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We have provided various gaming guides for various online, MMO, and mobile games. Use these guides to help you advance easily and effortlessly in the various online worlds that you may encounter. Please already remember to link back to us to give us the credit. Thank you!

Please note that we are in the process of creating this master list. So please check back to see if we have included the latest guides on here!

To help you find all the games that we currently cover and being published by each of the online game publishers, we will also list out the guides that we do have at Gamelytic.

Age of Titans (IGG)
Age of Titans Frequently Asked Questions

Age of Wushu (Snail Game)
Backstory Walkthrough – Nameless Sword

Angel Wrath (Lekool)
Angels Wrath Beginner Class and Realm Change Guide

Arcane Legends
Chat Command List
Complete Pet Listing
Quest Reference Guide
Achievement Listing
Boss Fighting Tips
Location Maps

Aura Kingdom
Aura Kingdom Complete Guides

Balloono Guide to Best Player Tips and Strategy

Borderlands: Pre-Sequel
Complete Achievement List

Bubble Bikini (6 Wave)
Bubble Bikini Complete Power Up Guide

Bubble Epic (6 Wave)
Bubble Epic Higher Star and Score Guide

Bubble Safari (Zynga)
Bubble Safari Power Up Guide

Band Stars (Halfbrick Studio)
How to Record Best Band Stars Song Guide
Band Stars Complete Song Genre and Lyrics Combo Guide

Command and Conquer (C&C) Tiberium Alliance (EA Games)
Advanced Combat Strategy for Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliance
Top Guide to Best Player in C&C Tiberium Alliance

Leveling Up and Building Fast Castleville Guide
Common Quest and Gameplay Questions and Tips for Castleville
Castleville Crafting Recipe Table

Call of Gods (Koramgame)
Become Stronger and Win More Fights in Call of Gods

Castle Empire
Castle Empire Guide to Building and Other Placement
Make Gold Coins Easy in Castle Empire / Settlers Online
Level Up Fast and Easy in Castle Empire Online
Castle Empire Bounty Hunter Adventure Guide
Settlers Online (Castle Empire) Easter Egg Event Guide

Chefville (Zynga)
Best ChefVille Player Guide

Citizen Grim
Citizen GRIM Basic Player Strategy Guide

Coasterville (Zynga)
CoasterVille Beginner’s Handbook

Crazy Penguin Wars (Digital Chocolate)
Best Crazy Penguin Wars Guide

Crystal Saga (R2 Games)
Crystal Saga Origins Tips and Guides

Chrono Tales
Basic Chrono Tales Class Stats Build Guide
Chrono Tales Astrology Guide
Chrono Tales Cash Player Guide
Chrono Tales Basic Beginner’s FAQ

DD Tank (Aeria Games)
DD Tank Leagues Basic FAQ

Code Redemption List
How to Unlock Trophy List

Dungeon Blitz
Dungeon Blitz Basic Guild Information
Dungeon Blitz Complete Gear, Stats, and Craft Guide
Understanding Dungeon Blitz Proc Chance
Dungeon Blitz Complete Paladin Gear List
Dungeon Blitz Complete Mage Gear List
Dungeon Blitz Complete Rogue Gear List

Dungeon Rampage
Dungeon Rampage Fast Leveling and Gold Farming Guide
Dungeon Rampage Complete Class Guide

Dragon City (Social Point)
Dragon City Guides

Dragons of Atlantis (Kabam)
Guide to Dragon of Atlantis Item Drop Locations
Complete Guide to Spectral Ruins for Dragons of Atlantis
Complete Guide to Dragons of Atlantis Outpost Strategy and Builds
Dragons of Atlantis Complete Resource Guide
Dragons of Atlantis Item Shop List
Dragon of Atlantis Online Helper Calculator by Gamelytic

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn
Can You Pass My Quiz Answers
Complete Trophy List
Pilot and Gundam Mobile Suit Unlock Guide
Ultimate Mode Summary List
Complete Pilot Skill List
Complete Gundam Mobile Suit Stats List
Eden Eternal (Aeria Games)
Fortification Guide for Eden Eternal
Eden Eternal Switch Class Changing Guide

