Best Respect Guide for The Godfather: Five Families

Ways to Gain TGFF Respect
Neighborhood Cash
Neighborhood Farming Strategy
Understanding the Basics
Master Your Armory Items
Improve Your Resources


This post will mention everything that you need to know about the Respect system for The Godfather: Five Families. I will show you all the ways of earning respect as well point you to the light for which way is the best: In addition, check out my other The Godfather: Five Families guides for useful tips.

Please note other than straight earning respect, we will also go over various aspect of the game to help you get stronger as well.

>Ways to Gain TGFF Respect

You can gain respect in the following 6 methods:
Leveling and building neighborhood buildings
Stationing units at the Estate
Stationing units at the Citycapes under your control
Leveling up buildings in the Estate
Leveling up the research at the Library
Kill other player units in PvP Battles

Respect Gained in Neighborhood buildings
The respect points is gained as you build out your neighborhood with various buildings. However, these form of earning respect is capped when you have fully built out your Neighborhood at the highest level building possible. As long as your build stands, you will have the respect points, if you tear those buildings down, you will lose the respect points earned by having those buildings.

Stationing Units at the Estate
You will earn respect based on the value of each unit. Typically the higher cost aka heavier hitting units will give you more respect when you station them at the Estate.

Stationing Units at the Citycapes
You will earn respect with you station your The Godfather: Five Family units at occupied Cityscapes under your control similar to Estate. However, higher level Cityscapes act as a hidden multiplier that will boost the respect points that you earn per unit. Meaning that you can earn more respect to station units at high level Cityscape compared to stationing them at your Estate. However, it should also be noted that these respect are both temporary whenever you withdraw the units, and it is capped by how many units that you can send out per battle.

Leveling up buildings in the Estate
Buildings in your Estate will also contribute to your Respect value. The higher the buildings, the higher the respect points that they are available to you. However, this The Godfather: Five Families respect is capped by how much you can level up your Estate buildings.

Leveling up the research at the Library
Respect is earned based on the levels of research that you have. The higher research that you have, the more respect that you will earn. However note that the amount of respect is capped by how much research levels that you can do. The research levels are all capped at level 10 and therefore this limitation also cap your the Godfather: Five Families respect points.

Kill other player units in PvP Battles
This way of earning respect is based on how many enemy units that you kill in PvP battles. The basic idea is that the more you kill, the more respect that you obtain. You will earn respect when you attack or defend against attacks. As long as that you kill enemy units, you will earn respect. Generally speaking, the higher level of the unit, the more the Godfather: Five Families respect that you earn.

Best Ways to Gain Respect
After learning about all the ways for you to earn respect in game, here is an analysis of which ways are the best. The best way to earn and keep the Godfather: Five Families respect is by killing enemy units. You will earn these respect permanently and there is no limit on how much you can earn.

The second way is a mix between Cityscape stationing and Estate stationing. You want to station as many units as possible at a high level Cityscape to gain the maximum multiplier possible. However, once you have reached that limit, station as many units inside your own Estate because there is no upper limit on how many units that you can stash away.

You do not have to pay attention to the other methods because the other methods should be built up to the limit as you play through the game. You should only really focus on the PvP battles if you want to earn the most respect fast under the shortest amount of time.

Bail Out Your Units

To keep your respect, bailing out your stronger units can be key to hold onto your units.

You can access the bailout screen by clicking on the left tab of the screen. On this screen, you can check whether or not you have any units to Bailout. You can either bail them out using Cash or Diamond.

The numbers of your units that get to sent to jail is about 15% to 20% of your total troops lost in “Previous” Battle only. Your jailed units will be lost forever if you enter another battle. So be sure to bail them out before you lose them forever.

The higher level units with higher Godfather: Five Families respect will be sent to jail. If you sent a mix numbers of units, your lower level units will die completely.

Thug: 2250
Arsonist: 3300
Demolitionist: 5100
Bruiser: 8100 Cash
Tommy Gunner:

Neighborhood Cash

Level 1: Main Street Station
Produce $750 Cash every 5 minutes

Level 5: Fleming Theatre
Produce $2,375 every 15 minutes

Level 11: Tony’s Auto Body
Produce $13,525 Cash every 6 hours

Level 23: The Fat Cat Club
Produce $27,200 Cash every 18 hours.

