Top Guide to Best Player in C&C Tiberium Alliance

Resource Planning and Resource Chain Bonuses
Repair Time Optimization
Self Alert Strategies


Depending on your goal in the game of Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliance, you may have different tactics and strategy to become one of the best and top players in the game. This guide will touch upon the different areas of the game that you can improve, by able to do all of the tips and points mentioned below, you will have greater chance of success to be the best in C&C Tiberium Alliance. If you have found this guide helpful, please check out our other Tiberium Alliance Guides.

Resource Planning and Resource Chain Bonuses

To be good at Tiberium Alliance, you first have to master the build of your own bases to achieve maximum Tiberium resource gain. Make sure that you have placed buildings so that they provide production buffs to one another. Upgrade all of your production buildings to maximize resource returns. Without a strong base as your resource production backup, you will not able to upgrade your units stronger and upgrade your other buildings. Look into different strategies and positions to place your buildings such as Tiberium and Crystal harvesters, power plants, etc.

Collecting Bonus Resources

Play often to collect the bonus resources that your resource buildings produce. At the beginning stage it takes a little more work because you need to constantly collect the bonuses. However, as you upgrade your buildings further, your bonus collection time will have great time jumps. However, you should play often to collect those bonus resource whenever they become available. The Tiberium Alliance bonus resources can prove to be helpful in pushing you over the top with other great best players in C&C Tiberium Alliance.

Excel Combat Strategies

PvP is an integral part of them, spend the time to study the different unit and combat behaviors. Observe their speed and apply various tactics and strategies. You want to be able to constantly attack Forgotten bases and other players to further your own growth. By optimizing your battle strategies, you will be able to advance through the Tiberium Alliance ranks faster to rise among the top. You can take a look at the basic battle guide, and some advanced combat tactics to improve your game play in Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliance.

PvP and Death Basic

PvP is a major part of the game in Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliance, this guide will help you to understand the different aspects of PvP game play as well as what happens when you or your opponents die. If you have found this guide helpful, be sure to check out my complete list of Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliance guides.

PvP Basic
PvP is one of the main focal point in Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliance. The PvP battling aspect is pretty much the same as fighting the Forgotten. The basic combat strategy guide can be found. You will do C&C Tiberium Alliance PvP for territory, gain resources, and for fun, glory, and fame.

Start the PvP Attack
To start a PvP fight with another C&C Tiberium Alliance Player, simply click on their base on the world map. A menu should pop out and you can just click the Attack Base Button. Once you commence the PvP fight, you can line up your battle units and send them off to attack the defenses and the base.

Tiberium Alliance PvP Rewards
When you defeat a player in PvP, you will gain rewards. What happens to them is that their game base will turn into ruin and will have to relocate (see the death section). You will gain control of their territory for 24 hours. After the 24 hours defeat period, the territory is divided amongst the closest bases. You will receive the resources when you destroy the Construction Yard.

It should be noted that you do not receive credits or power from attacking and destroying other player Tiberium alliance bases. However, you do gain research points that can be used toward upgrading your C&C TA research.

Alliance and Strategic Benefits
Some advance PvP strategy involves attacking and defending with your fellow Alliance members or with neighbors. Because some bases are defended well and it’s more beneficial for coordinated attacks to destroy enemy bases. Take advantage of the various alliance benefits to help you fight more effectively in Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliance PvP.

Death and Annihilation in Tiberium Alliance PvP
How do You Die
You die in the game of Tiberium Alliance when your Construction Yard is destroyed. Therefore you must defend your Construction Yard well above every other buildings. The position and location of all of your resources and buildings stay the same.

What Happens when You Die
When your construction yard is destroyed and die in game, you will lose all of your resources in game and you must relocate your base. However, you will keep the upgraded level of all of your C&C Tiberium Alliance buildings. With the ability to relocate after your base dies, you should try to move away from your attacker as far as possible and close as possible to your other alliance members.

Tips to Avoid Death and Minimize Loss
Fight Your Way Out of Death
When you are under heavy fire and attacks, try your best to fight your way out of death. You can 1. Repair your base constantly. 2. Attack Back. 3. Move away from them.

Resource Transfer
When you know that your C&C Tiberium Alliance base is going to be destroyed, if you have two bases available, you can transfer all of your resources to another safe base. By transferring your resources from a dying base, you can save all of those resources from being looted with the cost of credits. You will also leave your attack empty handed for destroying your base.

