Marvel XP Achievement Awards Guide for Marvel Avengers Alliance

In this guide, we will discuss everything that you need to know about the different Marvel XP achievement awards and how to get them. We have divided them into different major groups to help you quickly locate and learn how to unlock various achievements. Please check out our other Marvel Avengers Alliance guides if you have found this guide helpful.

What are Marvel XP Awards

These are badges that are currently available in game when you have reached certain game play requirements. These Marvel XP awards in Marvel Avengers Alliance include reaching a certain levels as well as recruiting a certain heroes. It is rumored that future Marvel XP awards may have special bonuses to your agent and game play, or can attach to other Marvel Games and unlock additional features in the future. However, at this current time, the Marvel Avengers Alliance Marvel XP Achievement awards are more or less a milestone badge for you in game (as well as minor bragging rights).

List of Marvel XP: Awards Guide

In this section, we will go over the various achievement awards and how you can get them in Marvel Avengers Alliance. Please let us know by leaving a comment if we have missed any Marvel XP achievement badge in Marvel Avengers Alliance. The unique hero awards section may be the most useful part of this guide, because it will teach you which Marvel Avengers Alliance heroes that you need to recruit to obtain and unlock these award badges:

Unique Hero Recruitment Achievement Awards
These are the special badges that you can unlock by recruiting a specific of team of heroes. You can consider using CP farming method to get the CP needed to unlock these MAA Heroes faster.

Mutant Master – Recruit all mutant heroes.
Note: To unlock this Marvel XP achievement, you will need to have Phoenix, Wolverine, Kitty Pryde, Cyclops, Colossus, Storm, and Nightcrawler.

Mystic Master – Recruit all mystic heroes
Note: The Mystic Master badge requires you to recruit Dr. Strange, Iron Fist, Thor, and Sif to unlock.

Fantastic Friend – Recruit all members of the Fantastic Four
Note: The Marvel Avengers Alliance Fantastic Friend Marvel XP Badge includes Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, Thing

Avengers Assemble – Recruit all Avengers.
Note: The Avengers Assemble Heroes include: Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow & Hawkeye. These are the Marvel Avengers Alliance Heroes that have appeared in the Movie released in 2012. These heroes also have some limited edition MAA uniforms.

General Hero Recruiting Achievement Awards
Roster of 5 – Recruit 5 heroes
Roster of 10 – Recruit 10 heroes
Roster of 20 – Recruit 20 heroes
Roster Complete – Recruit all 28 launch heroes

Marvel Avengers Alliance Level Achievements
Spectacular Agent – Attain 5th agent level
Special Agent – Attain 10th agent level
Super Spy – Attain 20th agent level

General Mission and Chapter Completion Achievement
Field Agent – Complete all training missions
Premium fighter – Complete any one “Premium” mission
Chapter 1 Complete – Complete all non-premium missions of Chapter 1
Chapter 2 Complete – Complete all non-premium missions of Chapter 2
Chapter 3 Complete – Complete all non-premium missions of Chapter 3
Chapter 4 Complete – Complete all non-premium missions of Chapter 4
Chapter 5 Complete – Complete all non-premium missions of Chapter 5
Chapter 6 Complete – Complete all non-premium missions of Chapter 6
Chapter 7 Complete – Complete all non-premium missions of Chapter 7
Chapter 8 Complete – Complete all non-premium missions of Chapter 8
Chapter 9 Complete – Complete all non-premium missions of Chapter 9
Chapter 10 Complete – Complete all non-premium missions of Chapter 10

Mission Completion Counts Badges
Incredible Hero – Complete 15 different missions
Amazing Hero – Complete 30 different missions
Fantastic Hero – Complete 45 different missions
Uncanny Hero – Complete 60 different missions

More Hardcore Achievement Awards
Through investigator – Complete all masteries of a single mission (have all 5 stars)

Task Completion Achievements
Special Ops – Complete 20 tasks
Deep Cover – Complete 100 tasks

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