Fallout Shelter In-Game Help File

Are you looking for some quick information on how to advance better in Fallout Shelter the mobile game? We have taken the help file directly the game to help you get started. You can also access the in game help file by tapping on the bottom right icon and the icon that looks like a folder.

Please note that this game help file is only included to help you grasp the game easily on one simple page. It is a complete and exact copy of the in game help file found in Fallout Shelter, which is written to help you go through help information easily. Please consider checking out our other guides to help you further excel in the game.

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Resources – Page 1/21
Your food, water, and power resources are what keeps your vault going.

Food: Dwellers need to eat to stay healthy. Run low on Food and your dwellers will begin to lose health.

Water: Clean water is hard to come by in the Wasteland. Run low on Water and your dwellers will take Radiation damage.

Power: Your Vault can’t run without power. Run low on Power and your rooms will begin shutting down.

Keep your resources above the required resource lines to keep your vault happy. Resources continue to be consumed for a short time after closing the game.

Hint: The positive and negative effects of your resources are amplified by their distance from the required resource lines.

You can check out the Happiness guide for more information about happiness level.

Dwellers SPECIAL – Page 2/21
Every Dweller has stats called SPECIAL.

S (Strength)
P (Perception)
E (Endurance)
C (Charisma)
I (Intelligence)
A (Agility)
L (Luck)

Every room in the Vault is linked to one of the SPECIAL stats. The better the Dweller’s stat is for that room, the more they influence the room’s effects.

Hint: Luck stat affects the probability of earning CAPS when collecting Resources.

Dweller Info – Page 3/21
When you tap on a Dweller, it brings up their information.

From this page, you can equip your Dweller with Weapons and Outfits, or heal them with Stimpaks and RadAway.

Tapping on their SPECIAL brings up more detailed information about their individual SPECIAL levels.

Hint: Outfits boost a Dweller’s SPECIAL stats. Blue bars on a Dweller’s SPECIAL shows how the Outfit benefits the Dweller.

Assigning Dwellers – Page 4/21
When you drag a Dweller into a room, a SPECIAL letter will appear above their head with a number.

The letter above their head corresponds to the SPECIAL: stat associated with that room.

If the number is listed with a plus or minus sign, it means that dragging a Dweller into that room will replace a Dweller that is currently working in that room.

The Dweller’s effect on that room will go up or down whatever the number is.

When a Dweller is replaced this way, they switch jobs with the Dweller being moved.

If there is no plus or minus sign it means there’s room for the Dweller to work in the room without replacing any Dwellers.

Hint: Drag a Dweller around to a few rooms to see where they’d work best.

Dweller List – Page 5/21
Tapping on the gear in the top left corner of the screen brings up the Dweller List.

From here you can sort your Dwellers and find the best Dweller for a job.

Tapping on a Dweller will zoom the camera over to them.

Hint: Use this menu to quickly see how many Dwellers you have, and how much more room you have in your vault.

The Wastelands – Page 6/21
Dispatch your Dwellers to scavenge the Wasteland.

Out there they will find CAPS, earn Experience, and bring back Weapons and Outfits. The further out they go, the better the rewards they’ll find, but the harder the encounters will become.

-Drag a Dweller to the Wasteland and equip them with Outfits, Weapons, RadAways and Stimpaks.

-Send them out exploring, but don’t forget to check on their progress.

-Dwellers can be recalled from the Wasteland at any time, and take half as long to return from the Wasteland.

-Make sure you bring them home before they die!

Hint: A Dweller in the Wasteland can be Revived for Caps.

Incidents – Page 7/21
Disasters can randomly strike your Vault at any time!

Disasters also occur when you fail a room Rush. Watch out for these possible encounters:

Fires – Put out fires quickly before they spread to other rooms.

Radroaches – These pesky critters are hard to get rid of. Take them out before they spread.

Raiders – Raiders will rush through your Vault and destroy its resources, stop them quickly! Upgrading your Vault Entrance will delay Raiders, giving you time to prepare. Putting guards in your Vault Entrance will also provide a front line of defense against the Raiders.

Hint: Equipping your Dwellers with Weapons will help fight off Radroaches and Raiders.

Dwellers Level & Rarity Page 8/21
Dwellers level up over time while working in Production rooms or when exploring the Wasteland.

Leveling up increases the health of a Dweller. The higher their level is, the higher their health.

Rooms unlock based on how many Dwellers you have in your Vault.

Dweller’s Rarity
There are three types of rarity of Dwellers, COMMON, RARE, and LEGENDARY.

-Common: Low level and SPECIAL Stats
-Rare: Average level and SPECIAL Stats
-LEGENDARY: High level and SPECIAL Stats

Hint: Find RARE and LEGENDARY Dwellers in Lunchboxes.

Dead Dwellers – Page 9/21
A dweller dies when their health is depleted.

To avoid Dwellers dying you can:
-Give them a Stimpak to Heal them.
-Give them a RadAway to remove Radiation.
-A dead Dweller can be revived with CAPS, or removed from your Vault.

Hint: The higher the Dweller’s level, the more CAPS their revival will cost.

Dweller Happiness – Page 10/21
Depending on what you ask your Dwellers to do, they can become happy or sad.

Keeping Dwellers happy is very important! A happy Vault runs more efficiently and produces resources faster.

You can see a specific Dweller’s happiness by checking their profile.

