Wartune Level Up Guide

Leveling up in Wartune can be hard if you do not know what you are doing. In this guide, we will go through all the details to help you level up faster. This guide is more geared toward beginners who are looking for a summary for the best practices. If you are advanced you may find this post not so helpful. Please check out the rest of our Wartune guides however if you have found this guide to be of use to you.

Complete Wartune Quests

The various quests are the best way to get experience points in Wartune. Make sure you use your Stamina to complete your campaign quests. Go through all the daily quests that are available for you. And lastly do not forget to do the Wartune Bounty quests. By putting your focus with the quests, you should find yourself leveling 1~2 levels a day.

I want to put a focus on the Wartune Bounty quest because you should aim to get orange Bounty quests. Bounty quests are fairly easy to accomplish in Wartune. A single Orange Bounty quest worth 4 times exp than the regular white one.


When you have unlocked the Forgotten Catacombs at level 23, you should start challenging the Wartune Forgotten Catacomb as much as possible. You can simply turn on the AFK mode and let your Hero run the Crypt starting from level 1. The Catacomb in Wartune is a great source of getting Wartune Gems.

Farming for EXP

Wartune Farming is a great source of EXP for leveling up. However, there are better things to use your farming spaces on such as Daru and Gold in Wartune. So, focus your Wartune farming on other things instead of getting EXP.

EXP Scrolls for EXP Boost

Use the EXP scrolls that you earn from various draws to increase your leveling speed. The EXP scrolls in Wartune will affect the percentage of bonus Experience points that you earn for leveling up.

Normal Fighting for Experience Points

Most of the fights that you do in Wartune will net you some small amount of Experience points. To get constant flow of Wartune experience points, you can consider fighting random monsters or treasure cache on the world map. These normal fights are good stream of EXP when you run out of things to do in Wartune. In addition, the monsters that you fight in Wartune campaigns will also earn leveling experience points for you.

Arena Fights in Wartune

You will earn some experience points when you do the solo arena PvP. You will be able to earn a little EXP as a part of the reward, as well as a draw for some decent items. Make sure that you complete all 20 fights of Solo PvP in Wartune.

By following and doing all of the above mentioned items in Wartune leveling, you will be able to achieve your maximum leveling speed. However, you should also consider your Wartune Gold and Troops Daru for more effective Wartune battling and leveling experience.

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