Spirit Tales Basic Leveling Guide

To level fast in Spirit Tales, you pretty much have to follow all the quests. Below are some of the tips for you to level easier without trouble in Spirit Tales. If you have found this guide useful, please check out our other useful Spirit Tales guides listed with other Koramgames!

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Basic Leveling Guidelines and Tips

Speed is key to level up faster in Spirit tales. There are couple of ways to increase your leveling rate and lowering the amount of time wasted.
1. Buy and use telefeather from the item mall.

EXP Boosts for faster leveling

1. Get a couple for Couple EXP Bonus.
2. Use your EXP Charm from Level 35 Mystic Jade.

Questing Tips for Different Spirit Tale Levels

1. Get a party to complete quests faster.
2. Do all Main Quest and Dailies, except for Dungeon Quests. You should only do Dungeon quests after you have reached the cap.
3. For Level 1-35, enter a party where you got at least one member doing main quests that you did before. This is to improve efficiency if one of your party member has main quest that matches with your daily quest.
4. Always buy and open a Clan Quest when you reach a new area, because the kill requirement will almost always sync with your main quests.
5. Do Chance Quests while doing other quests.

Bosses Tips

1. Kill Invasion Bosses for a chance to get area tokens. These tokens can be traded for EXP boost.
2. Buff up before fighting any bosses for lesser chance of dying.


1. Always gear up even with NPC items to reduce your chance of dying, given that if you cannot get good gears from monster loots.

Leveling Walkthrough

Level 1 to 10
Just keep doing Main Quests and Dailies. At Level 10 you will attain your first pet from quest. Pick Lil Bird. Open Pet Screen by pressing “F” and click “Merge”.

Level 11 to 20
Just keep doing Main Quests and Dailies. At Level 20 you can create clan, make one for Clan Quests if you don’t want to join one. Starting a Clan require 1 Gold. But it’s fun to join a clan simply because it might easier for you to obtain parties and make new friends.

Level 21 to 35
Always buy a clan quest whenever you go to a new map, your monster requirement will match with your main and daily quests. Starting from Level 30, Main Quests will not give you enough EXP to level up. However, by focusing on dailies after your main and clan, you should level up without any problem.

Level 36 to 40
The last 4 levels will require you to do clan quests to level up fast. You should always get a party of 5 to obtain fast killing speed. Lastly, also do the chance quests which can be activated via the dumping scrolls.

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