Complete Guide of How to Win More Often in Elfender

Farmville 2 (Zynga)
FarmVille 2 Hen House Guide – 10/10/12
FarmVille 2 Crop and Tree Harvest List
Gamelytic’s Best FarmVille 2 Level Walkthrough
FarmVille 2 Basic Money and Currency Points Overview
Best Use of Farm Bucks Cash in FarmVille 2
Complete FarmVille 2 Level Up and Coin Making Guide
FarmVille 2 Crop Mastery Guide
FarmVille 2 Prized Animal Guide
Useful FarmVille 2 Tips, Tricks Compilation
Farm Hands Guide for FarmVille 2

Fiesta Online
Crafting Guide
Money Making Guide

Galaxy Life
How to Expand Fast and Easy | Galaxy Life

Gardens of Time (Playdom)
Gardens of Time: Complete Main Story Scene List

Here Be Monsters
Here Be Monsters Mine Location and Map
Here Be Monsters Level Up and Coin Earning Guide
Here Be Monsters Beginner Tips and Guides
Here Be Monsters Fishing Guides
Here be Monster Experience Table Per Level

Kingdom Quest
Kingdom Quest Book of Making Reference List
Kingdom Quest Ingredient Growing Guide
Kingdom Quest Farm and Castle Expansion, Worker, and Stall Guide
Kingdom Quest Leveling and Groats Earning Guide
Kingdom Quest Achievement Overview

Knights of the Rose (Zynga)
Knights of the Rose Best Walkthrough Guide

League of Angels (R2 Games)
League of Angels Erebus Quiz Lookup Table

Legends: Rise of a Hero
Legends: Rise of a Hero Game Play Guide

Lime Odyssey (Aeria Games)
Lime Odyssey Basic Class Guide

Lucent Heart
Soul Mate Seals Guide for Lucent Heart

Lunaria Story (R2 Games)
Lunaria Story Leveling Guide (And Silver Making) for Non-Cash
Quiz Answers
Lunaria Story Seal Guide
Lunaria Story Exchange Guide

Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North (Kabam)
Beginner Walkthrough of KoC: Battle for the North
Crest Hunting and Second City Guide in KoC: BftN
Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North Battle Calculator

King’s Bounty (Nival)
Material Dropped by Units Table
Level Up Reward List
Master Item Shop Crafting Table

KingsRoad (Rumble Games)
KingsRoad Complete Archer Guide
KingsRoad Complete Knight Guide
KingsRoad Complete Wizard Guide

Marketland (Gamego)
MarketLand Beginner’s FAQ Guide

Marvel Avengers Alliance
Marvel Avengers Alliance Tips and Guides

Monster Galaxy
Ultimate Monster Galaxy Moga Location, Rating, Skills List

Moonlight Online (IGG)
Moonlight Online Basic Race and Class Guide
Basic Moonlight Online Levels and Feature Unlock Guide

Pirate Storm (Big Point)
Pirate Storm PvP, Rank, and EXP Information

Pockie Ninja (Game321)
Complete Pockie Ninja Leveling Guide
Guide for Strong and Powerful in Pockie Ninja

Pockie Ninja 2 Social (Game321)
Pockie Ninja 2 Social Complete Ninja Guide
Pockie Ninja Social CD Key Guide

Pockie Pirates (Game321)
Pockie Pirates Class Profession Guide
Best Pockie Pirates Player Guide

RaiderZ Boss Guide and Tips
Dodge and Block Guide for Raiderz
RaiderZ Guild and Party Guide
RaiderZ Basic Beginner Crafting and Enhancement Guide
RaiderZ Damage Calculation Guide
RaiderZ Stats Guide

Ragnarok Online 2
General Reference
Ragnarok Online 2 Leveling EXP Chart
Ragnarok Online 2 Sortable Title List
Ragnarok Online Card Sets Table
Ragnarok Online 2 Basic Monster Location

Crafting References
Ragnarok Online 2 Master Alchemist Crafting Table
Ragnarok Online 2 Master Blacksmith Crafting Table
Ragnarok Online 2 Master Artisan Crafting Table
Ragnarok Online 2 Master Chef Crafting Table

RO 2 Game Guides
Ragnarok Online 2 Card System Guide
Rangarok Online 2 Basic Class and Jobs Guide
Ragnarok Online 2 Complete Crafting Guide With Maps by Jess Cowley for our Spring 2013 writing contest.

