Wings of Destiny Leveling Guide

Leveling up fast is the key to really own other players in browser games, it is the same for IGG’s wings of destiny. If you are familiar with these types of browser games. You probably already know some of they key points to leveling up fast. You should also check out our Wings of Destiny guides compilation filed in IGG game guides as well to help you in the game.

Quests are the Key

Before you do any monster grinding for experience points, always make sure that you complete all of the main quests first. After the main quests, you want to do the daily, side, and guild quests to make sure you get all those extra bonus experience points. The quest experiences in Wings of Destiny will make up the majority of your leveling speed.

Save Time to Kill More

Whenever you can or can afford, use wing tips to teleport to town and quest locations. By doing so, you will be able to save the wasted time that you spend walking. This will help you level up faster in the game.

Do Wings of Destiny Dungeon Runs + EXP Rune

Dungeons plus EXP rune will grant you great experience points. However, another option is that you can simply grind at a world map if your killing and exp efficiency is higher than if you are inside the dungeon. The EXP rune combination plus normal monster hunting can greatly enhance your leveling speed.

Claim Various EXP Rewards

In the game, there are various possible EXP rewards that can come from events or AFK. Make sure that you do not miss any one of them. These are the free experience rewards that help you level up in Wings of Destiny.


Events are also the best way to gain more experience points without bore yourself to death from grinding. By participating in all the Wings of Destiny events, you will both earn the EXP and gold for your gears and etc.

With the above tips, you will be able to get to higher level in no time. Well, leveling up still takes time but at least you will be doing so at a higher efficiency.

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