Achievement Badge Explained in Spirit Tales

This is a basic guide on how Achievement badges work in Spirit tales, if you’d like to learn more about the game. Please check out my Spirit Tales guides under Koramgames list.

Achievement badge is a system that rewards you for defeating bosses, completing certain missions. You will need these points to buy level 50 armor recipes. You can purchase the level 50 armor recipes from NPC Laura in Frost Forest. However, you need to be careful when you purchase the recipes to make sure that you purchase them with the correct class. Because you cannot use the recipe unless you have purchased the correct recipe based on your class.

Lastly, you can also obtain the Spirit tales achievement badges by exchanging the marbles obtained from the Arena.

Novel Achievement List, Title, and Bonus

This is Good!

Map: Jade Forest
Monsters: Sipite or Gerganor
Item:  Zurima’s Cooking Esoterica
Title: Foreign Foodie

  • Passive Healing +8 Points
  • Parry +6 Points

To the Forest Park

Map: Spring Valley
Monsters: Cave King Sheebar or Yeeka
Item:  Springfall Valley Free Travel
Title: Forest Tourist

  • Magic Speed +5 Points
  • Healing +10 Points


Map: Frost Forest
Monsters: Gulu or Sadiya
Item:  Old Necklace
Title: Litter Bug

  • Dodge +7 Points
  • Attack Speed +8 Points

Discover Water Source

Map: Ancient Sand Sea
Monsters: Lafggad or Nibbler Sasala
Item:  Dalatelawa’s Note
Title: Water Dowser

  • Magic Critical Hit +10 Points
  • Magic Speed +7 Points

I’m not a Peeping Tom!

Map: The Barrenlands
Monsters: Oil Baron Aode or Kai
Item:  Illustrated Book of Monsters I
Title: Jr. Monster Researcher

  • Magical Critical Hit +24 points

Lantern Sprite owns me a wish

Map: Sandy Valley
Monsters: Lafaya & Kasaya
Item:  Genie Lamp
Title: Touched by the Lantern Sprite

  • Physical Critical Hit +26 points

I Don’t Cry!

Map: Wind Chime Ridge
Monsters: Kanke or Riyana
Item:  Lusidamu’s Drawing Pad
Title: Distressed Reader

  • Magic Speed +10 Points
  • Healing +19 Points

The Way of Knowing

Map: Lake Kirin
Monsters: Swirling Pikela & Collapser
Item:  Acient Scroll of Kirin Health Cuisine
Title: Food Master

  • Healing +41 Points

I Love Fairy Tales

Map: Sunset Ridge
Monsters: Takeka or Tieke
Item: Kirin Mythology Collection
Title: Kirin Mythologist

  • Magic Speed +11 Points
  • Healing +22 Points

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