Spirit Tales Sigil Guide

This guide will help you through the use of Sigil. Sigil is an important method to boost the power of your Spirit Tales equipment. By using this table of Spirit Tales Sigil, you can refer to what kind of bonuses that they can give you. If you have found this guide useful, please check out our other Spirit Tales guides filed along with other Koramgames.

Before we get into the specifics of different types of Sigil, we will go over some basic guides on how they are named, and how you can easily tell which sigil is the best for your Spirit Tales classes. It should be noted that you can only use one single sigil per gear, by placing a new one, you will erase an old one.

Spirit Tales Sigil Naming Method

Depending on the types of gears that you apply the sigil on, the naming scheme differs. Below is a quick overview on how the Sigil naming works, in the next section, we will explore each of the keywords applied to the sigils in detail.

Feet Armors
Main Stat – Weapon Class – Physical or Magic

Polar = Physical
Death = Magic

Head Armor
Main Stat – Weapon Class – Attribute or Physical

Beast = Physical
Border = Attribute

Chest Armor
Main Stat – Weapon Class – Mcrit of Pcrit

Flame = Physical Crit Rate
Mist = Magical Crit Rate

Waist Armor
Waist armor can grant you additional varieties of abilities. The basic idea for this Spirit Tales Sigil is that it will transform 20% of either Str or Wis into the varying abilities.

Main Stat – Str or Wis – Various Abilities

Super = Strength
Shadow = Wisdom

Death = crit rate
Square = parry
Hawk = hit
Speed = dodge
Shadow fury = shadow attribute
Lightning fury = lighting attribute
Wind fury = wind attribute
Lotus fury = fire attribute
Frozen wrath = ice attribute

Hand Weapon or Armor
Main Stat – Skills

Main Stat Sigil Naming

Below is a list of all the main stat that the Spirit tales sigil might offer your gears. The bonus stats at which these sigil names will give you is 1~3%

Main Stat

Cheetah’s = Agi
Slaughtering = Attack
Steel = Def
Firm = HP
Feline = Luck
Abundant = SP
Fox’s = spirit
Ursnine = str
Monkey’s = wis

Attack Stat

Flowing = attack speed
Clear = hit
Fast = magic speed
Exploding = mcrit damage
Painful = mcrit rate
Torn = pcrit damage
Fatal = pcrit rate

Defense Stat

Fantastic = dodge
Divine Healing = Healing
Peaceful = Psv. healing
Smoldering = Fire Resistance
Ice Cold = Ice Resistance
Bright = Lightning Resistance
Soulless = Shadow Resistance
Blowing = Wind Resistance
Guardian’s = parry

Misc Stat

Hateful = Aggression increase
Calming = Aggression decrease
Very Lucky = Dropping rate increase
Learned = Exp increase
Inexhaustable = Mp consumpion decrease
Rich = money drop increase
Continuous = Regular attack combo increase
Pursuing = Skill combo increase

Middle Weapon Keyword

This Spirit Tales Sigil list applies to Feet, Head, and Chest Armors.
Fast = bow.
Falcon = crossbow
Shadow = dagger
Crazed = glove weapon
Fury = polearm
Mercy = rod
Spirit = staff
Breaking = sword
Fierce = warhammer
Crying = Katana

Hand Weapon and Armor Sigil

The spirit tales sigil for hand gears can be divided into weapon or armors.

Hand Weapon Sigil

Tornado = Blizzard
Fire = Burning Rain
Exploding Arrow = Burst Shot
Charge = Charge
Sound Speed = Concussive Strike
Doom = Crosshatch of Doom
Shadow Dance = Dance of Death
Hellhound = Demonic Strike
Flame Strike = Flame Strike
Frost Bolt = Freezing Shot
Defense = Jab
Thunder Fall = Lightning Bolt
Ninja = Ninja Slash
Scatter = Scatter Shot
Sky Thunder = Thunderclap
Rolling Dragon = Tornado
Thunder = No information
Armor Piercing = No information in game

Hand Armor Sigil

Combo = Battering Punch
Skyfire = Blazing Wind
Piercing = Bombardment
Savage Shadow = Crippling Assault
Icicle = Frostbite
Frenzy = Furious Strike
Ghost Fire = Ghost Flame
Hurricane = Hurricane
Electric Wave = Shockwave
Fireball = Stun Shot
Grudge = Wave of Fury
Whirly = Whirlwind
Cross Fury = No information
Block = Parry No information

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