Fallout Shelter Dweller Happiness Guide

Did you receive objective quests in Fallout Shelter to boost your Vault Dweller’s happiness rating? Although Happiness is briefly discussed in the “game help file“, they do not cover all the grounds for the Happiness rating. Are you stumped that you cannot get them to become happier? This is the perfect guide for you to help you bring your entire Vault’s happiness level higher.

We will go through all the factors that can affect your Vault dweller’s happiness rating. The list is ranked by the highest priority all the way to the lowest. We will provide a resource boost based on happiness chart at the end of this guide.

Please also check out our complete walkthrough for Fallout Shelter if you have found this guide helpful!

Keep Your Dweller’s Healthy
First and far most important factor to gain happiness rating above 70 is to keep them fed and radiation free. Make sure that you run an efficient Vault buildings with Food and Water way above the Green line.

You do not have to necessary “heal” your dwellers with Stimpak or RadAway if they are injured or have Radiation (Red HP bar) damage. Simply keeping all resource above the green is sufficient.

Assign Dwellers Jobs that They Enjoy
When you first get a dweller either as a newcomer or as a child growing into adult, they have preset jobs that they like naturally. These preset jobs usually coincide with their default SPECIAL values, for example, people who enjoy “POWER” naturally will have slightly higher “S” stats.

However, sometimes it can be hard to tell for dwellers with stats all low. In that case you will have to zoom into them while working, sometimes they will give you clues on the jobs that they truly want to do. For example, a dweller worker may be talking about Food while working in Water related buildings.

Dating and Having Babies
Couples will usually reach 100% happiness rating after they date and after the woman get pregnant to have babies in Fallout Shelter. Follow the linked baby guide to find out more about how to start and manage the dating process easily.

Successful “Rush” or Failure to Rush Resource Buildings
Your Vault dwellers within a working building will gain happiness whenever Rush is a success. However, they will also lose happiness rating when rush fails. In general, you should avoid rushing buildings unless you have at least 30% chance of success. Since it can hurt your happiness rating more when you fail, and it can take some time to gain those happy factor back.

Radio Room Happiness Boost
Radio room when fully equipped with dwellers can improve the happiness rating of your entire Vault. Like the resource buildings, functioning Radio Room will take some “cooldown” time before the effects take place. Thus, you should always keep at least 1 dweller in your Radio room to receive that boost. However, you should employ more dwellers if your Vault economy allows.

New Comers and Child’s Default 50% Happiness Rating
This can be an important factor not to have too many new comers and child, since they start with a default 50% happiness score. And children cannot boost their happiness level until they are adults. It can be one of the factor to avoid getting too many new Vault dwellers at once.

“Rest” in Living Quarters
In most cases, simply placing the dweller’s in Living Quarters without job will increase their happiness rating. However, this is a bad method as they are not being productive to your entire Vault’s economy and well being.

Clear Any Corpses Inside the Vault
If you have any dead dwellers inside your Fallout Shelter Vault, it is best to clear them up by either revival or removal. As the dead bodies will make any survivor within the room really unhappy.

Placing Male and Female in One Room
You can gain some minor happiness score boost when you place male and female dwellers in the work environment. You should not force this factor however, the main deciding factor should still be based on their “SPECIAL” stat.

Happiness and Resource Production Bonus
You will earn some CAPS based on the average happiness rating for the entire vault at the end of the day.

Depending on your Fallout Shelter’s Average, your entire Vault will also earn some resource production bonus. For every 10% of rounded down happiness score, you get an extra 1% per 10% plus 1% production boost. For example, if you have 85% happiness rating, your entire Fallout Shelter vault will get an additional 8% + 1% for a total of 9% production boost.