Farm Hands Guide for FarmVille 2

The Farm Hands is a unique feature for FarmVille 2. In this guide, we will go over how they work, and how you can get more Farm Hands to help out at your farm. Please share this guide with your Zynga and Facebook friends if you like the guide. Also, please check out the rest of our FarmVille 2 guides as well that will help you with your farming game play.

What can Farm Hands Do

The Farmhands in FarmVille 2 can be extremely helpful if you want to speed up your FarmVille 2 money making and leveling process. Below are some of the tasks that FarmVille 2 farm hands can do for you when you activate them on your farms. The farmhands can do any of the 4 actions for you in Farmville 2. It should be noted that the farmhands can only do 1 of this action and cannot mix and match.

Harvest 4 mature crops.
Instantly grow 4 crops that have been watered.
Instantly bring 4 withered crops.
Add 5 units of power to Crafting Kitchen.

The best way for farmhands is Instant grow and Power Add for your craft kitchen if you are low in power.

How to Get FarmVille 2 Farmhands

You can get the FarmVille 2 farmhands 2 different ways. Ask from friends and pay FarmVille 2 Farm Cash directly.

To ask your Farmville 2 friends to become your farm hands, simply click on the haybale with the + sign and request help from your friends. Once they accept in their screen, you will have 8 hours to assign him or her a task on your own farm.

Another method is to make it easy and simply pay 5 CASH. However, this is a bad way to spend your Farmcash, because you can get the unwither and speed grow for less the cost of hiring farmhands with Farm Cash.

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