Gold Price Difference Explained for Marvel Avengers Alliance

If you have played Marvel Avengers Alliance for a while with a couple of friends, you would know that you may see different gold pricing for the items that you can buy inside shop (sometimes even MAA silver items as well). This price difference is not a not a bug, but rather the game company’s method of testing pricing models to optimize their monetizing model. This methodology is here to stay (and potential with many other online social games that we will begin to see). Below, we have provided a guide on how to save money and make the most out of these gold pricing models and system. By using Gold smart in game, you will be able to become stronger and win more battles easily.

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Lastly, please note that this methodology is not only being applied by Playdom Marvel Avengers Alliance only, it is pretty widespread practice in other social games as well. You can apply and follow through with similar strategies to make the most out of your real world cash and money. Sometimes you will have to pay inflated prices, and sometimes you will get the gold items on the cheap. It all depends which side of the line that you get put in.

Primary Difference: A/B Testing

The first and primary reason why different players will see difference prices is because of A/B testing. This gold difference is done to test out what kind of prices will players spend to purchase those items. What will be done is that an item will be released with different prices, and Playdom can adjust the prices based on user feedback (and purchase). If they have found that players are willing to spend more gold and money toward the item, it means that their pricing is correct in gauging the power of the item. Through A/B testing, the “actual value” and gold prices are actually being determined by the player base and community through split testing. This explains why you would see different prices for items, even for the same item at the same time. The cost difference is not a bug, but rather an intentional way to get user feedback.

Please note that you should also take A/B testing into consideration when we continue to discuss the subsequent pricing factors.

User Behavior – Use of Money

The pricing model is also based on your past spending and depositing pattern. If you have deposited additional gold and have spent gold to purchase items, expect to pay more Gold for those that are first in purchasing. The difference in pricing model is simple, the gold prices are lowered for those first time buyers to get them into the habit of buying. Put simply, those who have purchased before are expected to pay more for future purchases to stay ahead of the power curve.

Sales and Drawing Back Users

This is the opposite of charging players who pay up. The item gold prices may be lowered for the users who have bought, but have not bought for a while. This will draw back users into purchasing and get into the habit of purchasing. By not putting money into the game, you can expect to see more sales pitch and more “sales” coming your way to entice your wallet.

Power Balance – New Releases

The gold prices for items will generally decrease or decay. This is because as more Marvel Avengers Alliance content and story is being developed, more powerful items are constantly being released into the game. Playdom cannot charge too much gold for these items either based on community and practicality. When this happens, they will usually lower the pricing of the previous weapons and start selling the new and more advanced items at the current price.

Item Nerfs and Price Adjustments

Lastly, this price adjustment happens when the Marvel Avengers Alliance item is made to be too powerful. The item will typically be nerfed and weakened, along with a price cost deduction as well. This effect is also usually coupled with additional item released to encourage sales of Gold items. Also, this can pull in unknowing players about the buff into thinking that they caught a good deal on the “strong” gold item, not knowing they are not really buying the weapon pre-nerf.

Making the Most out of Your Gold Item Purchase

This part of the guide will go over how you can make the most of your money in game. By using these strategies to purchase gold items, you will hopefully always get the good deals with your money. However, it should always be noted that the money and gold you spend is for entertainment only, these items will never hold value. Your main goal is to have the most fun out of them while they last you through the Marvel Avengers Alliance game.

Conducting Research

Not all gold items are made equal, read on forums and search for the item on google. See what other people are talking about the item, you should avoid spending gold on an item that everyone knows and thinks sucks. You should save your gold and money on the items that really matter. Another way is to PvP often and observe the strategies that other players are applying. You can also tell whether or not a combination is effective as well by fighting them.

Compare Gold Prices with Peers

When possible, always compare the prices that you see with other players. By getting a temperature or gauging the price range of these gold items, you can tell whether or not you are seeing a better prices than others. If you are, you should consider purchasing those items. Visit forums often to see if people are posting the prices that they see, take note of these prices because they will help you to spot a good deal.

Buying Early

Because of the weapon power decay overtime (either by nerf or release of stronger weapon), you should always buy early into the item release. By purchasing Marvel Avengers Alliance gold items early, you can get the most benefit out of their power and effect.

Avoid Buying “All the Time”

To trigger more sales available to you, you should avoid buying into anything and every Marvel Avengers Alliance gold items that you see. Buy sparingly and only hit on the items that matter. By withholding your purchases, you are more likely to receive sales offers and price discounts in game based on Playdom’s marketing push.

Be Careful of Nerfs

Lastly, be aware of the nerfs when you are preparing to spend gold on an item. You do not want to waste your money on an once powerful but now nerfed item. If you want to be overpowered in Marvel Avengers Alliance, always buy the strongest item to keep your edge in both PvE and PvP battles. Do not waste money on buying nerfed and updated items only to regret your gold purchase.

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