Dragon of Atlantis Online Helper Calculator by Gamelytic

This is a DoA Dragons of Atlantis Online Calculator designed to help you with the basic calculations in game. More information and functions will be added in regard to combat mechanics and battle strengths. At this time you can use the DoA calculator helper to figure out the amount of resources and time needed to train the troops. You can simulate and calculate the training time based on the numbers of your Garrisons built in your City, or you can manually override the training time based on your default value. If you like this, don’t forget to check out my other useful Dragons of Atlantis guides.

This can help you to determine whether or not your attacks are worthwhile for the resources gained, as well as the training time necessary to recover your dead troops. Please note that this calculator is pretty basic at this stage, however, more functions and parts will be added in the near future. So keep on checking back for the latest additions as well as updates to show ingame version changes. Feel free to share this page with your DoA Dragons of Atlantis friends and don’t forget to bookmark it. Leave comments if you find this calculator helpful or if you find any errors. I monitor the comments on a daily basis.