Rising Cities (Big Point)
Rising Cities Experience Points Per Level Chart

Rusty Hearts (Perfect World)
Hotkey Commands List
Pet Farming Guide

Scarlet Blade (Aeria Games)
Scarlet Blade Basic Class Selection Guide
Scarlet Blade Basic Guild Guide
Scarlet Blade Intro Pets Guide
Scarlet Blade Battleground Guide

SD Gundam Online (OGPlanet)

The Factors to Winning in SD Gundam Online

Tips to Complete Mission in SD Gundam Online
Easy to Search Complete Gundam List for SD Gundam Online
SD Gundam Online Mobile Suits Stats Explained
Guide to Get Mobile Suits in SD Gundam Online
Complete Simple List of SD Gundam Online Skills
Practical Beginner Fighting Tips for SD Gundam Online
Battle Support Explained for SD Gundam Online
Mastery Points Guide for SD Gundam Online
Guide to Leveling Up Fast in SD Gundam Online

SD Gundam Browser
Complete SD Gundam Mobile Suit (MS) List
SD Gundam Browser Fast Leveling Guide
SD Gundam Browser Best Pilot Guide Complete
How to Get S and SS Gundam Mobile Suits in SD Gundam
SD Gundam Complete How to Mine Battle Guide
How to Make Your SD Gundams Stronger
World Boss Guide SD Gundam How to Deal Max Damage

Seaside Hideaway
Seaside Hideaway Complete Search Cheats

Serenia Fantasy (Koramgame)
Stronger Character Power Up Guide for Serenia Fantasy
Serenia Fantasy Skill and Talent Guide
Serenia Fantasy Spirit Pet Guide
Serenia Fantasy Basic Wing and Mount Guide
Complete Level Up Guide for Serenia Fantasy
Serenia Fantasy Event Guide
Serenia Fantasy Autopilot Mode Guide

Sevencore Emote List Guide

Social Empire (Social Point)
Social Empire Complete Guide to Gods and Colossus
Social Empire Tournament Strategy Guide
Social Empire Complete Dragon Guide
A Guide to New Gamers of Social Empires

Spirit Tales (Koramgame)
Basic Spirit Tales Class Selection Guides
Spirit Tales Basic Leveling Guide
Basic Stats Guide for Spirit Tales
Spirit Tales Couple Introduction Guide
Introductory Guide to Spirit Tales Clans
Pet Evolution Guide for Spirit Tales
Spirit Tales Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
Achievement Badge Explained in Spirit Tales
Spirit Tales Dungeon Guide
Spirit Tales Crafting Material Guide
Spirit Tales Money Making Guide
Spirit Tales Sigil Guide

Soul Crash
Best Soul Crash Player Guide

Super Smash Brothers
How to Unlock All Trophies | Super Smash Bros. 3DS
How to Unlock All Characters | Super Smash Bros. 3DS
Custom Move List
Custom Move Farming Guide
How to Improve Online Multiplayer Lag Issue for Super Smash Bros 3DS

Stronghold Kingdoms
Stronghold Kingdoms Tips

Guide to Every Stats for Your SWTOR Character and Class

The Godfather: Five Families Tips and Guides
Best Respect Guide for The Godfather: Five Families
Guide to Best Troops Power in the Godfather: Five Families
Greenwich Village Walkthrough for The Godfather: Five Families
Gamelytic’s Godfather: Five Family Units Battle Calculator
Gamelytic’s Godfather: Five Families Troop Training Calculator for Resources

Tamer Saga (Poppace Game)
Tamer Saga Class Guides

The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth (Kabam)
The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth Battle Calculator
The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth Best Troops and Combat Guide
The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth Wild and Goblin Camp Strategy
Beginner’s Guide to The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth

The Sims 4
Complete Cheats List

Village Life (Playdemic Games)
Village Life Facebook Beginner’s FAQ Guide
Best Village Life Facebook Player’s Guide

Warmageddon (Progrestar)
Warmageddon Beginner Help Guide
Warmageddon Facebook Units Guide

Wartune (R2 Game)
Wartune Tips and Guides

War of the Immortals (Perfect World)
Differences between Battle of the Immortals and War of the Immortals

Wings of Destiny (IGG)
Wings of Destiny Leveling Guide
Wings of Destiny Equipment Guide
Dungeon Guide
Understanding Soul System
Wings of Destiny Material Location List
Wings of Destiny Gathering Material Map List
Wings of Destiny Simple World Boss List
Wings of Destiny Hotkeys

Yitien (R2 Games)
Yitien Complete Pet Guide
Best Yitien Clan Guide

Zombie Lane (Digital Chocolate)
Zombie Lane Survival Tips List and Unlock Guide
Zombie Lane Leveling XP Table and Unlock List
Zombie Lane Collection and Crafting Guide