Repair Time Optimization

Repair time is an important factor in the game in the battle for world domination for Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliance. This guide will help you understand how to optimize and speed up your repair time. Repair is a hidden cost that must be optimized for you to advance faster and easier in game. If you have found this tip and guide helpful, please share them with your allies and friends, also check out my great guides for Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliance.

By utilizing all of these strategies, you will be able to save repair costs as well as achieving optimized minimum repair time to fix all of your units.

Upgrading Your Units to Lower Repair Time
The thought behind upgrading your combat units to lower the repair time is fairly simple. Upgrading your battle units in Tiberium Alliance can improve their damage. The improve damage output can kill enemies faster and more effectively, which in turn lowers the damage that your units take. Thus, by upgrading your units consistently across the board, you will be able to lower your overall repair time.

Combat Strategy and Repair Time
You need to apply combat strategies to maximize the damage output and damage intake of your units. Make sure that your army units are matched against equal or lesser opposing units in their lane. This method will be able to decrease the repair time that you need once the battle is completed. Losing all of your army means that you will have to repair every unit and these repairs will take up the most time possible.

Upgrading Barracks, Factory, and Airfield
By upgrading these combat unit buildings in Command and Conqure Tiberium Alliance, you will be able to lower the repair time required for their corresponding units. Upgrading barracks can lower the repair time of your infantry, factory to lower the repair time of your vehicles, and lastly airfield to lower the repair time of your aircrafts.

Overpower Tiberium Alliance Enemy Defenses
Consider adding full units to your army so that they completely overpower the enemy. By enabling your army to totally overrun the enemy base, your units will suffer the least damage and thus reduce your repair cost and time spent.

Mix and Match Army Types to Achieve Overlapped Repair Efficiency
Your army buildings have different queues to repair the damaged units. This means that when you mix and match your unit types, you can effectively repair all of the at the same time. The “actual” repair time needed is to repair your most damaged units. This means that you can optimize your repair time only when you have a mix of infantry, vehicle, and aircrafts. You would spend more time to repair all of your units if you only have one specific unit type.

You should always use a mix of all the units available so that you can maximize the repairing efficiency that all the different army buildings can offer you. The only downfall is that this strategy will require more buildings in your base.

Start additional Tiberium Alliance Bases
You can effectively “double” your repair time poo by having a second base. With second base available at your disposal, you can train double the combat units and repair the units in both of your operating C&C Tiberium Alliance bases. This is achieved because the repair time is not shared between bases, they function completely independent of their own.

Repair Time Efficiency Boost by Not “Repair All”
Another way to improve your efficiency is to try to note how Repair All function works. You may be better off if you focus your repair points with 2 of the armies instead of all three types. This is because by having 100% of your health for combat units is more effective than having 60% of all of your units in Tiberium Alliance combat. The button is only good if you have enough resources to fully repair all of your Tiberium Alliance battle forces.

Take Advantage of Supply Crates from Camps and Bases

Attack Forgotten camps with your Command Points whenever you have them. Pick up the useful bonus supply crates that the Forgotten Camps offer. These bonus supply crates can help you advance faster in game by providing valuable resources such as tiberium, crystal, and command points.

Farm Other Players

When possible, farm other players to gather their resources. Look out especially for players that seem inactive for a while, these players will offer you the best resources gain because they will have let their camps sit for a while. By attacking other players in a PvP setting, you are set out to earn more research points and their resources. Farm other players especially if you know that you won’t be counter attacked. Getting resources this method is key to become the best players in Tiberium alliance.

Research Wisely

The research tree in Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliance is an important aspect of the game to let you unlock more units. Below is a basic guide and walkthrough on how you can take advantage of the Tiberium Alliance research system.

Research and Resources
To conduct research in game, you mainly need two resources: These two resources are Credit and Research Points. You can obtain Credits through refineries, raiding other people’s camps, or purchase them.

For the research points, the only way for you to obtain the research points is through raiding other people’s bases. You cannot produce the research points nor purchase them. You have to get them through constant combat. You can get more research points by taking out higher defended bases. Meaning that the more units are defending one specific base, the more research points that you will get. However, by defeating the construction yard, you will obtain the full amount of research points as if you destroyed all the defending units.

