MarketLand Beginner’s FAQ Guide

When you first start in a new game, it can be hard to learn everything about it. However, Gamelytic has compiled a beginner’s guide faq to help you understand how the game mechanics work so that you can have a big shop as soon as possible in MarketLand. Please let us know if we have missed anything or if you have any questions about the game. Please check out the rest of our MarketLand guides list with other publisher’s game to see if we have any additional postings!

Understanding Your Customers

First of all, you can open or close your store by using the sign to the upper left of your screen. When the store is closed, you will not receive any customers. However you should avoid using this unless you really have major improvements within your store.

Angry Customers
Your Marketland customers can be angry when one of the following happens inside your store:

Product Based Reasons
1. No products on display
2. Products are out of their budget
3. One type of products

Placement Reasons:
1. Little Space to Move
2. Cannot Use Coin Op or Attractions
3. Cannot reach display
4. Cannot reach checkout
5. Store is dirty.

Based on these factors, your best bet is to get as many MarketLand displays inside your store, place them against the walls and expand your stores as often as your budget allows. Because the storage space of each display is pretty generous, your best bet is to restock as often as possible using the fastest restocking time – especially at the beginning of the game to keep your customers happy.

Understanding Basic MarketLand Items

Display: Needed for you to restock and sell items, more displays are unlocked as you level up.
Coin-Op Item: These coin machines help you earn even more money at the same time boost your luxury points.
Attractions: The Marketland Attractions will boost customer’s budgets. However, they each have their own activation time frame.

Inventory Spaces

Once you have an item inside the store, you can put them inside your inventory if you have run out of room. The inventory space in Marketland is unlimited. However it should be noted that for floor tile and wallpaper, they automatically go inside your inventory when you buy another to replace them.

Make Coins Faster

To make coins faster is easy yet can be time consuming if you do not know what you are doing. Your primary goals are as followed:

1. Complete the quests –
They will generate alot of starting capital when you are first starting.

2. Keep Displayed Full –
Use the lowest restocking time frame in the beginning for maybe 1~2 hours, this method will keep your shop full so that your customers will always buy something. As you purchase more Display shelf for your Marketland store, you will find that you do not have enough delivery trucks, this is when you will have to prioritize your shipment schedule.

3. Level Up Faster –
This goes hand in hand with keeping the display full. By leveling up fast, you will have additional display spaces as well as getting more delivery trucks.

4. Increase Customer’s Budget with Attractions –
Your customers all have their set of budget in MarketLand, your goal is to make them spend it all in your store. However, attractions can boost that customer’s budget so they spend even more money.

5. Make Your customer’s Happy –
Check the earlier segment about how to make your customer happy, happy customers in MarketLand will spend more to help you earn coins faster.

6. Collection Bonuses –
There are collections that give you coin rewards.

7. Visit Friends for Coin bonus –
This method of making coins can be pretty slow but they do add up.

8. Take Advantage of Marketland Mastery Star Boost –
As you order and sell more items, you can earn mastery which give you additional perks to make coins faster. These include lower cost, increase quantity shipped, and lastly boost your XP%.

9. Luxury Boost –
Upgrade your shop with additional luxury items. This will raise your customer’s overall budget for you to make more coins by selling more.

10. Coin-Op –
Have a couple of these inside your store to boost your money generation capability.

11. Card Boosters –
There are a couple of cards in the game to help you make more money.

Shopper Card – Boost budget by 3x, 1 card per customer. You mainly earn shopper card through friend feeds.
Quick Delivery Card – Reduce delivery time by 1 hour. You can get them by sharing your feeds or visit your friends. You also earn 5 cards per level up.
Product Card – The product card has 4 uses, we will go over each one of them.
1. Mass delivery when dragged to display (The best use)
2. Product insurance to avoid damage. (Worst Use)
3. Renew damaged product.(Ok Use)
4. Upgrade stock room capacity. (Not necessary in most cases)

For product cards, you can get 5 at each level and a chance to win them during friend visits.

12. Use Campaigns – The campaigns use your shopper cards to boost your customer’s budget in MarketLand.

Shipment Delivery Time and Damage

You need to put the delivered items onto your display as soon as you can. If you wait the time it takes to deliver – they will get damaged.