True Skate Game Play Tips and Guides

True Skate is an awesome skating simulation on the Iphone. With True Skate, you are the skate that can perform various tricks in the game. In this guide, we will go over some of the tricks and game play guides to help you master the game and perform all of the tricks. Please let us know if we have missed anything and please share this guide with your online friends if you have found it helpful. Please take a look at our Mobile game guides compilation for many other Iphone and Ipad games.

Basic Game Play Tips

The game is like an extreme skate simulation, it is designed to be hard so you should practice more to pull off all the tricks.

Timing and Speed is really key to pull off some of these tricks in True Skate, below are some of the tips that will help you with your game play:

Control your ollie height
swipe down lighter or harder on the tail.

Land on grind rail
Press down the board as early as possible to push it down on the rail.

Automatically pump on Transition
Hold your finger down

All About control
Be gentle and to the point when you are dealing with swipes and slides. This is especially useful for the smaller tricks, as well as the harder tricks that take multiple swipes and combinations to complete.

Full Speed
Swiping harder and crazy will not get you at full speed faster. Test out the best amount of swipes to help you at full speed so you do not tire yourself out.

Missions Medals and Accuracy Rating Requirements

Although getting through the True Skate missions are fairly easy, obtaining the medals are not easy feat. Below is the accuracy rating requirement for the different mission medals in the game. Because it requires 100% to achieve gold, it is best for you to learn how to perfect each of the tricks before attempting for the gold.

70% = Bronze
85% = Silver
100% = Gold

True Skate Achievement List

1. Skateboard License – 20 pts
All tutorials completed

2. Kickflip – 20 pts
Done 10 kickflips in a row

3. Shove-it – 20 pts
Done 50 pop shove-it’s in a row

4. Grinder – 20 pts
Accumulated 100 meters of grinds

5. Long Jump – 20 pts
Done a very long jump

6. Big Score – 20 pts
Scored over 1000 points in one trick

7. Trick Master – 40 pts
Filled the trick book with 30 different tricks

True Skate Complete Tricks List

Here is a list of all the available tricks during gameplay:

Easy Tricks:

Kick Flip
Heel Flip
Pop Shove-it
FS Pop Shove-it
Standard Tricks:
Double Kick Flip
Double Heel Flip
Hard Flip
Varial Kick Flip
Varial Heel Flip
360 Pop Shove-it
360 FS Pop Shove-it
Backside 180
Frontside 180

Medium Tricks:

Triple Kick Flip
Triple Heel Flip
Backside 360
Inward Heel Flip
Double Hard Flip
Varial Double Heel Flip
360 Flip

Hard Tricks:

Inward Double Heel Flip
Triple Hard Flip
360 Hard Flip
360 Inward Heel Flip
Varial Triple Kick Flip
Varial Triple Heel Flip
360 Double Flip
Laser Flip

Hardcore Tricks:

Inward Triple Heel Flip
360 Double Hard Flip
360 Inward Double Heel Flip
360 Triple Flip
Double Laser Flip
Extreme Tricks:
360 Inward Triple Heel Flip
Quad Flip
360 Triple Hard Flip
Nightmare Flip
Triple Laser Flip

Impossible Tricks:


Flip the board really hard with the downward and immediately press up.

Grinds List

Easy Grinds:

Lazy Grind
Board Slide
Rail Slide

Medium Grinds:

Nose Slide
Tail Slide
Feeble Grind
5 0 Grind

Hard Grinds:

Suski Grind
Smith Grind
Salad Grind
Crooked Grind
50 50 Grind
Nose Grind

Extreme Grinds:

Losi Grind

Impossible Grinds: