Marvel Avengers Alliance Heavy Ion Beam Information

Heavy Ion Beam is the latest and first addition of the limited In this post, we will discuss whether or not you should purchase the item. Please share this guide with your Facebook and Marvel Avengers Alliance friends. Always remember to link back to us to show your support. Lastly, please also check out our list of Marvel Avengers Alliance guides.

Heavy Ion Beam Pricing

The Marvel Avengers Alliance Heavy Ion Beam is offered at the shop for a multitude of different prices, based on several Marvel Avengers Alliance gold price factors. Based on different sources, the Heavy Ion Beam is for sale for either 12, 16, 24, 32, and even upward to 64 gold. You should check the store often because the Marvel Avengers Alliance gold prices does appear to readjust itself if the Heavy Ion Beam is not bought.

Check the prices in Marvel Avengers Alliance often for Heavy Ion Beam to see if you can get the best deal. Sometimes when they adjust the prices, they only adjust it for a short period of time.

Heavy Ion Beam Effects

The Heavy Ion Beam limited weapon comes with two effects: Quick action which grants a free turn after using, and Radiation Exposure which deals damage for 4 turns, as well as cause additional damage from energy. The best part about this limited weapon at the time of writing – is that it only has a cooldown of 1 turn. Which makes it a very versatile weapon to be used and equipped by your Agent to become stronger in Marvel Avengers Alliance PvP or PvE. It should also be noted that by equipping 3~4 of Heavy Ion Cannon and combine it with some other bonus turn items, you will get effects very similar to the Marvel Avengers Alliance Infinite Looping Strategy (However not as strong as infinite loop tactic was).

Heavy Ion Beam Damage

The damage is stackable. However, the damage count itself appears to be different from the Cosmic Ray Bomb. The damage done from Heavy Ion Beam Damage over time is roughly 50%~100% more. The Damage of Time is a good option to go for considering that the recent updates have lengthened the time and turns for battles between players.

Verdict on Buying Heavy Ion Beam

If you see it for 12 or 16 gold, you should buy it as soon as you can. However, if you wait for a week or 2, you should save your gold because we believe that this item will be nerfed in the near future. Potentially 3~4 weeks after it has come out. However, if your Heavy Ion Beam is priced at 32 or 64 gold, we do not recommend you to buy, however you should still visit the shop often to see if Playdom has adjusted the price of the Marvel Avengers Alliance Heavy Ion Cannon for you.

Also, because this item is “limited”, by jumping the bandwagon and purchasing it, you will be one of the few that has it a few months away from now. Although there will be newer and stronger weapons that are available in the future, you will at least have the bragging rights.