Complete Guide to Dragons of Atlantis Outpost Strategy and Builds

Outpost in Dragons of Atlantis is an important feature of the game. By correcting building and strategizing your DoA outposts, you can effective create a huge amount of troops under a short period of time. Below is a guide on everything that you need to know about all the outposts in Dragon of Atlantis. If you like post, check out my other helpful guides and calculators for Dragons of Atlantis.

What are Dragons of Atlantis Outposts

Basic: Dragons of Atlantis Outposts are additional Cities that you can build in DoA. With Outposts, you can transfer your resources among your Cities and outposts as well as the units. This can effectively increase your might as your ability to train more troops. You can also build more fields with outposts however it is not recommended that I will explain later in this post. With Outposts, you will have different types of Dragons compared to your first one, in addition, you will have to rebuild all the different buildings to take full advantage of the available building slots just like you would do with Cities.

The resources created within the DoA outposts have to be gathered from Silos which is different than your main DoA City.

Special Spectral Ruin Outpost
The Spectral Ruins Outpost is a special outpost type that can revive your fallen troops in DoA. For more details check the Dragons of Atlantis Spectral Ruins Guide.

Available DoA Outposts

There are currently 6 available DoA Outposts that you can create in game. These outposts are listed as followed along with their requirements. For the Dragon Egg gathering, you can check my Dragons of Atlantis Item Drop List for more details.

1. Water Outpost: Water Dragon Egg with control of Level 8+ Plain
2. Stone Outpost: Have Water Outpost and Stone Dragon Egg with control of Level 9+ Plain
3. Fire Outpost: Have Stone Outpost and Fire Dragon Egg with control of Level 12+ Plain
4. Wind Outpost: Have Fire Outpost and Wind Dragon Egg with control of Level 12+ Plain
5. Spectral Ruin: Have 100,000 Anthropus Talismans, Control a Forest, Have Character Level 5+
6. Frost Outpost Have Spectral Ruins and Frost Dragon Egg with the control of a Mountain

Outpost 1: find Water Dragon Egg, control a Plain, achieve Level 8 or higher
Outpost 2: find Stone Dragon Egg, control a Plain, achieve Level 9 or higher, own Outpost 1
Outpost 3: find Fire Dragon Egg, control a Plain, achieve Level 12 or higher, own Outpost 2
Outpost 4: find Wind Dragon Egg, control a Plain, achieve Level 12 or higher, own Outpost 3
Outpost 5 (Spectral Ruins): find 100,000 Anthropus talismans, control a forest, achieve level 5 or higher
Outpost 6: find Frost Dragon Egg, control a Mountain, achieve lvl 5 or higher, own Spectral Ruins

How to Create Atlantis Outposts

You can create the Dragons of Atlantis Outpost by clicking on the Empire tab. You can create the new DoA outpost when you have satisfied all the requirements.

Dragons of Atlantis Outpost Build Strategy

The strategy for the DoA Outpost is really depends on how often you play the game in order to train troops 24/7. Below is some basic guideline for the Building Strategy of Dragons of Atlantis Outpost:

Outpost Strategy Number 1

2 Homes Minimum: To cover enough idle populations for you to do training. Do not build silo or any Field to ensure maximum possible idle population will be used for troops training. The rest of the Outpost building space becomes Garrisons.

Outpost Strategy Number 2

8 Homes: In this build you will have more idle population to train a great numbers of troops at one time. In this method you do not have to log in as often to start the training the Outpost troops.

Spectral Ruins Strategy

The strategy for Spectral Ruins has been written for the guide to DoA Spectral Ruins. However, the basic idea is to keep half as Mausoleum and half as Dark Portal.

DoA Outpost Relocation

Like your Dragons of Atlantis Cities, the Outpost can also be moved to other tiles on the world map. You can relocate your Outpost by using an Outpost Warp. The Outpost Warp can be obtained via Shop or Fortuna’s Fortune.

Can Outpost be Attacked

Just like your DoA City, your outpost can be attacked by other players. However the attacking and being attack functions a little differently than your main City. For the Outpost, you do not receive sentinel warnings if the outpost is going to be attacked. You will however, receive a battle report after the attack had been completed. In addition, you cannot hide the troops reinforcing your DoA Outpost.

When Outpost has been attacked, the building will burn for a period of time until it has healed itself. The Health bar is shown on the right side of the screen. During the healing process, your silo will not collect any resources earned in the Outpost.