Marvel Avengers Alliance PvP Strategy – Infinite Loop and Counter Guide

Infinite is a unfair Marvel Avengers Alliance that is perfectly legit within the mechanics of the PvP game play. In this guide, we will go over how the Marvel Avenger Alliance infinite loop works, and how to break it within the battle. If you have found this guide helpful, please share them with your friends. Please also check out our Marvel Avengers Alliance lists of guides.

MAA Battle Turns and Infinite Loop

In defense setup of the Marvel Avengers Alliance, many players choose to equip themselves with SA Pincer and Quantum Jumper, and other extra turn or turn delay items. These Marvel Avengers Alliance weapons gives the agent extra turns while using them, this enables almost infinite loop bug within the PvP system. By the time the enemy agent runs out of Stamina, your team is pretty much dead.

This legit strategy although cheap, is legal within the game mechanics. It is one of the safest gear setup that a Marvel Avengers Alliance defense can setup that is within the budget. Because these weapons have different set of cooldown times, they effectively overlap and can pretty much wear any enemies down to zero health point. Although the agent can make turns indefinitely, this infinite loop strategy is not unbeatable.

How to Counter Infinite Loop Player Strategy

To break away from the Infinite Loop, your primary strategy is to go first and disable the PvP player agent from starting the infinite loop. The Marvel Avengers Alliance Hero to use for countering infinite loop is Captain America. When Captain America has the first move, use the item stunner against the agent. You will then be able to kill the enemy agent before the infinite looping strategy begins to kick in.

However, if your enemy is also using captain america with infinite loop strategy. It is really your luck which side starts the first hit. If your enemy ends up with the beginning round of the infinite loop, the chances are that you will lose. Your only option to successfully defeat an Marvel Avengers Alliance infinite loop strategy is by stopping the enemy agent from having the turn in the first place.

The Future of Infinite Loop Strategy in Marvel Avengers Alliance

This is my personal guess that due to the community outrage of such strategy, there might be a global cooldown implemented in the future for these extra gears. Or another way is to limit the ability for agents to equip multiple of these extra turn grating weapons and items. We simply have to wait and see. In the mean time, if you cannot beat these infinite item users, join them and let them have their own medicine.