How to Kill All Boss Strategy| Zenonia 5

Boss Preparations
The Essential Invincible Skills
Kaz and Kazu
Graveyard Secret Boss


The different bosses in Zenonia 5 are the challenging part of the game. Finding out the movement and attack patterns of each boss is essential to beating the bosses. In this guide we will discuss the various boss’ attack and what you can do to help kill the bosses. We will first go over some of the different class strength and weaknesses, and we will help you to figure out the best method.

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Boss Preparations

In general, if you are having way too much trouble in killing the boss, it can usually be remedied in a few ways – grind a few more levels to get better stats and gears or plan out your skills in such a way that you can kill the bosses easily. If you cannot beat the bosses you can either suck it up to level more, or restart your character if you really screwed up your skill trees. All in all, your best bet is to play your character’s strengths and weaknesses depending on your class and build.

The Essential Invincible Skills

Depending on the bosses that you fight, you will need to know these essential skills for your character to have. These are the escape skills when you know that you are about to get hit. It is very important to time these skills right to avoid being damaged by the different bosses in the game. Without the proper use of these skills, you will never be able to kill the bosses and let alone finish the game.

Below are the best escape skills for you use during boss battles to avoid taking in damage.

Phantom Detonation and Spin Move

Shield Charge, Hammer of Silence, and Hammer of Justice

Mana Drain and Mental Break

Flash and Hide


Tania is the first boss in Zenonia 5 that is pretty easy to handle. However, her earth spikes attack can still be quite deadly if you are not careful. Tania is super easy if your a CON build, however you will have to dodge a bit if you are a damage dealing class with low HP.

You will need to have decent attack to be able to kill Tania.
Recommended Level: 10~15

Tania’s Attack Moves
Earth Spike Attack: The spike attack from Tania is deadly if you do not have decent defense. This attack can hit up to 5~6 times and can instantly kill you if you are not careful. However if you are a CON berserker or paladin with decent gears, this attack is a joke.

Summon Spider: Tania will summon a blue spider that you will face at a later time. This summon is pretty weak and they can be killed pretty easily. You should aim to kill them as early as possible. The buffed spiders from Tania can be quite deadly.

Spider Buff: After summoning the spider, Tania can buff her spiders to make them “bigger”. The bigger spiders have attack of about 300~400 and can quickly kill your characters regardless of your build.

Water Ball: Water ball is a skill that will trap you and deal some minor damage. The waterball by itself is pretty weak. However, Tania’s buffed spiders can kill you if you are trapped by the water.


You face the Haima boss at the Top of Volcano when you are finding Bronte. Haima is a fire boss that can deal massive damage against any non HP characters. Haima has a couple of moves that can instantly kill you. You will need to learn his movement patterns and time your attacks well to have a shot at defeating him. Like Tania, if your ATT is weak, you will have a long time of grinding to kill Haima.

Recommended Levels: 30~35

Haima’s Attack Moves
Homing Fire Missile: The homing fire missile is Haima’s standard attack. You can tank this attack if you are a tanking build.

5 Fire Ball: The fire ball is shot in a spreading pattern. You can dodge this attack while land a couple more hits. However, be careful when getting to close to Haima when he cast this skill. Getting hit by all 5 fireballs at the same time can kill you.

Teleport: This is a weak skill that does nothing. He teleports to a semi random location that will neither damage you or hurt you.

Phantom Fire Pillar: Haima turns into a fire pillar that has a high chance of burning damage. Be very careful when he starts shining and casting the skill. The pillar deals insane amount of damage under a short period of time. This move instantly kills any non HP characters such as Wizard or Mechanic.

Explosive Mob Summon: This move is one of the most deadly one of Haima. He will summon roughly 10~15 mobs that explode on contact. This move will kill your character instantly if you touch one of his summoned minions. Either dodge or use your invincible moves if you get cornered.

Kaz and Kazu

Kaz and Kazu are a boss stage where you have to fight two bosses in one. You meet with Kaz and Kazu on the Airship where they capture Lisa in your dream. Kaz is the bronze boss that deals close range attacks, Kazu is the blue boss that deals more ranged attacks. They are easily tanked if you are a tanky build when they are not super buffed.

The hardest part about Kuz and Kuzu is that because these two Zenonia 5 bosses have different skills and timing. They often end up moving at different speeds. You may be cornered if you are not careful. Getting hit by two of the bosses at the same time will typically mean death, even if either of these boss’ attacks are quite dodgeable.

Recommended Levels: 45~50

Both Bosses Skills
Both of these bosses will “turn big” after their HP drops below around 30%. At this stage, their attack value is doubled. During this stage, their attacks have the potential of one hit killing you. Avoid their buffed status by running around the stage.

Kazu Attacks
Earth Spike: This move is his standard attack. Similar to Tania’s attack, the earth spike can hit multiple times and kill you if you are not a tanky build. Simply pull a distancebetweenthem and cast skills from a far.