Happiness Icon Status:

Green: Your Dweller is happy, way to go!

Yellow: Your Dweller is doing okay, but could be happier.

Red: Your Dweller is sad, cheer them up!

Hint: Pay close attention to what a Dweller is telling you to know more about what makes them happy.

Game Objectives – Page 11/21
There are always three objectives you can work on.

You can abandon one Objective each day and receive a new Objective in its place.

Harder objectives give better rewards.

Hint: Some objectives will reward you with Lunchboxes!

Daily Report & Vault Rating – Page 12/21
Every day you receive a reward based on how happy your Vault is.

-Your Vault rating is the combined total of all your Dwellers happiness.

-Your reward is based on your Vault Rating.

-A high Vault Rating earns you bonus CAPS.

Hint: Playing for 7 days gives you a Lunchbox as a reward.

Making Babies & Living Quarters – page 13/21
When you need Dwellers you can always encourage your Dwellers to procreate.

-Put a man and a woman in the Living Quarters and see if they like each other.

-If all goes well, the woman will become pregnant.

-After some time, you will have a new child in your Vault.

-Once the child has grown up, you will have a new Dweller.

Hint: Babies will wait to be born if there is no space in your Vault.

Note: Consider checking out our Fallout Shelter Baby and Pregnancy Guide for more detailed information.

Build Your Vault & Elevator – Page 14/21
Build Living Quarters to welcome new Dwellers to your Vault.

-Expand your Vault by building rooms so you can produce more resources.

-Pay Attention to the Vault Resource Gouges, they are a good indicator to follow when choosing the next room to build.

-Build an Elevator when you want to expand downwards.

-You cannot delete a room if it is connected on both sides.

-Building multiple types of the same room will increase its price.

Hint: Be careful not to build rooms before you need them, or expand too fast.

Room Level & Merging – Page 15/21
Upgrade your Rooms to increase their performance.

-Each Room can be upgraded twice. Upgraded rooms produce more resources.

-Up to 3 Rooms of the same type can be merged, by building them next to each other.

-Merged Rooms let you assign more Dwellers to the room, while also becoming more efficient.

Hint: A room merge only happens if all rooms are of the same level.

Storage Room – Page 16/21
Storage Rooms increase your weapon and Outfit inventory space.

-Upgrade the storage Rooms to increase inventory capacity.

-Sell unwanted Weapons and Outfits by visiting the inventory from the Pip-Boy menu.

-Use the Storage Room as a temporary holding bay for Dwellers in case all other Rooms are full.

-Building Medbays and Science Labs will increase the number of Stimpaks and RadAways you can store.

Hint: If you run out of storage space, upgrade your storage, build more storage, equip your dwellers or sell items.

Training Rooms – Page 17/21
Putting Dwellers in Training Room will increase their SPECIAL stats.

There is a Training Room for each one of the SPECIAL stats.

Strength: Weight Room
Perception: Armory
Endurance: Fitness Room
Charisma: Lounge
Intelligence: Classroom
Agility: Athletics Room
Luck: Game Room

You can raise each stat up to 10.

The higher the SPECIAL stat of a Dweller is, the longer it takes them to train to the next level.

Hint: Multiple Dwellers training together in the same room decreases the training time for all Dwellers in the room.

New Dwellers & Radio Room – Page 18/21
The Radio Room attracts new Dwellers from the Wasteland.

-Periodically, Radio Rooms send out a call for new Dwellers. There’s a chance that the call will be answered.

-When the timer in the Radio room reaches zero, if a new Dweller doesn’t answer the call, the timer will restart automatically.

-Assign Dwellers with high Charisma to a Radio Room to speed up the Radio Call.

-Upgrade your Radio Room to increase the chance of attracting Dwellers.

-Having Dwellers in the Radio Room also provides a happiness to your Vault.

Hint: Merging the Radio Room increases your chances of attracting a Dweller.

CAPS – Page 19/21
There are lots of ways you can earn CAPS.

-Find them in the Wasteland.
-Complete Objectives.
-Leveling up Dwellers.
-Selling Outfits and Weapons.
-Every Lunchbox contain CAPS
-Lucky Dwellers earn them occasionally while collecting resources.

CAPS can be spent to:
-Build Rooms and elevators
-Destroy rocks
-Upgrade Rooms
-Revive Dwellers

Rush Mode – Page 20/21
Production Rooms can be Rushed to earn CAP{S and to instantly earn resources.

-Rush completes the current production cycle and award a bonus amount of CAPS.

-The CAPS bonus is based on the Risk value. The higher the risk is, the greater the amount of CAPS you earn.

-Failing a Rush causes a disaster in the room.

Hint: The percentage chance of a disaster cools down over time.

Lunchboxes – Page 21/212
Fast-track your progress with Vault-Tec’s amazing Lunchboxes.

Dwellers – Need more Dwellers, fast? Each Lunchbox has a chance of containing a Dweller.

Weapons -All the finest in Wasteland survival from BB guns to the powerful Fat Man.

Outfits – Equip your Dwellers in these stat boosting and stylish outfits.

Resources – Stack up on resources with CAPS, RadAway, Stimpaks, Extra Food, Power or Water.

Every Lunchbox can give you COMMON, RARE, or LEGENDARY items. Each Lunchbox is guaranteed to either have a Dweller or a RARE item.

Hint: Rare and Legendary Dwellers can be found in Lunchboxes and have great stats.