Research Strategy and Progression
Depending on where you are in the game, and your neighbor’s tactics, you may want to take on different paths of research. However, your first two unlocks should be defense which are predators and pitbulls to stop enemy advances once your beginner shield protection drops.

Diplomatic Strategies and Attacks

Start alliances with your fellow neighbors to avoid being farmed by stronger players. Without a network of alliance support, it is hard to become the best in the game. Try to be diplomatic and join strong groups of players. By being a part of a strong alliance, you will be able to defend yourself and other alliance members better. Form diplomatic strategies and relationships is key to save your resources to the highest ranks of Tiberium Alliance players.

Coordinated Attacks with Friends

At higher levels, you would need multiple waves to take down Forgotten camps or other player bases. Thus, it may prove beneficial if you can coordinate attacks with other people. With coordinated attacks, you can ensure the attacks will not be interrupted and you can gather the resources as fast as possible. Coordinated attacks ensure victory against enemy camps and bases, and you can prevent other players from reacting to your attacks.

Pay Money for Power and Resources

Lastly, you can always pay funds to purchase resources and other buffs in game. These pay for power strategy will most likely ensure you stay ahead of the curve than other players. Although you should always spend within your means and not pay what you cannot afford.

Forgotten Camps

Battling the Forgotten Camps in Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliance is an integral part of the game, it provides the PvE part of the game instead of the Tiberium Alliance Player versus Player.

Spawn Level Factor
The level of the forgotten camps is based on several factors. These factors include the levels of your building, and your past fighting results. However, it has an emphasis on the level of your Command Center. You will be able to spawn higher level Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliance Forgotten Camps and Outposts when you have upgraded a higher level Command Center.

Because of such, if you have focused on upgrading your command center early in the game, you will be able to take advantage of raiding stronger camps early on. When planning your base building strategy, you should take this into account and not over-upgrade your buildings which may ultimately slow you down. This is possible because raiding for resources will tend to yield better resource production, except power which cannot be looted.

In addition, the reverse can also be true, be careful not to over upgrade your command center because you may spawn camps that are too high level and hard for you to handle. As a last note, because once you kill camps and they respawn, they will “level up” based on your Command Center levels as such.

Actual Forgotten Camp Spawn Levels
Up until CC level 11 you get 1 camp at the level your Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliance Command Center is on.
At Command Center level 12+ you get 2 camps randomly around +-2 of your CC. One blue line and one green line of camps.
If you change your CC level it will adjust the camplevels when they spawn the next time, which could take hours depending on their respawn timing and the activities in your area.

How to Get More Forgotten Camp Spawns
The forgotten camps of different levels spawn and despawn throughout the game play day. To increase your choices of raiding targets and choices, head towards the forgotten tunnel exits where the camps are more dense together.

Lower Forgotten Camp Levels
Sometimes you will see old bases of lower level players that have left around you, these based could be the ones that you or the people around you that have not attacked.

How to Tell if You or Your Friends Triggered the Forgotten Camps
You can tell whether or not the levels of the camps were triggered by you, by noticing the bonus supply crates. Only the Forgotten Camps that are triggered by you will have the bonus supply crates available. The supply crates bonus are linked to the player, so you may only be able to see the existence of them on your own account, whereas you will see different bonus supply crates locations than your friends and allies.

Plan Self Destruction

This C&C Command and Conquer strategy is sneaky yet effective. In most situations this can be deemed as an exploit and cheat in the game to get effects unintended in Tiberium Alliance. In this guide, we will go over why asking your allies or friends to destroy your own C&C Tiberium Alliance base can be beneficial to you. If you have found this guide useful, please check out our other Tiberium Alliance guides.

How to Plan Self Destruction
Coordinate ahead of time with alliance members and friends in the game. Arrange your own base defenses in such as way your friends can destroy your base easily. By putting away your defenses intentionally, your planned attacker can destroy your own base completely without any loss.

Skip Tibeirum Alliance Base Relocation Cooldown
There is cooldown when you relocate or attack another base. However, you can immediately relocate your Tiberium Alliance base when you base is destroyed in the game. This concept creates a hole or exploit that you can create an strategy around it. This ability can be used when you want to move and relocate your base at will even when you are under cooldown. For example, if a friend has cleared some space near a POI, but everyone is in cooldown and no one can move a base to capture it. You can simply get somebody to kill your base, so you can get a free move onto the POI more quickly.

