Complete FarmVille 2 Level Up and Coin Making Guide

FarmVille is the latest farm building game created by Zynga. As a new game, most of the players are still navigating and analyzing for their best growth path for their farms. In this guide, we will hit some major points to help you level up faster in FarmVille 2 as well as making more money. We will be giving out examples and points to help you because the strategies change in the future as different crops are released. However, the basic guide lines for these strategies will never change unless they change the FarmVille 2 game play significantly.

In this leveling and money making guide, we have grouped the concept of leveling up and money making in FarmVille 2 together because the two is really closely related to one another. You cannot make money without considering leveling up, and you cannot consider level ups without considering the impact it has in your Farmville 2 coin coffer.

By understanding and utilizing all of the strategies listed below, you will be on your way to become the master farmer without killing your real life over it. We will first hit on the strategies that will really make a difference, then we will go over minor strategies and techniques for you to earn little gold and XP here and there. Please make sure to check out the rest of our FarmVille 2 guides for more helpful strategies. If you are completely new to the game, you may also follow the FarmVille 2 walkthrough by level. With the strategies listed in this walkthrough, you should be able to get 1~1.5 levels for every 24 hours all the way up until level 25’s.

Cost of Water as the Primary Optimization Strategy

Before we start with any guidelines, the most basic concept is the cost of Water. If you are familiar with the original FarmVille or other earlier Facebook games, the Water is exactly the same currency as the energy. To be able to gain more money and level up faster, both of these strategies will link back to how well you use the FarmVille water. Great use will boost and advance your farms at super pace, while the bad use of water will break your farm and bank.

The use of water can be broken down into the following two primary FarmVille 2 rules. By following this one, you pretty much ensure the best use of your FarmVille 2 water usage. By following these rules, you will make more money and level up faster in general.

1. Avoid low level and fast growth crops
2. Grow many high end Farmville 2 trees

1. Avoid low level and fast growth crops
Unless FarmVille 2 does a promotion where a low minute crops has same or better yield than the advanced ones, you should almost always go for the longest maturity time crops in your farm. Low crops and high crops all take 1 water to start the growing process, yet their coin and feed yield can vary greatly.

2. Grow high end Farmville 2 trees
The purpose of this strategy is really so that you will never have any leftover water. By having many trees to take your Water, you can afford to grow high end crops while still be able to spend your water on Trees. In many cases, the trees have better yield per water ratio than the low level crops.

Neighbor Power in Farm Assist in FarmVille 2

Having more neighbors are essential for you to make more FarmVille 2 coins and level up fast in FarmVille 2. Other than having gifts and feeds avaialble, the primary bonus coming from FarmVille 2 neighbors or friends are their helps on the farm. When your friends come help you with your Crops or Trees, their actions can either be “Nothing”, “Water”, “Fertilize”, “Instant Grow”, or “Harvest” depending on the stage that your plants are in.

Because your friends are limited, and so are their helps. Your goal is to optimize their helps so they’re actions are on Fertilize and Instant Grow. You want to make sure that your neighbors always act on the ongoing plants. The more instant grow that your neighbors help you trigger, the less waiting time you have. You will earn more XP and coins by having both the fertilized plants and/or virtually no waiting time.

Take Advantage of Level Up Instant Grow Bonus

If you have not noticed, all of your crops that have been watered will instant grow into full maturity at the time of leveling up. Take full advantage of this by having a farming land full of your longest crop by the time you level up. For example, from level 5->6, if you level up with a field full of strawberries, you would level up into a new level with almost half XP bar filled because of level up instant grow. This tip is also mentioned in our Useful FarmVille 2 tricks.

Extend XP Chain Without Hitting a Wall

The XP and money chain in FarmVille 2 can be categorized as Farming, Feeding, and later extend into Crafting. In general, you will be able to earn the most experience points if you can follow through into the later crafting chain. To make the most coins and getting the most XP, you want to farm and extend your crafting attempts with the crops that you make.

For example, at the time of writing, the crafting chain of Lemon Water -> Lemonade -> Strawberry Lemonade is a powerful money and XP earning combination. You have both one of the long growth crops plus long growth tree chain. By following through with the entire process, you ensure that you make the full potential of money and XP.