Energy Bomb: Kazu shoots out an energy bomb that expand on impact and by a distance. Again, avoid this attack as far away as possible.

Flying Drop: Kuz turns into a fireball and drop on a square close to you. You can dodge this attack pretty easily because there is a big time lag between skill casting and Kuz landing.

Frost Breath: The breath skill similar to Kaz’s. However, this skill can slow and freeze you and open you to other attacks.

Heal: When Kazu’s HP drops below roughly 50%, its likely to cast heal where it will have a blueish circle. During this stage it appears that both Kuzu and Kuz’s HP will be healed. You will need to hit Kuzu as fast as possible to interrupt the healing process.

Kuz Attacks
Punch Slam: The punch is Kuz’s standard attack. Simply dodge the attacks and pull your distance.

Flamethrower: Does flame thrower attack, this is simply dodged.

Fireball Body Hit: Kuz turns into a fireball and bumps into you. Like flying drop, the skill is typically pretty dodgeable.


Hades is the boss in Outland where you will meet Bronte. Depending on the class that you are using, this boss can either be pretty hard or pretty easy. If you have a tank build with decent damage, this boss should be a cake to kill. However, Hades can be a bit tricky for Mechanic and Wizards for them have lesser health. You will need to use the invincible skills to avoid taking damage from Hades.

Hades’ Attack Moves
1. Homing Fireball X3
This is Hades’ default attack move that is very simple to dodge. There is a time gap after he finishes this attack where you can land in some good damage.

2. Fire Pool
The Hades fire pool skill can be deadly to your character. If he manages to set it off, it can quickly kill your character or any of your summoned units such as decoys for the berserker, archangel for the paladin, etc. One way to counter this is to cast fast cooldown skills during this move.

3. Fire Tornado
The Fire Tornado will come after you and can quickly kill you too if you are not careful. The only way is to run around and dodge the attack.

4. Air Sweeping
The air sweeping activates when Hades flaps his wings and taking off the screen. When this happens, you will have to cast your invincible skills according to your class to avoid getting damage. It should be noted that Hades may also target your summoned units if you do have them on the field. Usually this skill will kill them off as well. Again this attack is devastating to low HP characters but can pretty much be ignored if you have decent defense.

5. Ranged Cross Attack
This skill is similar to Paladin’s Holy Cross skill. The cross can deal quite a punch while minimize and slowing. Avoid being damaged by this skill at all cost.


Being the last boss of the normal mode, Salvator is the strongest and you will take many deaths before you can kill him. Pure CON characters will have really hard time to deal damage to him. In general, you will need at least 4500 ATT to be able to kill him. The higher attack that you have, the faster that you can wear him down.

Recommended Levels: 90~100

Dark Earth Spike: Like most of the other bosses as Tania or Kuzu, this skill can deal multiple hits against your character. You can semi tank this skill as a CON player, however Super Buffed Salvator’s earth spike can kill anything on contact. Your clones or summoned units such as berserker decoy or archangel dies easily too.

Super Wrath Strike: This skill is similar to your Berserker’s wrath strike. However, Salvatore does it super. The range and area of his version is big and packs a punch. Getting hit by this skill means death. However, this attack is quite easy to dodge.

Self-Buff Super Salvatore: This self buff is the strongest skill of Salvatore. The super buff will heal Salvatore for about 7% for the duration of the skill. His attacks damage is doubled. His defense is also doubled. Under this buff, your best bet is to stay far far away from him. Any attack that lands on you will kill you, regardless of your build. Our pure CON Berserker could tank the buffed spike once, but because the earth spike typically hits twice, it means instant death.

Black Flash: The Black Flash deals about 3k damage and 17k critical when buffed with Super Salvatore. This AoE skill is less wide than Mechanic’s but wide enough to damage you most of the time. Your only counter is to use those invincible skills while Black Flash is being casted. Savaltore will cross his arms and shine before casting the skill. You have around 1 sec to pull the trigger on the invincible skill use to avoid damage.

Phantom Summon:
When Salvatore’s HP is around 30%, he can make a clone copy of you with the same attack, defense, and HP. The clones can deal a ton of damage because they are “you” after all. However, it also happens that you are really fragile when getting hit with all the skills and such. Your best bet is to kill your clones with your strongest skills as soon as they are summoned. The Phantom is deadly when coupled with Super Salvatore and his skills.

In addition, Salvatore can “buff” your clone to double his attack and defense. Super Clones can kill you quite easily. So again, take care of your clones as fast as possible with your strongest skills.

Graveyard Secret Boss

The Graveyard Secret Boss is accessible after you beat the game in normal mode. You can access to the secret boss from Hell mode. Like the mobs, the secret boss can deal extreme damage to you. You will have to be at the top of your game to have a shot at killing the secret boss in Graveyard.

Recommended Level: 109 with full gears

Secrete Boss Skills
Summoned Earth Spike: This spike attack will appear under where your character stands, you will need to constantly be on the move to avoid this attack.