Keeping POI Within Alliance
At this point in game, you can attack your own allies and hold claim over the territories that you destroy. When you destroy an allie’s base near you and POI, you can effectively hold the area for 24 hours because destroyed base ruins are considered as your territory. However, the exact claimed territory land area calculation is hugely based on where the bases are, and what level they are. It should be noted that higher level Tiberium Alliance bases have stronger claims on territories. If you can execute this strategy perfectly, you can hold control over your Tiberium Alliance POI‘s indefinitely.

Self Alert Strategies

The ability to alert bases with the defensive help of support weapon can be made into an exploit strategy in Tiberium Alliance. If you have found this tip helpful, please check out our other C&C Tiberium Alliance guides.

How to Self-Alert
You can self alert your bases by having either alliance members or friends attacking you. When your bases get attacked by units as little as 1 infantry. 1 Infantry should actually only be used to minimize the Tiberium Alliance repair time. All support weapons will start calibrating on all the alerted bases. However, the time it takes all the support weapons calibrate on each base depends on how far they are from each base.

Why Self Alert and Support Weapon
When an enemy tries to attack you when your alliance is fully alerted, they will be fired upon by all the support weapons. If you have enough and high level support weapons, your support weapon defense can effectively eliminate enemies. This cheat strategy makes you near invincible in defense for 12 hours.

Alliance Alert Implementation Tip
All alliances should designate one or two members “alerters” during a war. The alerters will have to update the alert state once every 12 hours to send out dummy 1 infantry attacks to everyone in the alliance.

An extended strategy is to plan the complete Tiberium Alliance alert status after a major attack. Major attacks include mass base attack, first hits, and POI takeovers. Once you have done the attacks firsthand, you can then start your self alert defense with support weapon strategy. With the strategy enabled, your entire alliance will have near invincible defenses. So you will win the war against those that do not use this strategy.

Basic Resource Information

Tiberium is one of the basic resource that is required in basic construction as well as upgrade of the various buildings. To increase the production of Tiberium, you can upgrade your harvester and silo levels. It should be noted that by placing the silos next to the harvesters.

Crystal, similar to Tiberium is one of the basic resource that is required in basic construction as well as upgrade of the various buildings. To increase the production of Crystals, you can upgrade your harvester and silo levels. It should be noted that by placing the silos next to the harvesters.

Credit is the monetary currency in C&C Tiberium alliances, with credit, you can conduct the various research required to unlock additional units. To get more credit through your base production, you can upgrade the Refinery, in addition, the Powerplant acts as a resource boost to your credit earned in the base.

The power is a resources needed to upgrade the majority of the buildings after a couple of levels. To earn power, you will have to build power plants, in addition, accumulators can increase your power production by offering a boost. You can increase the resource production by upgrading the building chain of powerplants or accumulators. It should be noted that power cannot be raided and will have to be produced in your own base.

Raiding and Looting for Resources
As a strategic MMO, you can raid other people’s bases for the various tiberium, crsytal, and credit. Raiding is one of the best way to earn those resources fast because you will be able to farm the active and inactive players alike.

Research Points as Resource
Research points is essential for you to progress in the game of Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliance. You can earn research points by defeating defensive units in enemy camps. The research points are necessary to advance and conduct researches to unlock additional C&C Tiberium alliance units.

C&C Tiberium Alliance Funds
The funds in C&C Tiberium alliance is the cash equivalent currency of the game. With funds in game, you can purchase the various resources directly as well receiving various perks.

Player Score and Ranking Information

Ranking is an important metric in C&C Tiberium Alliance. This will will give you a basic overview of how player scoring and ranks work in C&C Tiberium Alliance. If you have found this guide helpful, please share this guide with your gaming friends and alliance members.

Player Score and Rank Overview
The player score in C&C: Tiberium Alliance is calculated by adding up all of the individual base scores under the player’s control. Thus, to have an easier time of boosting your player score, you should build up your bases evenly so both of the bases can contribute to the overall value of your player score. The ranks in Tiberium Alliance is determined based upon the entire player base and how your score stacks up against them. Thus, depending on when you enter the server, you will have different ranks with different scores, based on the progress of other players in the specific server.

