FarmVille 2 Basic Money and Currency Points Overview

FarmVille 2 is the latest farm building game. The game features multitudes of currency points and this guide will help you understand what these currencies and points are. If you have found this guide helpful, please check out the rest of our FarmVille 2 guides and share them with your online friends.

FarmVille 2 Gold Coins

The Gold Coins are the most basic currency of the game. You will need gold coins to purchase different crop and tree seeds, animals, and various buildings. You will earn coins when you sell your products in the Market Stand. The selling of the items are instant. The FarmVille 2 gold coins are also used to expand additional farming land slots. In short, your primary goal is to get as many gold coins as possible to purchase more items for your farm.

FarmVille 2 Level and EXP

Much like the original FarmVille, many of the actions that you do will give you some experience points. As you gather more FarmVille 2 experience points, you can level up your character which in turn unlcoks higher level crops, and unlock more farming plots and land area. It is essential for you to optimize your strategy to include faster leveling up in FarmVille 2 to ensure the proper growth and expansion of your FarmVille farm.

FarmVille 2 Feeds

FarmVille 2 feeds are used to feed your animals. Different animals require different amount of feeds. And the feeds can be made by tossing your crops or fruits into the feed mill. Typically speaking, the more advanced the crops, the more feeds that they make. The more advanced the animals, the more feeds that they require per feeding.

FarmVille 2 Water

Gone is the old days of Energy for each of the action. Now we have another form of action currency named Water. Water is needed to get the timer of your various FarmVille 2 crops and trees started. Because of such, it is essential to get the most out of your limited water supply in FarmVille 2. Most of the crops only cost 1 water to water but however most of the trees will take more than 1 water to do the watering process. It should be noted that you can get water through various methods such as Water Well, Friends requests, and friend gifts.

FarmVille 2 Fertilizer

The Fertilizer in Farmville 2 can be considered as an one time boosters to your crops. The FarmVille 2 Fertilizer does the following.

1. Bigger harvests for both crops and trees.
2. Chance to trigger prized crops which can be sold for more coins and earn more XP.

Because the fertilizer acts as a booster to your crops, it is to your best benefit to use it on your strongest and most advanced crops and trees. For example strawberries.

There are a couple of ways where you can obtain the FarmVille 2 fertilizers:

1. Get by random chance when feeding an FarmVille 2 animal.
2. Your friends who visit your farm can help you fertilize your plants or trees.
3. Click on the link feed published by your friends on your Facebook.
4. Gift sent from your FarmVille 2 friends.
5. Helper on your farm will sometimes leave a package of fertilizer when she has finished her job.
6. 5. Buy fertilizer at General Store using Farm Bucks.

The Various FarmVille Population Limits

This is a hidden number that are usually overlooked by FarmVille players. The limits are usually raised as you hit various levels and or expand farming plots. These FarmVille 2 populations limits will however hit a cap. Below are some of the limits that you will notice in FarmVille 2.

Crop Plot Limit
Numbers of Wells
Animal Population Limit
Water and Feeds Limit

FarmVille 2 Crafting Power Energy

The Craft Power meter is required when you want to craft various items in FarmVille 2. You start with 30 craft power and all of the crafting combinations in FarmVille 2 will use at least 1 or more craft power. As you advance further into the game, you will find that more advanced recipes will require more crafting power to make.

Ribbon Mastery Harvests

The Mastery system is another hidden value that is assigned to each of the crops that you can harvest and grow in the game. As you grow and harvest more FarmVille 2 crops, you can earn mastery points into them. The FarmVille 2 Mastery Star system unlocks after you reach level 7.

FarmVille 2 Farm Cash

This is the last currency that we want to discuss. The Farm Cash is the real money currency. You can purchase various in game premium items to make your farm stand out more from the others. In addition, most of the items such as coins, fertilizers, and more can all be purchased with Farm Cash. Only spend what you can afford in FarmVille 2 and do not put too much cash into it!

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