Neighborhood Farming Strategy

Before you start farming for resources from neighborhoods in the TGFF, the first rule of thumb is that the inactive neighborhoods are always golden. You want to keep a healthy list of the golden and ripe neighborhoods on your list. You want to farm these inactive neighborhoods for all the resources possible. Below are some guidelines on how you can search and pick your the Godfather: inactive neighborhood farming targets.

To select your TFFF farming targets, you will need to have some basic respect requirements. The respect value is a great way to tell whether or not a neighborhood has had resource buildings built. You should skip the low respect neighborhoods because they typically have very low level buildings and is not worthwhile for your in-game resource farm needs.

One way to quickly notice if the enemy neighborhood is still active is by observing their respect level. The Godfather: Five Families respect is mainly gained through the buildings, research, and training of troops. This means that if someone is active in game, he or she will undoubtedly gain respect from playing. This works in your favor that you can seek out inactive players by noting the neighborhoods that have had no Respect value increases.

Look Out for TGFF Nighborhood (Mansion) Level
Another great way to tell whether or not a target is great for resources is by bookmarking the neighborhood. You can then tell their Mansion level from the bookmark. Because higher level neighborhoods aka Mansions can hold more building plots, you can safely bet that higher mansion level inactive players will hold more sources for your target.

Observe the surrounding playing activities by other players or your target farm. You can tell whether or not a player is active by noting the Cityscapes that he or she may hold. Also if someone is advancing heavily in the area, you can note that as well because the player may also farm the neighborhood that you wish to farm. This can lead to lower resource farming gains.

When selecting and picking your Godfather: Five Families neighborhood farms, you do not want to pick targets too far away from your home base. You do not want to pick up farms that are 1 hour away from your neighborhoods because it will take forever for you to obtain the resources. Start with locations that are close to home for maximum resource farm.

After hand pick your in game resource farms, remember to create a spreadsheet that has all of your target farms. Record down the location, the amount of resources looted, and the time when you loot and attack for the resources. By recording down these vital information, it will better prepare you to really maximize the inactive farming potential of the game in The Godfather: Five Families.

Always remember to send enough delivery trucks so that you can gain the maximum resource loots possible when pillaging other neighborhoods in the Godfather: Five Families. You do not want to miss out on resources simply because you did not send enough units to carry them back!

Another reason why you want to record down the time when you attack neighborhoods is just so you can compare the amount of time that resources grow back at your farms. You can compare the amount of time it takes for your target farms to fully regenerate its resources. By planning and timing your Godfather: Five Families neighborhood attacks, you can optimize your resource gain.

Never assume that once a player or farm is inactive, it will be forever inactive. The inactive Godfather: Five Families farms can become active at any time. So you will need to be careful of sending your troops after these inactive farms for resources. Because of this, you should always send enough units so that if there’s resistance, your troops can still kill your enemies.

In addition to Godfather: Five families farms players suddenly become active again, you need to be aware that the player may also receive Guesthouse reinforcements that can kill your units as well. This one is a little harder to avoid, but just keep this concept in mind.

Lastly, always keep a tab on how your enemy is doing and whether or not the Godfather farm is still inactive, you do not want to walk right into farms who had just become active again because that will mean no more looting of the resources.

Understanding the Basics

Before we move on to other advanced strategies, let’s have a little refresher on the basics of the game.

When you first start in the game of The Godfather: Five Families, the complexity of the game that it seems may turn you off at the beginning. This simple introduction is aimed to take away that confusion and help you get started in the game. Therefore this guide is target toward new players who are still learning the ropes instead of advanced strategies.

First we start with the major branches. The game is divided into 3 main major branches: Estate, Neighborhood, and City. You can build various buildings within the Estate and Neighborhood area to advance your own family. The City map is where you will be interacting with other players as well as attacking Cityscapes, Gangs, and other players. We will start by going into each of the different major areas in the Godfather: Five Families:

There are a few points and resources available to be obtained in The Godfather: Five Families. This guide will go over some of these basic materials to help you start faster and easier in game.

You will be able to obtain the loots when you attack nearby Gangs, Cityscape, or other players.

