Fallout Shelter Complete Baby / Child Guide

Fallout Shelter is the latest “tower” building vault game where you have to manage a community of fallout survivors or “dwellers”. One of the main method to get new dwellers into your population is to “breed” or “give birth” to babies. In this complete guide, we will go over all the details to help you create those babies efficiently and easily without breaking your Fallout Shelter game.

Please note that this baby making guide is written for beginner and intermediate players, most advanced players should know or understand most of these game play mechanics.

Please feel free to share any comments if you have any additional strategies or tips to deliver the Fallout Shelter baby better. Check out our best Walkthrough for Fallout Shelter too!

Starting the Baby and Dating Process
There are a few factors to boost the efficiency of your baby making process in Fallout Shelter. We will list out all of them to help you stay organized, some of them is basic and obvious, and some of the factors are harder to think about. This section will also contain tips and pointers to help your female dwellers get “pregnant” faster.

1. You will need a man and woman pair.
To start the baby or child dweller making process. You must place a guy and girl in the same living quarters.

2. The dating couple pairing must not be related.
For example you will not get any dating progress when you place Father and Daughter in the same room. One easy way to stay on track is by taking note of their “last name”. Daughters will typically carry the last name of their dads.

3. Upgraded living quarter functions Faster
Although this is not clearly explained in the game, you do get some pairing bonus when you “upgrade” the living quarters or merge for a bigger living quarter. The men and women dwellers placed inside upgraded living quarters pair up much faster.

4. Charisma affects the efficiency of “dating” process.
The “C” or Charisma stat in Fallout Shelter determines how fast or compatible the couples get. You usually want to have at least 1 of the men or women have high Charisma. Preferably you want a guy to have that because then you can use him over and over as seed guy to date all the women inside your shelter.

5. Some couples simply do “not” have chemistry.
If the guy or girl talk a little bit, then stop talking altogether, they might not have “chemistry” and is very unlikely to pair up and have babies later. When you are starting to pair up your Fallout Shelter dwellers, keep a tab on them to make sure that they are talking or interacting with one another.

6. Successful Process
When the dating process is going smoothly, you will see the following pattern:
a. Introduction
b. Small chats about random things
c. Dancing
d. Heading to the back and umm
e. The woman gets pregnant

During the dating process, the couples involved will usually hit 100% happiness score if they are also fed and radiation free.

7. Special notes on “Genes”
The child will usually carry the original “traits” of the parents. For example, if you pair up couples with high default Charisma, there is a huge chance that their future adult child will also have high default Charisma.

Thus, it can be beneficial if you want a specific “type” of starting dwellers without training, pair up couples with that specific natural trait.

Strategies to Get Babies Faster in Fallout Shelter
After going through the basic factors on how to date and get pregnant in Fallout Shelter vault, we will now go through some useful and practical strategies to make the process even better.

Pick a Charming Guy for all the Woman
Early on in the game, pick the single best guy with highest value of Charisma. Use him to date all the women one by one as he gets them pregnant. This is the best way to stay on track as all of the children will be his sons or daughters.

Switch Charisma Boosting Outfits
Since Charisma is the main stat that speed up the dating process. Equip Charisma boosting outfits on whoever the men or women that you are pairing up. As soon as the woman gets pregnant, take off the outfit and place on the next target.

Place only 2 People Inside Living Quarters
To avoid cross dating, you should always place only 2 people inside a merged and upgraded living quarters. This way you ensure that the dating and pregnancy will result from the people that you want.

Check “Progress”
Every time you are pairing up new couples, always observe the room to make sure that they are talking and chatting. You want to make sure that the dating process is in progress.

Pregnancy Period and Birth
The next part of this Fallout Shelter guide will teach you about how to deal with Pregnancy and what to expect. After the dating process ends and the woman starts bearing a child, you will have to wait for about 3 hours before the babies will be born.

During this time, the pregnant woman in Fallout Shelter can still work in any of the resource facilities. This means that you should put them to work as soon as the dating process is over.

However, pregnant woman cannot deal with any of the Fallout Shelter incidents such as Raiders, Roaches, or Fire. They will run around screaming trying to protect themselves and the baby.

For the baby or child to be born, you MUST have enough rooms inside your vault. This means that you need to have extra population capacity by upgrading or expanding the living quarters. Without the available room, the birthing of the child will be halted until you do have the space.

The Birth of the child happens when you are actively playing the game, Fallout Shelter will wait for you to log back in before delivering the baby.

After deliver the birth of the baby, a “child” dweller will take about 3 hours to be grown into contributing adults. However, during this period a child will consume resources in Food and Water just like any of your vault dwellers.

Strategies to Handle Pregnant Women in Fallout Shelter
Now we will go through some guidelines about Fallout Shelter pregnant woman.

1. Put Them to Work Right Away
To make sure that your vault functions well at maximum capacity, make sure you remember to put those pregnant woman back to their positions as soon as dating is over.

2. Place Them at the end of your Vault
Since pregnant women in Fallout Shelter cannot defend or fight at all, place them at the end of your vault where raiders cannot touch them is essential.

3. Pair Them with 1~2 Men or Non-pregnant Women for protection.
Pairing the women with baby with a few able men can help in terms of roach killing and fire fighting.

4. Switch Out their weapons.
If you do not have enough Fallout Shelter weapons for every dweller within your vault. Take the weapons away from those women temporarily and give to someone else that can actually use them.

When to Start Making Babies and Managing Your Resources
As a rule of thumb, you should never have more than 30% of your vault dwellers being pregnant. By filling up all the woman in your vault with babies, you will make your entire vault vulnerable to incidents and raider attacks.

Since children will take up resource usages as soon as you are born, you will also need to plan ahead with your Water and Food generation. You should always have a good margin or error and decent production rate before you mass produce the babies. A good rule of thumb is that if you have to “rush” to stay afloat in terms of economy, you are probably overextended and unfit to have additional child dweller population.

When this happens, the BEST solution is to explore and get CAPS to Upgrade your existing buildings.