Distress Calls Explained in Marvel Avengers Alliance

Distress calls are useful items in Marvel Avengers Alliance that can help you pass the hard stages such as bosses and Epic bosses. The good use of them will almost always turn the tides of battle. In this guide, we will go over all the minor details and tips about the distress calls available in game. Please share these guides with your friends to help you throughout the game, in addition, please check our list of Marvel Avengers Alliance tips and guides for more complete information and references.

How Does Distress Call Work

Early on in the tutorial, you will be asked to collect distress call from Tony Stark’s City. In addition, you will be asked to collect distress calls from your Facebook allied neighbors throughout the game as parts of Marvel Avengers Alliance quests. Distress call can be used inside the matches that will utilize and send out a random hero that your ally has. The type and level of hero is completely drawn at random (with the exception of Tony Stark) based on the hero collection and hero that your ally has.

It should be noted that the drawing of the ally hero will also include any Marvel Avengers Alliance ISO-8 upgrades as well as any level growth bonuses that your MAA ally has. We will then go over all the different tips to help you get the most out of these amazing distress calls to help you inside each of the combat and battles.

Utilize Distress Call at the First Sign of Trouble

If you need to use distress call at all, it is to your best advantage to use them early on at the first sign of trouble and difficulty. By using distress call, you can potentially take out some of the enemies that can make the rest of your battles easier. Using them at the end when your agent or heroes have died will matter less even when you use the distress call.

Obtain Stronger Distress Calls from Your Neighbor

To obtain the stronger distress call, you simply will have to get stronger neighbors and allies on your Marvel Avengers Alliance game. The basic idea is that your high level allies will automatically have higher powered heroes that can be called out. In addition, higher level allies are more likely to level their heroes than the inactive level 1 allies that you may have. To get more effective and powerful distress calls, always collect them from high level neighbors – the higher and more advanced the better.

Get Rid of Weak Neighbor’s Distress Call

Because you cannot choose which ally’s distress call to use inside battles, it is best for you to get rid of the distress calls obtained from your weak and low level neighbor and allies. You want to always be able to have access to the strong distress calls when you really need them.

Avoid Collecting Weak Neighbor’s Distress Calls

The strength of the Marvel Avengers Alliance distress call is dependent on the level of your allies. High level agent will result in stronger heroes. Therefore, in order to keep all of your distress calls strong, you want to avoid collecting from any low level neighbors.

Distress Call Limit from Same Ally

You can only collect one distress call from the same ally. Thus, you want to always use the distress calls whenever possible. Assuming that you have many high level neighbors on your list, you should have plenty of distress calls to take advantage of. Take advantage of the distress calls from all of your Marvel Avengers alliance neighbors.

Thoughts About Distress Calls

If you do not have many neighbors to fully take advantage of all the Marvel Avengers Alliance distress calls that you can get, you should see if you can always beat the levels and mobs easily. If you find yourself having to constantly strap on distress calls to pass, you should slow down and rethink your combat strategies. Consider gear yourself further and make yourself stronger through various methods. Constantly having to depend on distress call to pass the levels are not healthy game play strategy.

Scoring Considerations with Distress Call Use

Another good thing about using distress calls is that you can potentially boost your battle scores by using them correctly. By able to deal heavier damage and complete the ranks faster, you can earn mastery fast and potentially advance through the ranks easier as well in Marvel Avengers Alliance.