This is one of the basic resource in game. You will need Cash to do practically everything. The Godfather: Five Families buildings that produce Cash are Apartments and Hideouts. It should be noted that Apartments generate additional influence and Hideout can speed up combat unit training time. The Cash value is noted as the dollar sign in the game screen.

Food is produced by Restaurant in the Godfather: Five Families. Food is mainly consumed when you are training troops. Minor amount of Food is also used for building upgrades and research upgrades.

Steel and Cement
I have grouped these two resources together because they are mainly used for the same thing. The Steel and Cement are produced by Steel Mill and Cement Factory respectively. Towards the end game where you have upgraded most of your buildings the use of Steel and Cement becomes less important.

This is your cash currency for the Godfather: Five Families. With diamond, you can purchase various items to boost your game play.

Respect is the ranking system in the game. Respect is important because it determines that various boosts that your crew and you would have. Some of the ways to obtain Respect is through researching skills, or kill players in PvP battle. I will add a detailed guide on Respect shortly.

Influence is obtained by having apartments in your City. Each level of apartments will give you influence points. The influence points determine how many of the troops that you can train at the same time. By having a high number of apartments, you can activating training of many troops instead of activating it often.

In Estate tab, you can think of it as your homebase, you will construct and upgrade buildings to can increase the power of your combat units, and the ability to build more resource buildings. Below I will go over each of these buildings that will help you along in the game:

The mansion is the heart of your family. By upgrading your mansion, you can control additional land in your Neighborhood, as well controlling of Cityscapes on the Citymap. At the beginning of the server it is a good practice to boost your mansion early to gain control of the Cityscapes to get the production boosts.

Guest House
The construction and upgrade of Guest House can enable your crew members to station units in your The Godfather: Five Families estate.

The Godfather: Five Families Armory is an important aspect of the game, however you should only upgrade it when you have enough combat units to take down the next tier of Gangs. You can earn equippable loots and gears based on the level of Gangs that you defeat. By upgrading the armory, you can equip higher level loots.

Walls give additional boost to your defenses against enemy attacks. For every level that your wall has, you estate will obtain an additional 500,000 health points. It should be noted that you will need a level 5 wall before you upgrade your mansion to level 5.

Guard Post
Guard post can decrease training time by 5% for every upgrade that you make.

Front Gate
Frontgate can help you to notice any combat units moving toward your Estate.

Workshop is necessary to unlock a couple of your combat units available in the Godfather: Five Families. You should start upgrading the Workshop when you wish to unlock additional advanced combat units. In addition, the workshop can decrease the training time by 2.5% for each level of the following combat units: Courier, Thug, Arsonist, Bruiser, Demolitionist, and Hitman. You can check for the complete list of the Godfather: Five Families combat list.

Garage is necessary to unlock various Godfather: Five Families units. In addition, the garage can decrease the training time of following units by 2.5% per upgrade level: Tommy Gunner, Professional, and Enforcer.

The upgrade of warehouse can protect more of your Cash and resources from being looted by other players. You can protect 200,000 x level of Cash and 100,000 x level of resources.

The library is essential to start your Five Families research chain. The level of your the Godfather: Five Families of library is a prerequisite a a basic skill Logistics.

Restaurant is a resource building that will produce Food for you. Food is mainly spent when you train more troops. So to have a healthy supply of troops in the beginning and mid game, you should have more restaurant than your other buildings.

Cement Factory
Cement is another resource that is secondary to Restaurants. You should still have a ratio of 3:4 of Cement building to steel to keep on building in the beginning game stage. However, the same as steel, the important of cement will decrease once you have upgraded all of your resource and estate buildings.

Steel Mill
Steel is one of the more important resource compared to Cement in the Godfather: Five Families. You should have a little more steel resource buildings than the Cement factory to cover all the upgrades. However, same with Cement Factory, the importance of Steel Mill decreases over time towards the end game stage.

Apartments in the Godfather: Five Families serve two purposes, they generate Cash as well as Influence. Influence is used in game when you train any combat units, the numbers of units that you can train at one time is determined by the numbers and level of apartments that you have. This means that depending on your play style, you can go either Apartments if you play once in a while to train lots of troops.