It should be noted that the player base distance to the center, alliance, or any where on the map, has no effect on the score or rank in Tiberium Alliance. Other non-effect factors include PvE and PvP battles results, and the location of any AI outposts, camps, and bases.
The only thing that effects your player score is the level of your own bases and units. As for ranks, they require approximately double point requirement per level.

Tiberium Alliance Base Score Calculation
The base score is a little more complicated than the player score, however it is basically the sum of your building, defense, and offense. Different buildings and military units all have different base scores. However, in general the higher and more advanced units have base starting score. When a unit or building levels up with upgrades, it will add 20% to its base point value, this makes upgrading highest level units attractive because they will offer extra score and potential ranking gain.

Better and more advance units start with better scores (which balances out because they also require more resources to upgrade). For example, a level 1 mammoth will weigh more in scores compared to a level 1 rifleman.

Score Multiplier
In the scoring calculation, buildings have a weight of 2x or 3x, offense units have 2x, and defense score has 1x of the multiplier. This means that Defense units have the lowest scoring potential for you to rank.

Alliance Score and Rank Calculation
The alliance score is calculated by top 40 players as well taking into consideration of the total score. This means that aside from having a big alliance, you also want to have a strong handful of 40 players to achieve top score and rank. However, the Tiberium Alliance ranking for the alliance is only based on the total score from the top 40 members. This results in top rank alliance having lower score than some of its peers on the leader board.

Team and Alliances

Right now there are two officer ranks available in Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliance, the main two ranks are commander-in-chief and second in command. You can also setup other ranks and assign various tasks to your alliance members in game. Below are some of their abilities:

Forum Functions
The commander in chief can deal with anything forum related, this include:
Moderate inter-clan and alliance forums.
Create, rename, and delete alliance sub-forums.
Assign forum ticker updates for alliance members.
Access shared forums.

Membership Functions
Invite and Withdraw alliance invitations to any player.
Kick any alliance members.
Edit Rights.
Promote or Demote members to any rank.

Gameplay Related Functions
Edit Announcements and alliance description.
View Shared battle reports.
Track all outgoing attacks from the alliance.
Setup Diplomacy relationships with other alliances.

The second-in-command alliance rank officers can do everything that the leader of the alliance can do. However, the only limitation is that they cannot remove the guild clan leader, nor appoint or remove any other Second-in-Commands.

Alliance Diplomacy and Relationship
Relationship Color Codes
Allied (green), NAP (white), and Enemies (red). Neutral (no diplomatic relations) bases are outlined in orange.

POI Information

The “Points of Interest” (short for POI) are special structures spreaded over the whole map. They grant your alliance special rewards if they are in your alliance territory. By having control of the POI with the alliance territory, the entire member of the alliance will gain special boosts based on the different Point of Interests. It should be noted that there is no POI to boost credit production with this update.

At this time, only the Tunnel is active and the rest is not at the time of writing this Tiberium Alliance POI guide.

There are a few concepts that should be noted about this new Point of Interest update. All of the effects from POI get stronger as they get close to the 500:500. You can currently move next to a Bonus POI. And lastly the bonuses are determined by the territory border of your alliance.

Bonus POI Effect Explained
We will go over how the boost bonus from POI works with this Tiberium Alliance update. Every boost that you will obtain from the different POI is cumulative and is based on the level of the Point of Interest. However, because the bonus effect is also based upon how close the POI is to the center, they can have small variances between the upgrades. This means that different Level point of interests may actually offer slightly different boost with scale to distance.

The Point of Interest boost will affect all of the bases within the alliance, regardless of where they are. This means that the individual base can receive all of the boosts offered even if the individual is far away from rest of the alliance members.

Point of Interest Rank Bonus
Depending on the type of Point of Interest that your alliance can hold, the game grants additional bonus multiplier if you hold enough of the same type of Point of Interest. This can further boost the bonus power factor of the point of interest if an alliance go after a certain boost. By joining a strong alliance, you will become even stronger in Tiberium Alliance with all the boosts. The Point of Interest rank multiplier starts at 100% bonus at rank 1, 90% at rank 2, and scales down to 1% for rank 40. Because of the vast different between different ranking bonus, it is essential to rank within the top 10 in POI control for maximum boost.

