RaiderZ Guild and Party Guide

In RaiderZ, although you can solo most of the monsters if you get enough skill, the game is more fun to be played socially with parties and guilds. In this RaiderZ. In this guide, we will go over the social aspect of RaiderZ, specifically the topics revolving around Guild and party. Use this guide to help you get an easy understanding of how RaiderZ party and guild system works in the game. Please share this guide with your friends and check out the rest of our RaiderZ game guides.

Basic RaiderZ Party Information

At the current version, you can have up to 5 players per party in RaiderZ. You can however, party with another person with another faction. The party member from another RaiderZ faction will be tagged as enemies during the party, yet you will be able to share the loots obtained from RaiderZ bosses.

Even though you can complete most of the content by soloing in RaiderZ, it is not recommended because you will make your life alot easier for harder and epic bosses. So hunt in parties and enjoy the world of RaiderZ

Partying and EXP consideration

The EXP is divided among the RaiderZ party members when you do group hunts. In most of the cases being in a weaker party will generally slow down your EXP gain, while joining forces with players stronger than you will help you level up faster in RaiderZ.

RaiderZ Party and Loots

The loots amount are significantly increased in a group setting in RaiderZ because everyone gets their individual drops. The party will end up with additional materials by partying together because of increased looting and RaiderZ monster killing efficiency.

Party, Quest, and Boss Camping

Sometimes it can be hard if certain parties are camping the quest bosses in RaiderZ. In situation like this, your best bet is to see if you can join the friendly players to see if you can finish off the quests. You can also join and create parties for boss hunts because it is easier to kill bosses as a team in RaiderZ. Currently in RaiderZ, whoever tags the bosses first with the first hit gets the credit for the kill, even if other players / parties do most of the damage.

For harder RaiderZ bosses, it is essential for you to party up with other players unless you want to spend hours trying to finish off one boss. Start making friends around your levels to have easier time finding boss hunting parties in the game.

RaiderZ PvP Party Duel

The RaiderZ PvP system can enable party duel, however the party leaders will have to request duel with one another.

Basic RaiderZ Guild Information

To create or make a RaiderZ guild, you will need to spend 1 Gold (= 100 silver/ 10,000 copper) and talk to the NPC guild administration at the first main town Ingen (First main town). The npc is next to the Explorer depot. For the name of the RaiderZ guild, it has to be longer than 5 letters. Guilds are a fun place to socialize and chat with fellow players. You should either create or join a guild early on to share tips and have fun within the game.

After you create the RaiderZ guild, you can invite other players into your guild as a guild leader. There is no sub leader function right now in the game. The RaiderZ guilds have guild banks that are inside the Inn on second floor. The guild chest or stash can be accessed. The RaiderZ guild members can deposit and withdraw items.

You can use the RaiderZ guild chat by typing /G into your chat before the message.

Guild and Factions

Although you can freely party with people from another RaiderZ factions. It is still good practice to keep the members in your guild inside one single faction. Make note to your guild members about the factions that you are going for, this way can prevent your RaiderZ guild members from going all over the place.