Hideout, similar to apartments, generate Cash. However, depending on the numbers of hideouts and upgrade levels that you have, you can train your combat units faster. The hideouts in the Godfather: Five Families can boost your troop training speed. However it should be noted that Hideout generates more Cash than Apartments. In addition, you will need at least one high level Hideout to produce some of the more advanced combat units.

City is where all the fun is in the Godfather: Five Families. There are many tiles in this division. I will go through them with you so you have an idea on what to look out for. I will break them down based on the type of areas, as well as who owns them.

Gangs are abundant in the Godfather: Five Families. These tiles can be attacked and when you win, your troops can bring back loots from winning as well as receiving a chance to obtain valuable armory gears. You should spend sometime to farm the gangs so that you can power yourself up with these equippable gears.

Cityscape (Unoccupied)
The Cityscape can be controlled when you attack them. Different levels of Cityscapes are controlled by different level of NPC defenses, you will have to break and claim victory over those defenses before you can control the tile. These Cityscape can boost the resource production of all of your resources depending on their levels. In addition, you can earn temporary respect by having troops stationing at the Cityscapes.

Cityscape (Occupied)
Cityscape once controlled, can be stationed with your troops. However this also means that other people can attack your controlled Cityscape. Cityscape becomes a valuable resource because you will need them to boost your overall resource productions as well as earning respect boost.

First Neighborhood and Greenwich Village
These are player controlled tiles that are same as your City. When you attack those you will be attacking enemies defenses to steal the loots that are not protected by the warehouse.

Slums need to be taken over when you want to station your second neighborhood which is the Greenwich Village.

Park and Junkyard
The Park and Junkyard tiles in the Godfather: Five Families are the neutral tiles that do not do anything. These tiles serve as blank empty spaces in the game.

Master Your Armory Items

Armory system in the Godfather: Five Families is extremely important to utilize. By having stronger gears than your enemies, you can drastically reduce your loss and increase your Families battling power to steal more resources. These armory items when equipped can grant you additional health, attack power. In addition, by equipping a set of a certain gears can give you additional resource and even respect bonuses. This post will teach you everything that you need to know about the armory system.

Building and Upgrading Armory
At level 3, you will be able to build the armory under the Estate tab. Just like other buildings in game, you can upgrade Armory for certain cost as well as time counter. The higher level of your Armory, the higher level equipment and gears that you can wear. However, you DO NOT need to have high level armory in order to “sell” the gears or loots if you can hit the higher level Gangs sooner.

Obtaining Armory Items
You have a certain chance to obtain loots by attacking Gangs. You will have a chance of receiving the armory items with a level equivalent to the level of Gangs that you have defeated. It should be noted that the Gang should have at least 50% of its units restored from previous defeat to drop the armory items.

Equipping Armory Items
You can equip the Godfather: 5 Families armory gears that you have obtained by click on the armory. You can then select the Armory to receive the various boosts that these armory gears provide.

Default Boost
Each armory items can be divided into Level ranking, then they have different qualities determined by Bronze, Silver, or Gold. Each tier has two items that boost attack, and two items that boost health.

The basic formula for the armory item is as followed:
Bronze items: 5% attack or health times level of item
Silver items: 6% attack or health times level of item
Gold items: 7.5% attack or health times level of item

Based on this simple formula, you can see that as level increases, the quality of the item becomes even more important. The highest level 10 Five Families Armory equipment can boost your attack and health up to 150% total when all 4 items are equipped.

Set Bonuses
Now you will also receive a special set bonus when you equip the same level same quality gear for all 4 of your slots. The Five Family set bonus formula is calculated as follows:

Bronze Set Boost: (5% x Level) resource production bonus
Silver Set Boost: (5% x Level) resource and Cash production bonus
Gold Set Boost: (5% x Level) additional Respect gained

Special Note on Gold Set: the information on the stat screen can be deceiving when it says +X% respect, it does not automatically boost your respect score, instead it increase the amount of respect that you earn when you fight other players.

Selling armory items is a great way to boost your Cash in the Godfather: Five Families. To sell the armory items, you can head into the armory and right click on the items.

Note that there is a bug if you sell the items when the duplicate of them are equipped, you will sell the equipped items first. To fix it, simply refresh the game, and you will be able to equip the gears back.