Tibrium Alliance Point of Interest List
In this section of our C&C Tiberium Alliance guide, we will go over the different types of POI made available with this update. We have divided them into major categories such as Resource, Offense, and Defense POI’s. The Offense and Defensive Point of Interests can increase the combat ability of your various Tiberium Alliance units.

Tiberium Alliance Resource Point of Interest
All resource related Point of Interest offers additional fixed bonus income per hour.
Crystal Control Network Hub: Additional fixed crystal income per hour
Tiberium Control Network Hub: Additional fixed tiberium income per hour
Reactor: Additional fixed power production per hour

Tiberium Alliance Attack POI

Uranium Compound: Increases the damage inflicted of any attacking infantry unit.
Tungsten Compound: Increases the damage inflicted of any attacking vehicle.
Aircraft Guidance Network tower: Increases the damage inflicted of any attacking aircraft unit.

Tiberium Alliance Defensive POI
Resonator Network Tower: Increases the durability of all defending units.

Tiberium Alliance MISC Point of Interest
Tunnel: Spawns Forgotten Outpost
Outpost Level is -1 to +3 of your base’s Offensive Level, The tunnel is activated by having an offensive level -3 or better the level of the tunnel


Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliance is a deep game with great strategy and game play, you need to be multifacet to really master the game and become the best. Hope this walkthrough guide has helped your quest for the top. Good luck in game.


Top Guide to Best Player in C&C Tiberium Alliance — 8 Comments

  1. ka on said:

    wow… you say best player, but have only tips a novice would not already know or have figured out.

  2. javier on said:

    Vaya guía mas mala.

  3. Quiet4Now on said:

    I’ve noticed this on 2 worlds, so I’m going to assume it is this way on many of the worlds. The top rank clan didn’t get there through hard work. There is an external combat optimizer that is only passed around through the longest and most trusted of the top clan. Just because your in the clan, doesn’t mean you will get the info for it. I had only found out about this because I smurfed into a teamspeak server that one of these top alliances use. I heard discussion about it after the last patch one person was asking if the optimizer still worked. When I started recording what was being said in the channel I was banned. Unfortunatley I didn’t get any recording proof that this convo took place.

    • Brian on said:

      The optimizer is freely available to everyone. The one I use is for Chrome and is called the CnC TA Script Collection. You can get extensions for any browser. Google it. Install in. Have fun.

  4. Joel - Jaspel89 on said:

    This guide is helpful. I have over played red alert 3 to no end and all the tiberium games. I was unaware of this new browser game. I was looking forward to Generals 2 and now am considered if the same fans will want to play frost bite. I am worried that fans of C&C will lose interest and be disappointed much like the C&C4 flop. This change in game play style may remove possible tournaments and actual real regional completions. So far I am liking tiberian alliances with this new game play. I am personally frustrated by being so far behind. Also I’m wondering if of the tech support and if there will be updates to keep the interest of the tiberium alliances’s players. I was wondering the legitimacy of the buying real money for credits in the market. I noticed that it is not a secure site for credit card information. Also there is an option to earn credits by filling out surveys and I was wondering feedback of players who have done the surveys.

  5. Jason Welch on said:

    I am having trouble repairing my army after I attack someone. How do I fix that?

    • Formermarine9702 on said:

      If your running out of repair time before you run out of command points then the level of your structure may have fallen behind the level of the units it provides IE your hand of nod is lower level than your rocket squad level. Or your factory level is lower than your warhog level. By letting the unit lvl get ahead of the structure level, it will take more repair time to fix up your units.

    • Anonymous on said:

      It might also be a shortage of crystal. That can be corrected by increasing production; at first by using harvesters, or getting lucky with crystal packages.. later by grabbing a crystal POI.

      To determine why you cannot repair, check the repair all info on the unit screen.
      – go to the unit-only screen, where you can upgrade or buy units.
      – when they are damaged, click the “fix / repair” button, so all units with damage have the yellow tool above them.
      – now, instead of clicking Repair ALL.. hover your pointer over that “Repair all” button. It may take a few seconds, but that will give you statistics on how much repair time & how many crystal it will take to repair your units. IT even breaks it down by class.. stats for infantry, stats for vehicles, and for air.

      The numbers in red show where you are short.
      If time, then you need to level up your building (Barracks for infantry).
      If crystal, you need to increase the level of your harvesters and / or your silos. Remember you can only collect crystal and tiberium as long as you have storage space to put it.

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