Complete Guide to Spectral Ruins for Dragons of Atlantis

If you are not sure about why and how you should build the Spectral Ruins outpost in the Dragons of Atlantis, you have come to the right place. This complete and thorough guide will walk you through every aspect of the game in regards to the Spectral Ruins. If you like this guide, check out my other helpful tips for Dragons of Atlantis.

DoA Spectral Ruins Requirements

Constructing the Spectral Ruins requires 100,000 anthropus talismans, control a level 7+ forest and a player level 5. You can obtain Anthropus talismans by defeating 500 Anthros in one single battle against the Anthro camp. Below is the list of Talisman that you can obtain from the Antropus camps:

lvl 1 = 4
lvl 2 = 11
lvl 3 = 24
lvl 4 = 59
lvl 5 = 128
lvl 6 = 220
lvl 7 = 420
lvl 8 = 828
lvl 9 = 1636
lvl 10 = 3332

DoA Spectral Ruins Unique Building Types

In Spectral Ruin Outpost, this outpost offer some unique building types and strategy differing from your original town and other outposts. The Spectral ruins have three building types:

Dark Portal – “Like” Barracks

The Dark Portal is like the barracks in other towns and outposts, higher level Dark Portal enable higher level units to be revived.

Reaping Stones – Produce Blue Energy

You can produce Blue Energy with Reaping Stones like if you would with Farms, Lumberyards, etc.

Mausoleum – Collect Souls

This is a soul collection facility that can recover the souls of units that are lost in Dragons of Atlantis PvP Battles. By building and upgrading the Mausoleum, you increase the amount of souls that you can collect. However, you will NOT receive any units that you reinforce your alliance member with. You WILL receive souls from the reinforcement received from other DoA alliance members.

DoA Spectral Ruins Unique Research Technology

Energy Collection: Increase Blue Energy Production
Warrior Revival: Increase souls collected while attacking other player
Guardian Revival: Increase souls collected while defending other player’s attacks.

New Resources in Dragons of Atlantis Spectral Ruins

Blue Energy

Blue Energy is a new resource available with the release of the Spectral Ruins. This resource can be produced and collected from the Reaping Stones. You can boost your Blue Energy production with the Energy Collection Technology. However, Nano boosts and curses do not affect your Blue Energy Collection. Blue Energy is used to summon the DoA Wraith Dragon to be used as well as revive troops with Talisman.

DoA Spectral Ruins Wraith Dragon

You can summon the Wraith Dragon unique to the Spectral Ruins. Below are what you should know about the Wraith Dragon.

Dragon Altar

Dragon Altar will host your Wraith Dragon in the Spectral Ruins Outpost.

Wraith Dragon Remains

You can only acquire Wraith Dragon Remains by sending attacks with a Great or Elemental Dragon. Below is a list of items that you can get by hitting Dragons of Atlantis wilds or anthro camp.

The wraith dragon remains can be obtained in the following wilds:
Wraith Dragon Head: Level 7+ Forests
Wraith Dragon Body: Level 7+ Hills
Wraith Dragon Tail: Level 7+ Lakes
Wraith Dragon Talons: Level 7+ Mountains

How to Summon Wraith Dragon

Select the Dragon’s Keep and click on Summon. Doing so will consume a certain amount of Blue Energy and Talisman to bring the Wraith Dragon into life. During this time your Spectral Outpost can regenerate additional Blue Energy. However, the Wraith Dragon will be used when you take it out to battle. You will need to consume Blue Energy and Taliman everyone you summon the wraith dragon. However, you do keep the Wraith Dragon remains permanently.

Spectral Ruin Building Strategy

The building of Spectral Ruin is pretty straight forward. The easiest way is to do half and half which ensures you to get enough Blue Energy while gathering enough souls. However, if you see yourself low in one another, you could consider shifting the percentage of these two buildings based on your own personal situation.