Tiny Castle Complete Breed Summoning Guide

It is important to be able to summon and breed all the different monsters and creatures in Tiny Castle. Gamelytic has compiled together an easy to read and follow creature breeding list for your Tiny Castle game play. Please share this guide with your friends if you have found it useful.

Please note that any of the breeding combinations for your Tiny Castle Creature summon can result in any of the listed monsters. You can check out the rest of our Mobile gaming guides.

Tiny Castle Base Creatures

We will list out the different Tiny Castle creatures based on their home names.

Garden = Nymph
Forest = Centaur
Sky = Griffin
Volcano = Phoenix
Desert = Cyno
Beach = Mermaid

Tiny Castle Double Home Hybrids

Garden Summoning Mixtures
Garden + Forest = Tomten or Treant or Wisp
Garden + Sky = Fairy, Sylph
Garden + Volcano = Holly Dryad, Imp, Fire Nymph
Garden + Desert = Cactus Dryad, Bast
Garden + Beach = Triton, Nereid

Forest Summoning HybridsForest + Sky = Pegasus
Forest + Garden=Tomten or Treant or Wisp
Forest + Sky = Pegasus, Peryton
Forest + Volcano = Kitsune, Kapre
Forest + Desert = Adlet, Owlman
Forest + Beach = Lochness, Kirin

Sky Summoning Hybrids
Sky + Garden = Fairy, Sylph
Sky + Forest = Pegasus, Peryton
Sky + Volcano = Cockatrice, Wyrm
Sky + Desert = Sphinx, Manticore, Fireworks Fairy
Sky + Beach = Siren, Hippocamp

Volcano Summoning Hybrids
Volcano + Garden = Holly Dryad, Imp, Fire Nymph
Volcano + Forest = Kitsune, Kapre
Volcano + Sky = Cockatrice, Wyrm
Volcano + Desert = Genie, Naga
Volcano + Beach = Water Leaper, Rakshasa

Desert Summoning Hybrids
Desert + Garden = Cactus Dryad, Bast
Desert + Forest = Adlet, Owlman
Desert + Sky = Sphinx, Manticore, Fireworks Fairy
Desert + Volcano = Genie, Naga
Desert + Beach = Bunyip, Leviathan

Beach Summoning Hybrids
Beach + Garden = Triton, Nereid
Beach + Forest = Lochness, Kirin
Beach + Sky = Siren, Hippocamp
Beach + Volcano = Water Leaper, Rakshasa
Beach + Desert = Bunyip, Leviathan


Tiny Castle Complete Breed Summoning Guide — 15 Comments

  1. Cassie on said:

    What do I breed to get a pixie?

  2. Kiki on said:

    I would love any input about this game that may be helpful in succeeding to get all creatures

  3. Kiki on said:

    To mix unmixable magics like volcano and garden u must use hybrids! I want a fire nymph so I am breeding a cockatrice( sky & volcano) with a fairy ( sky & garden). It may take a few tries you may get creatures with sky magic but you will eventually get what you want. This is an example and the same general idea can be used with other magics as well like you can’t mix volcanovand forest so use sky or sea to mix them it would be sky and volcano + sky and Forest = volcano + forest or sky + forest or sky +volcano. I really hope this helps anyone having a difficult time getting the creatures made of unmixable magics.

  4. Kk on said:

    I got a wisp on my first try.

  5. Kk on said:

    It tells me to summon a fire with garden and it won’t let me what do I do?

  6. g on said:

    I got imp in my first try

    • Anonymous on said:

      How do you get an imp like what do I summon

  7. loctite 601 on said:

    Hi! I simply want to offer you a huge thumbs up for the
    excellent info you have here on this post. I’ll be coming back to your site for more soon.

  8. Robin on said:

    I am on level 15 about have way. Been trying every way I can to get a male g e n I, that the game wants me to have. But, I only get a girl. Please help. Thank You

    • Simone on said:

      @ Robin, There’s only one kind of genie. Your creatures may change gender when they grow from baby to teen or from teen to adult but it’s stille the same creature. To finish the task you just have to keep feeding it.. Good luck :)

    • beth on said:

      You are trying to make the djinn not the genie keep breeding and keep in mind that the djinn is more rare than the genie best of luck :)

    • Doll face on said:

      I can’t find out what will happen if u breed a cenutar with a Pegasus but I’m mixed a another animal and have to wait until its done can anyone tell me what will happen! Please!!!

  9. linda on said:

    I’ve tried to breed the phoenix with the garden, sky, and others non-hybrids but it says they are inaccurate why is that makes no sense needs to be fixed

    • Anonymous on said:

      Think about it! Fire and wood do not mix…just like a fire and a garden do not mix…water puts out a fire right? So you have to assume that you can not mix a non hybrid with a volcano!

  10. Jason on said:

    The game does not allow you to breed the phoenix with non hybrids, the list is innacurate.

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