of each Restaurant, Steel Mill, and Cement Factory. One apartment earlier on in the game and during mid game build another Apartment depending on how often you play. The rest of the buildings should be built towards hideouts.

During this time, you should place your library as one of the top priority, so that you can research into Construction to boost your construction time for other buildings. In addition, you should also build your garage as necessary to qualify the prerequisite for Maneuver which is also a prereq for Construction. The garage will help you with your Damage units training time. When you have fully build out the hideouts, you can consider upgrading your apartment to level 9 to cover your longer AFK period to train more units.

After spending the first 2~3 days with the construction of Library and few hideouts, you can then work on improving your mansions to obtain additional building slots to build even more hideouts. A little note on hideout is that each Hideout upgrade decreases the same amount of training time per upgrade, therefore it is better to build them out evenly to be more efficient with time. You will also have to build Five Families armory when you are able to obtain higher level gang items.

First Neighborhood Research Build
As research goes, your primary focus is to level up “Construction” as soon as possible to boost the building time of your buildings. The earlier you level up construction, the faster your other buildings get built. After construction, you can consider to research into Proficiency because your goal is to build as many Five Families Damage units early.

First Neighborhood Unit Training
For the training of units in your first Five Families neighborhood, focus on the Damage units because the high level of your garage as well as hideouts. In addition, you need high and fast damage units to be able to advance to the next levels of gangs, as well as preparing your mafia empire for attack. Read the page for more on the Five Families fighting system if you want more information.

First Neighborhood Fighting Guide
For fighting, you can use my Five Families calculator to figure out the good amount of units to send. Your goal is to get enough attack to cover the entire health of your enemies “Total” units. By doing so, you will minimize your Five Families mob casualties. You also want to build your armories whenever you can take down higher level gangs to equip those new gears. The attack and health bonuses can help you decrease troops losses.

Second Godfather: Five Families Neighborhood Greenwich Village
Second Neighborhood Build Strategy
Generally speaking, the build strategy for second neighborhood is exactly the same as the first. However, instead of “Damage” units training, you should focus on training “Health” units in second City. Because if you have chosen not to spend diamond, you will most likely start building the second Village a little later than your first. So, to catch up the building of the first neighborhood, you can start by focusing it on one side of the game.

You want to start with one of each Steel Mill, Restaurant, and Cement Factory. 1 or 2 Apartment just like you did as the first, the rest should go into hideouts to ensure fastest possible training time. However, you should spend some time into developing your workshop to boost Health unit training speed. Library is important as well because Construction is still needed earlier on in the game. However, do not waste your time building armory for the second neighborhood for now, you should instead send all units to reinforce the first.

Second Neighborhood Research Build
The research is more or less the same as the 1st neighborhood. You should still put construction as your top priority. However, you should put more time into developing the “Corruption” line of research to increase health unit training speed. Your goal for the second neighborhood is to complete any imperfections of the first. You want your second neighborhood to pump out any units that you are not able in the first.

Second Neighborhood Unit Training
Focus this build with Health unit training and send them to your first. You should start all of your attacks in the first neighborhood while in protection. This way you can ensure that you only need to farm one for your high level gears. By only needing to farm once for the armory items, you will be able to save your troops for advancing to hit higher level gangs faster.