Dragons of Atlantis Complete Resource Guide

Earning resources and defending your resources is a huge part of Dragons of Atlantis. In this post, I will show you all the ways of earning more resources as well as how to defend them. If you like this post, please check out my other Dragons of Atlantis guides.

Generating More Homefront Resources

There are a few steps that you will need to take to make more resources in Dragons of Atlantis. Below is a complete list of the methods. The methods explained here for obtaining more resources is through your own City or Dragons of Atlantis Outpost.

Upgrading Your Field Plots

Once your resource fields have been built, remember to always to upgrade them to the highest possible based on your resources and time. This is a main way to boost your DoA resource generation based on your existing land. The time it takes to upgrade the field plots grows exponential, however, the resources that you obtain by upgrading the field plots also grow at a considerable level.

Defeating and Controlling Wilderness Tiles

You can increase the amount that your Dragons of Atlantis City or Outposts by controlling wilderness tiles. Depending on the level of the wilderness, you will obtain 5% x level of additional resources that your DoA City or Outpost generate. By defeating high level wilderness and holding them, you can effectively earn multiples of the base resources that you make through the use of field plots.

Science Research Upgrade to Boost Resource Gain

You can also put more levels into research to generate and gain more resources. The research technology that can affect your resource rates are Agriculture for food, Woodcraft for Lumber, Masonry for Stone, and Alloy for Metal. Each research upgrade can improve your resource making rate by 10%.

Production Nano Resource Booster

You can use Nano production booster to boost your resource generation speed. Depending on the types of booster that you obtain, you can boost the different type of DoA resources. You can obtain the Nano resource bonuses either via Item shop or Fortune’s Fortune.

Accepting Trades of Resources

You can unlock the ability to trade for resources when you have researched mercantile. By trading resources with other players, you will have the flexibility to control the type of resource that you pile up on. You may even make more resources for yourself if you have the resources that other people need.

Tips to Keeping Food in the Positive

For those of you that have negative food problem in Dragons of Atlantis, know that it is perfectly fine to have negative food in DoA. However, to bring your food production into the positive, you can move your troops to your outposts or other people’s Cities. In addition, you can always train more troops when you take advantage of the one time resource gain when you hit Anthro camps or farming other players.

Attacking Anthropus Camps

You can earn resource in Dragons of Atlantis such as Food, Lumber, Metal, and stone when you defeat the Anthropus camps. Remember to bring enough porters or Armored transports so that you can bring the resources back to your home DoA city or Outpost. Depending on the level of the Anthro camps that you defeat, you will earn different amount of resources based on their difficulty level.

Farm Other Dragons of Atlantis Players

Depending on how new is your server, your server might have higher level players that have not been playing. Keep notes of those players and farm them once in a while for their resources. The resources that these player can generate for you is significant because you do not have to overkill them to obtain the DoA resources that you need. By farming those inactive, you can obtain resources that you know for sure will get.

Defending your DoA Resources

Once you obtain the Dragons of Atlantis resources, you have to defend them with your troops. Remember to boost your defense and warehouse in the earlier stage of the game. Or spend all of those troops to build more troops. There is no use to more resources if you cannot save them and defend them. Build the Storage to protect them from being robbed would help if you are getting hit heavily.

Purchasing Dragons of Atlantis Resource Through Item Shop

When you need that instant resource booster, you may consider purchasing them via the Dragons of Atlantis Item Shop, however, it should be done at the last resort when you absolutely need that additional resources. It is more cost effective to spend the Ruby on other items rather than spending them with purchasing resources.

Accept Resource Shipment from Alliance Members

Your members may also ship you additional resources in Dragons of Atlantis. It is helpful in the beginning stage of the game when you need those resources to upgrade and research further. The sending of resources is also helpful to help you rebuild when you have been destroyed by enemy alliances.

Above is the complete guide to obtaining and getting more Dragons of Atlantis resources. Good luck in game and have fun.