Middle Manager of Justice Strategy Guide

Middle Manager of Justice is a sweet game where you can train all of your Heroes. In this guide, we will go over some basic strategies on how to excel in the game, we will also provide some information on these heroes to help you pick the best heroes to use. If you have found this guide useful, please check out our other gaming app guides!

Basic Middle Managers of Justice Stats and Information

Your Heroes in the game have 4 different stats: Power, Health, Armor, and Intelligence (also Awareness). The Power effects how much damage that you do in battle. Health is just amount of health, armor lowers amount of damage that you take. And the intelligence allows you to have higher ability slots, train higher abilities, and research additional items.

Scenario Missions
There are some missions that require you to have specific amount of stats to pass. Some of the easiest way to pass these stages is to specialize your hero training in Middle Manager of Justice.

There are the usual in game currency coin and Superium as the paid currency. The best way to make regular coin money in the game is through patrolling your territories well. By keeping your Middle Manager of Justice territories on the green happy face. You can collect the most coins possible in the game.

Basic Player Strategies

1. Keep Your Hero Employee’s Morale Up
Your Employee’s Morale will make a huge difference in the amount of damage that they will do and receive in battles. Early on in the game, use your Manage to motivate your employees to keep the morale up. However, you should build the recreation room as fast as possible to improve your morale generation speed.

2. Building Out Your Headquarters
Build additional rooms for your headquarters as soon as you can. Build the Training Facility and the Rec room as your first room expansions. You will need the training facility to increase the power and diversity of your skills. The rec room will help you earn morale faster. As you advance, build out

3. Learn to Delegate for Earlier Stages
As you advance further into the game and hire more heroes employees, you will have to start delegating some of the work for the earlier stages. Although, if you can, still “watch” the fights. In general, your heroes will receive significantly more damage if you delegate them to the battles.

4. Select and Train Your Skills
Your heroes skills typically have three types of effects: area of effects damage that hits all enemies for decent damage. Single attack that deals great damage. Or skills that does negative effects to the enemies. If you are having troubles with some of the stages, try to use and train different skills to pass them in Middle Managers of Justice.

5. Hero Team Setup
Team setup is essential to win and beat the harder battles. Depending on the boss and types of enemies that you face, you may need to prepare and have different team setups. One of our favorite setup is to have 1 high health tanker with 3 attackers. This setup can kill the enemies fast. In the event that the damage team does get wipe out, the high health hero tank can typically outlast the rest of the enemies.

6. Research Items and Equip Gears
Toward mid game, you will have to start researching and equipping higher level gears. Because both the items and gears will cost you coins, your best bet is to start by researching the more advanced gears. It should note that you could consider to research the intelligence items to help you research further.

Middle Manager of Justice Hero Listing

A big part of the game in Middle Manager of Justice is to level up and specialize your heroes in certain areas.

One thing that should be noted about the heroes skill is that if you train them to higher level. They will use additional “skill points” in battle. So be careful not to train your skills so much that you can no longer use them effectively during the Middle Manager of Justice battles.

Another thing to note is that the “hero selection” list refreshes if you do not pick a hero after selecting a pack. With this you will be able to refresh until you obtain a hero of choice. More heroes will be added as we play further into the game.

Basic Heroes

@Man: Ranged Attacker
Goggle Blast: Use your tech goggles to shoot a powerful blast of power at a villaiin
Firewall: Laugh at the villains when they try to penetrate your firewall
Orbital Strike: Use satellites to surprise all villains with space damage

Surge Protector: Ranged Attacker
Shock Armor: Use your fancy lightning to shield yourself! Enemies that attack take damage!
Buzz Kick: Electrify your foot for more power! Then flip around and kick a villain with it!
Lightning Slap: Harness the weather to slap all villains with a lightning strike!

Hot Head: Ranged Attacker
Flaming Lips: Angry attacks are stronger ones. Increase power for a short time.
Anger Balls: Balls of pure anger that hit all villain!
Torpedo: Light your head on fire and fling your body at a villain! Does damage and stuns!

Masked Mummy: Melee Fighter
Summoned Slap: Summon a giant mummmy fist to pound all of your enemies.
Gauze Barrage: Wrap an enemy up for a few turns!
Curse: Reduce your enemie’s power with this demoralizing curse!

Sweet Justice: Melee Fighter
Boulder Toss: This boulder is so big it hits all of the villains!
Business Guns: Shoot laswers from your business guns for stronger single attack!
Butt Slam: Use your rump to stun your target and cause all villains to take damage!

Captain Premium: Melee Fighter
Classic Slam: Vigorously punch the ground to stun a villain!
Aerial Assault: Team up with gravity for a strong attack that hits all enemies!
Rally Cry: Scream confidently to pysche your team up for more power!

Manager Skills
Your managers come with some skills too to help you through the game. Below is the list of these skills:
Hard Deadline: Push your team to the limit for increased health and power! Blow the deadline and forfeit.
Paradigm Shift: Flip your team’s health bars to show them a different perspective!
Pep Talk: With your managerial guidance, you double your team’s chance to make critical attack!
Crunch Time: Work your heroes double time for a short period at the cost of some morale!

Out of all of these skills for your Middle Manager of Justice, the skill paradigm shift is the strongest one. The skill paradigm shift will flip the health bar of your hero in the battle. This means that 1 or 2 of hero can effectively use and have “two bars” of health when executed well. Use the paradigm in boss fights is key to winning.