The amount of gold that you gain by selling armory items are as followed:
Bronze Gear Selling Price: 100 Cash x Level
Silver Gear Selling Price: 1200 Cash x Level
Gold Gear Selling Price: 12000 Cash x Level

Based on this formula, you can notice that Gold gear items will fetch a really good price, especially at higher level gangs. This makes attacking and gaining armory items at higher level a really great way to earn more Cash in the Godfather: Five Families. You should also note that this money is great because they cannot be stolen by your enemy Families.

Improve Your Resources

Resources planning is an important part of the game so that you can continuously build. There are various ways that you can earn more resources in the Godfather: Five Families. Below I will list them all out, use all of these methods to obtain many resources possible to create the strongest Family in the Godfather: Five Families.

Upgrade Resource Buildings
This is one of the most obvious but sometimes overlooked way to boost your resource production. Have you used all of your resources to fully upgrade your neighborhood buildings, and do you have any spare land plots that you should have used but have not. Spend the time to go over your own neighborhood to make sure that you have optimized your inner neighborhood planning. By optimizing the neighborhood buildings, you will be able to generate more resources in the Godfather: Five Families that suit you.

Takeover Cityscape
You can earn additional resource production boosts when you take over and control Cityscape tiles. By holding Cityscape tiles, you will earn a 5% x level of production boost based on the level of the Cityscape. These production boosts are stackable. It means that if you control 2 level 2 Cityscape, you will earn an additional 10% boost to your resource production. At higher level the numbers can really make a huge difference. You want to always make sure that you are controlling enough Cityscape tiles as well as an upgraded mansion. Controlling more Cityscape tiles can boost your resource production amount in the Godfather: Five Families.

Armory Set Bonus
When you complete an armor set for the silver tier. You will earn a resource production boost based on the level of the armor set. Always attack the level of the Gangs until you have the armor set. In addition, if you know that you are going AFK for a prolonged period of time such as sleep or school, you can equip your gears to achieve the production bonus. The armory set production bonus that you receive is 5% x level of the armor set.

There are 3 Five Families research that can boost your resource production rate in the Godfather: Five Families. These three research branch are Cooking for Food production boost, Cementing for Cement production boost, and lastly Steel Work for Steel production boost. Each upgrade of research boost the resource production by 5%.

Item Boosts
There are various item shop boosts that you can purchase to boost your resource production. These boost can be purchased with Diamonds (real money) to generate your the Godfather: Five Families resource production faster.

Best Way to Get Cash
The best way to get Cash in the Godfather: Five Families right now is through defeating gang tiles and farm inactive yet full developed players. When you defeat Gangs, you have a chance to obtain “Gold” Tiered items inside the armory which can be sold for some great instantly cash gains. You can sell the armory items in the armory building. Right click the loots that you have and click “sell”.

Additional Resource Boosters
In this section, the additional resource boosters are discussed in the Godfather: Five Families.

Family Starting Bonus
Depending on the server and its Family controlled territory. You will receive differing starting resource boosts. This is a balancing system implemented by the development team to balance out the different Family’s power in game. The strongest family with least territory will receive no bonus, and the weakest Family’s new member will receive up to 18% resource boosters. The Godfather: Five Family staring booster are as follows:

This list is ranked by how many territory owned by specific Families. This is ranked from the strongest to weakest. The resource bonus is only active during the 7 day protection period. It’s listed as “Other” bonus in the resource menu.

1: No starting bonus
2: 5% bonus resources
3: 7% bonus resources
4: 9% bonus resources
5: 18% bonus resources

Family Rank Bonus
Depending on the territory of the members in your Family own, you would receive overall Family resource bonus. The Family Rank bonuses are ranked from 4% to 0% from the strongest to the weakest.

Crew Rank Bonus
By being a part of the crew in the top 10 slots, your crew will earn an additional 25% resource bonus to your production.

Note on Cash, Upkeep, and Resource Boosts
The resource boosts in the Godfather: Five Families are stacked toward each other. However, the resource boost for Cash is calculated “After” the Upkeep cost. For example, if you produce 10k Cash, and your upkeep is 5k Cash. The resource boost is calculated based on the 5k net total. This calculation makes it more attractive for you to lower your troops to avoid negative Five Family cash flow.