Tiny Castle Complete Breed Summoning Guide

It is important to be able to summon and breed all the different monsters and creatures in Tiny Castle. Gamelytic has compiled together an easy to read and follow creature breeding list for your Tiny Castle game play. Please share this guide with your friends if you have found it useful.

Please note that any of the breeding combinations for your Tiny Castle Creature summon can result in any of the listed monsters. You can check out the rest of our Mobile gaming guides.

Tiny Castle Base Creatures

We will list out the different Tiny Castle creatures based on their home names.

Garden = Nymph
Forest = Centaur
Sky = Griffin
Volcano = Phoenix
Desert = Cyno
Beach = Mermaid

Tiny Castle Double Home Hybrids

Garden Summoning Mixtures
Garden + Forest = Tomten or Treant or Wisp
Garden + Sky = Fairy, Sylph
Garden + Volcano = Holly Dryad, Imp, Fire Nymph
Garden + Desert = Cactus Dryad, Bast
Garden + Beach = Triton, Nereid

Forest Summoning HybridsForest + Sky = Pegasus
Forest + Garden=Tomten or Treant or Wisp
Forest + Sky = Pegasus, Peryton
Forest + Volcano = Kitsune, Kapre
Forest + Desert = Adlet, Owlman
Forest + Beach = Lochness, Kirin

Sky Summoning Hybrids
Sky + Garden = Fairy, Sylph
Sky + Forest = Pegasus, Peryton
Sky + Volcano = Cockatrice, Wyrm
Sky + Desert = Sphinx, Manticore, Fireworks Fairy
Sky + Beach = Siren, Hippocamp

Volcano Summoning Hybrids
Volcano + Garden = Holly Dryad, Imp, Fire Nymph
Volcano + Forest = Kitsune, Kapre
Volcano + Sky = Cockatrice, Wyrm
Volcano + Desert = Genie, Naga
Volcano + Beach = Water Leaper, Rakshasa

Desert Summoning Hybrids
Desert + Garden = Cactus Dryad, Bast
Desert + Forest = Adlet, Owlman
Desert + Sky = Sphinx, Manticore, Fireworks Fairy
Desert + Volcano = Genie, Naga
Desert + Beach = Bunyip, Leviathan

Beach Summoning Hybrids
Beach + Garden = Triton, Nereid
Beach + Forest = Lochness, Kirin
Beach + Sky = Siren, Hippocamp
Beach + Volcano = Water Leaper, Rakshasa
Beach + Desert = Bunyip, Leviathan