Beginner’s Weapon and Gear Guide for Last Stand: Dead Zone

Depending on the classes of your survivors, you will need to equip them with different kinds of Last Stand: Dead Zone weapons to really utilize the power of these weapons. If you have found this beginner guide helpful , you may find our other Last Stand: Dead Zone guides helpful organized through Facebook Games for you to improve your game play.

Last Stand: Dead Zone Weapon Types

The weapon available in Last Stand: Dead Zone can be divided into the following major categories. Melee, Mid-Range, and Long Range.

The Last Stand: Dead Zone melee weapons include knife, metal bars, and some others. Melee typically has higher DPS, no reload time. Your survivor will have to move around to attack the zombies in close range combat.

Mid Range
The mid ranged weapons include pistols, shot gun, and submachine guns. They typically have faster reload times, but faster attack speed.

Long Range
The long ranged weapons are the assault rifle and long rifle types. The long range weapons in Last Stand: Dead Zone in general have slower attack speed and lower damage. However, they extreme range makes them a power weapon to pick off zombies before they get close to your team mates.

Depending on the different classes of your Last Stand: Dead Zone survivor, they each have their own unique weapon specialty. When your survivor is using the weapon that they’re specialized in, you will obtain boosts to their attacking power such as higher accuracy and speed.

Weapon Stats Explained

Each of the weapons in game have these special stats. The weapons themselves have level requirements at which your survivors are allowed to use the weapon.

Damage Range: The range of damage being done to zombies.
Range: The range of the weapon
Attack Speed: The speed at which shots are fired.
Accuracy: The accuracy of the weapon hit percentage.
Noise: The higher the noise, the more likely that your shots will draw additional zombies.
Knockback: Slow down zombie advance
Reload Speed: Speed at which the weapon gets reloaded.
Capacity: Amount of ammos each weapon can hold.

Special Stats: sometimes weapons are imbued with special stats that increase your accuracy, speed, range, and damage. This makes special imbued weapons more powerful than their other counter parts. Your best bet is to always check the new loots to see if you have obtained stronger weapons.

Color of the Last Stand: Dead Zone Weapons

The Last Stand: Dead Zone weapons are color coded based on the special stats that are included in the weapon. Although most of the stats do help your combat ability, however, you should still equip the ones that make sense to you. For example, + range stats on a rifle is great to make them alot stronger.

None: The normal weapons without any special stats
Yellow: Better version of the weapons without special stats
Green: The Last Stand: Dead Zone gears have 1 or 2 additional stats. They are typically stronger than the normal white or yellow gears.
Blue: The blue gears in Last Stand: Dead Zone usually come equipped with 2 or 3 additional stats. They are one step stronger than the green.
Purple: The unique version of the Last Stand: Dead Zone Weapons. These weapons usually come equipped with 3 imbued stats.

How to Get Better Weapons

In Last Stand: Dead Zone, you only have a few ways that you can obtain the gears. Below I will list them out:

Running Mission Raids for Weapons

There are a few Last Stand: Dead Zone mission locations that you can raid for advanced weapons. Typically speaking, the level of the mission correspond to the level range of the weapons that you can obtain. However, the type and stats of weapons that you can get is completely random.

Some of these locations include: Police Station, Security, Streets, and Gun Shop. You can quickly locate these weapon dropping maps by clicking on the gun icon on the left of the mission map layout. In general, the weapons are located inside police cars or the closets near where the zombie’s are high in concentration. Your best bet to obtain as many weapon as possible is to clear the entire map.

Purchasing Weapons with Last Stand: Dead Zone Fuel

You can purchase some of the strongest weapons in Last Stand: Dead Zone via Fuel. However, some of the weapons can cost quite high with fuel, however their cost justify their power.

Crafting for New Weapons

The crafting ability in Last Stand: Dead Zone can be used to craft different weapons and gears. You will first have to build weapon and gear benches to start crafting.

Upgrade Weapons

Once you have constructed the crafting benches of the game, you can also upgrade the weapons to their maximum allowed levels. However, upgrading weapons and gears will cost fuel.

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