Optimize Water, Feed, and Power

To optimize for fastest money making and leveling speed in FarmVille 2, another task is that you need to optimize usage of Water, Feed, and Power. You want to get the stage where you will use all three to maximize your money and XP gain continuously. You never want to have any idle Water or Power standing around not working for you and your farm.

You want to save enough of your crops to create feeds to feed your best animals. By using all three of the source for XP and money, you can achieve a faster expansion and growth state for your FarmVille 2 farmland.

Prized Animal and XP or Resources

Prized Animals are a two edged sword because they take your animal population limit. However, having high level prized animals can help you boost your XP easily. The key is to sell out the Prized animals that give you little XP and gradually convert your farm to full of high level ones. When you are in resource heavy mode, you can consider storing your prized animals and save the population space for animals that produce resources.

By keeping a brigate of XP producing Farmville 2 prized animals, you can kick up your leveling speed to a new high.

Put Your Fertilizer in Turbo Mode

You should know by now that FarmVille 2 fertilizers can more or less double your crops harvest amount and give you a chance to gain Prized crops. Your goal is thus to gain as many fertilizers as possible. By having a brigade of 25 Rhode Island Chicken or other fast harvesting animals, you can produce all the Fertilizers that you need. Don’t forget that you can get FarmVille 2 fertilizers from either friend gift or request as well.

With all the fertilizers in hand, combine that with your Neighbor’s Farm Help, make sure that they help your crops that have been Watered and Fertilized, this way it will kick the process into instant harvest. Which makes your money making and leveling speed twice as fast.

Because of the ability to instant grow the majority of your crops, you can make even more feeds for your animals that produce fertilizer. It is a turbo cycle that can kick your FarmVille 2 coin making and leveling speed to a turbo speed.

Process of FarmVille 2 Expansion

Depending on where you are in FarmVille 2, you should pretty much follow the following methods of expansion in the game. Your primary focus is to expand into additional farmlands, this gives you more room to grow trees and animals as well as having more farm plots. Your next step is to purchase as many well as possible to give you additional Water for your crops and trees.

Visit Neighbors for Water and Fertilizer

Visiting and helping neighbors will help you level faster and get more money too. Other than the daily bonuses of Water, coins, and XP, you will also have a chance of getting the FarmVille 2 fertilizer. Be a good neighbor and visit your friend’s farms often. Visiting neighbors often will boost your XP and money.

Utilize FarmVille 2 Farm Hands

You can speed up the waiting for maturity process with the use of Farmhands. They can help you instant grow the crops. Your best bet is to have a consistent team of players who will always opt to become your farm hand helpers. By having a healthy stash of real players that support you, you can boost your money making and leveling speed.

Purchase and Sell Decorations

Some amount of FarmVille XP is given when you purchase and sell. One of the best ones include pink flamingos. As you level higher in the low 20’s. You may have enough coins to use this method to level up faster in FarmVille 2.

Spending Farm Cash Wisely

You can boost your money and leveling speed if you choose to spend real money wisely. Some of the good way to spend farm cash include purchasing high powered animals for EXP game once they reach the Prized status. Purchase good trees. Pretty much what you want to do is to use your money on the FarmVille 2 items that are permanent in the game.

Slower Methods of Leveling Up and Money Making

The methods mentioned below are the same for most of the Facebook games. However they can get slow and time consuming so you should only go for these when you are looking to finish quests. We do not recommend feed searching because it can practically take away a chunk of your life.

Go After Bonus Feeds for Items, XP, and Coins
Use the following link will list out all the feeds that you have on Facebook. You can also consider searching for feeds using the Zynga friends function.
Often times you can make quite a big of coins if you visit all of your friends limit up to the daily maximum. But again this is a time consuming process.

Email Rewards and Special Promotions
Checking your emails daily can help with the special events or promotions that Zynga sometimes put out. This is slower and less consistent. Sometimes Zynga events can definitely help your coin money making and leveling speed. For example, at the time of writing Zynga has released a limited time crop Vanilla which has really good gold coin profit yields.

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