Guide to Dragon of Atlantis Item Drop Locations

There are many items in Dragons of Atlantis that require you to hit and defeat various areas to obtain. This guide will detail out all the drop locations of where you can get them. Note that the higher level areas will grant you higher item dropping chance. So if you can, try to defeat the hardest level camps possible when trying to farm these Dragons of Atlantis loots.

For example, if you can get a DoA Great Dragon Armor in level 5 Anthro camp, your chance of getting one is a level 10 camp will be significantly higher compared to farming level 5’s. In addition, these chances are still pretty low so you would expect to farm a quite big of them before you can get a drop. You are looking at about 0.5%~1% drop rate for each of these Dragons of Atlantis items. So it will take some time before you can collect all of them! If you like this guide, check out my other Dragons of Atlantis guides that will help you with game play.

Dragons of Atlantis Item Drop Location by Wilderness and Anthro Camp

Anthropus Camps

Level 5+: Great Dragon Armor
Level 7+: Fangtooth Respirators, Glowing Mandrakes, Volcanic Runes, Banshee Talons

Dragons of Atlantis Lakes

Level 7+: Water Dragon Armor, Water Dragon Egg, Wraith Dragon Tail, Fangtooth Respirators

Dragons of Atlantis Hills

Level 7+: Stone Dragon Armor, Stone Dragon Egg, Wraith Dragon Body, Glowing Mandrakes

Dragons of Atlantis Mountains

Level 7+: Fire Dragon Armor, Frost Dragon Armor, Fire Dragon Egg, Frost Dragon Egg, Wraith Dragon Talons, Volcanic Runes

Dragons of Atlantis Savannahs

Level 7+: Wind Dragon Armor, Wind Dragon Egg, Banshee Talons

Dragons of Atlantis Forest

Level 7+: Wraith Dragon Head

DoA Dragon Armors Drop Locations

Great Dragon Armor: Level 5+ Anthropus Camps
Water Dragon Armor: Level 7+ Lakes
Stone Dragon Armor: Level 7+ Hills
Fire Dragon Armor: Level 7+ Mountains
Frost Dragon Armor: Level 7+ Mountains
Wind Dragon Armor: Level 7+ Savannahs

DoA Dragon Eggs Drop Locations

Water Dragon Egg: Level 5+ Lakes
Stone Dragon Egg: Level 7+ Hills
Fire Dragon Egg: Level 7+ Mountains
Ice Dragon Egg: Level 7+ Mountains
Wind Dragon Egg: Level 7+ Savannahs

Dragons of Atlantis Wraith Dragon Remains Drop Location

Wraith Dragon Head: Level 7+ Forests
Wraith Dragon Body: Level 7+ Hills
Wraith Dragon Tail: Level 7+ Lakes
Wraith Dragon Talons: Level 7+ Mountains

Fangtooth Respirators:

Level 7+ Lakes and Anthropus Camps

Glowing Mandrakes

Level 7+ Hills and Anthropus Camps

Volcanic Runes:

Level 7+ Mountains and Anthropus Camps

Banshee Talons:

Level 7+ Savannahs and Anthropus Camps

Dragons of Atlantis Item Shop Only Items

Below are the items that are needed in game, however, they can only be obtained via the Fortuna daily chance drawing or though item shops.

How to Get Completion Grant: Through DoA Fortuna and Item Shop