Winning Marvel Avengers Alliance PvP Strategy – Power of 4 + Deep Field Cannon

Gamelytic will monitor the latest winning strategies in various fights for Marvel Avengers Alliance. Use these combos and tips to help you win more easily in the game. Although we do provide some tips and hints, some of them may be considered as cheap or cheating. However, our purpose of sharing these guides are for informational purpose only, we do not judge whether these tactics are ethical or not. We will only share them when these combinations are effective to help you become stronger in Marvel Avengers Alliance.

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Power of 4 Combo Plus Ignore DEF

This is an effective PvP combination now being applied by many gold PvP players inside the game. With these weapon combinations, you will be able to kill your enemies within your round of moves.

1# Power of Four(Taking four extra turns)
2# Chrono Overdrive (Double Damage, quick action, so you don’t lose a turn)
2# Deep Field Cannon (AOE/Ignore Defense/No cool down)
3# Deep Field Cannon (AOE/Ignore Defense/No cool down)
4# Deep Field Cannon (AOE/Ignore Defense/No cool down)

Analysis and Countering Strategies

The setup of this is similar to the Marvel Avengers Alliance Infinite Loop strategy (now nerfed). To counter Power of 4 + Deep Field Cannon setup, you basically will have to stop and disable the enemy agent before this move combo starts in the place. If your enemy’s turn starts first, you will most likely lose.

Thoughts About This Combination

Depending on the popularity of this current combination in the community (as well as the number of players that buy into gold), this combination may not get nerfed like the Infinite Loop did. However, as more players are using this combination, it should be expected that some sort of Cool Down or weapon use limit to be applied to one of the gears to stop this overpowered Marvel Avengers Alliance PvP strategy.

If you do have spare money, buy into this combination early to get the most use of this tactic because it may not last long.