Scarlet Blade Intro Pets Guide

Pets in Scarlet Blade can be quite confusing if you do not know where to obtain the information for them. In this basic introduction guide to Scarlet Pets, we help decipher some of the confusion that you might have for them. Please feel free to leave comments if you have any additional questions or inputs!

The pets in Scarlet Blade is useful that they provide stat boosts, and later pick up items. There are a few different pets with different skills with different kinds of evolution.

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Scarlet Pet Guide Index
Obtaining Pet
Pet Leveling Up
Pet Evolution

Obtain Scarlet Blade Pet

You will obtain your first pet via the quest reward from level 10 quest “Biker Chick”.

Fullness Note and Pet Rotation
The pets will regain fullness when they are inactive, however, only while you are online. This means that you have two pets and can rotate them while playing, this one you will be able to level them up without feeding them.

While the pet is out, it will lose 4% fullness every 5 minutes. This means that a full pet can be out in battle for 2 hours and 5 minutes. While it is put away, it will gain 2% fullness every 5 minutes. Thus, by having two pets and rotating their uses, you will be able to go for hours of playing. Simply “recharge” them by having both of the pets put away when you are not in battle.

Another way to regain pet’s fullness is by feeding energy drinks. The energy drinks are quite common and can be obtained via monster drops, box and tower drops, and quest rewards.

Pet Leveling Up

Scarlet Blade pets will gain experience and level up when they are out. In additional to the normal leveling up, you can go into an Delilah Nightclub accelerated pet EXP zone at Jane at Bitterstone Base in Mereholt after level 25.

Pets gain +10 EXP every 2 minutes.
Lower level of the club – 50% pet EXP which is +15 EXP / 2 minutes
VIP room of the pet experience club (5g cost to enter) – 100% pet EXP which is +20 exp / 2 minutes

When the pets level up, they will gain skill points.

Another way that you can boost Pet’s leveling speed is by using Pet EXP boost.

When your pet reaches level 5, you must click the “Activate” button before your pet will be able to continue leveling. This will open up an additional pet data chip slot in your pet window.

Pet Evolution

Pets can evolve in to new forms at level 10, 20, and 30. Evolutions will happen by itself when the pet hits the appropriate level.

Pet Items

There are a few pets items in game that you will be interested to know about.

Pet Datachips
There are only a few datachips available in the game. You can get the Scarlet Blade Pet datachips from cash shop or more advanced bosses like Titan. You can also move datachips as long as you have the pet actively summoned.

Your Scarlet Pets can have +1 datachip slot every 5 level of the pet, to a maximum of 6 slots.

Some of the datachips include EXP chip which boosts your EXP and fetch which automatically picks up items.

Note on Pet Accuracy Chip:
The Pet Accuracy Datachip will help you for all of your attacks. However, the Chakra damage from the attacks will not be benefited.