Social Empire Complete Dragon Guide

Dragons are one of the strongest units in the game that are useful for the tournament strategy in Social Empire. In this guide, we will provide some insights to the various dragons that you can get in Social Empire. Please share this guide with your Facebook and Social Empire friends if you found found the guide useful, and check out the rest of our Social Empire guides.

The Social Empire Dragon Breeding Nest

The Dragon Breeding Nest is important for you to obtain the various lower level dragons in Social Empire. You will have to rank up your Dragon Breeding Nests before you can build and unlock additional Social Empire dragons. To rank up your Social Empire Dragon Nest, you will have to breed 10 dragons each waiting for 6 hours. You can also speed up the training time using Cash. It costs 3 cash to speed up the Draggy and 15 Cash for a dragon.

Rank 1: Red Draggy
Rank 2: Furious Dragon
Rank 3: Lightning Draggy
Rank 4: Stormy Dragon
Rank 5: Green Draggy
Rank 6: Sayan Dragon

Golden Bahamut and Red Bahamut Dragon

The Golden Bahamut Dragon and the Red Bahamut dragons are one of the Bahamut Dragons. These two Social Empire Dragons can be obtained from either a collection or from a purchase with real Cash along with the Red Bahamut Dragon. Once in a while you can purchase additional Social Empire Golden Bahamut and Red Bahamut with money offers.

For the collections consists of Golden Gem, Golden Scales, Golden Dragon Nail, Golden Feathers, and Golden Horns. The best places are the isle maps and Social Empires god maps that you can easily kill without losing too many units on. You can also consider to farm them from your treasure mine. It appears that 3 star isles have slightly higher dropping rate. The bottom line is that you should aim for isle maps which takes the least time and least casualty for you to complete.

The Social Empire Supreme Bahamut Dragon

The Social Empire Bahamut Dragon is one of the most powerful dragon in the game. It can be obtained after you have the Supreme Bahamut Dragon Temple. You will have to complete the following steps and wait 2 days for each step.

1. Offer 100k (100,000) Gold
2. Offer 100k (100,000) Wood
3. Offer 100k (100,000) Food
4. Offer 100k (100,000) Stone
5. Offer 50 Mana
6. Offer 50 Cash
7. Sacrifice the Furious Dragon
(Obtained from Social Empire Dragon Breeding Nest)
8. Sacrifice the Stormy Dragon
(Obtained from Social Empire Dragon Breeding Nest)
9. Sacrifice the Sayan Dragon
(Obtained from Social Empire Dragon Breeding Nest)
10. Sacrifice the Golden Bahamut Dragon
(Obtained Via Cash or Collection)
11. Sacrifice the Red Bahamut Dragon
(Obtained Via Cash or Collection)
12. Sacrifice the Bahamut Heart
(Obtained Via Cash or Collection)

Sky Bahamut Dragon

The Sky Bahamut dragon in Social empire is a cash only dragon.