Pet Evolution Guide for Spirit Tales

Pet evolution is one way to make your pet stronger in Spirit Tales. Below we will go over some basic information on how pet evolution works in Spirit Tales. If you have found this guide helpful, please check out our Koramgames listing for other Spirit tales guides.

How to Evolve Your Spirit Tales Pet

Pet has to be level 30 Above with the same numbers of stars. Any pet can be fused with disregard to their color. However, the color of the pets will affect the color of their offspring.

Pet Evolution and Color

Main + Sub = End up
Green + Green = Green
Blue + Green = Blue
Green + Blue = Green
Blue + Blue = Blue

Pet Skill Evolution

Evolving pets is like matching parents with their DNA, the skills that are finally being passed on to the offspring depends on your luck. Pet skill never repeat Like Main pet with A B C , Sub Pet with A C E it wont end up repeating itself such as ACC. Because of this, you will be able to setup your Spirit Tales pet with the skills that you want. The basic idea of Spirit tales pet skill evolution is as followed:

Pet 1 = Skill A B C
Pet 2 = Skill A E D
Merge = Skill A B/E C/D

Pet Star Evolution

0 Star + 0 Star = 1 Star
1 Star + 1 Star = 2 Star

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