Marvel Avengers Alliance Mission Hero Deploy List

Don’t you hate it when you head into a mission and a Marvel Avengers Alliance chapter mission calls for a hero deploy that you do not have? Use this list to prepare ahead of time on which heroes to use when deploying on your missions. If you have found this guide useful, please check out my other MAA guides.

MAA Chapter 1

1-1 none
1-2 Hawkeye
1-3 Black Widow
1-4 Daredevil
1-5 Sif
1-6 She-Hulk

MAA Chapter 2

2-1 Thing
2-2 Ms. Marvel
2-3 Black cat
2-4 Luke cage
2-5 Cyclops
2-6 War Machine

MAA Chapter 3

3-1 Iron Fist
3-2 INvisible Woman
3-3 Iron Man
3-4 Colossus
3-5 Black Widow, Spiderman
3-6 Hawkeye, Spiderwoman

MAA Chapter 4

4-1 Human Torch
4-2 Hulk
4-3 Mr. Fantastic
4-4 Storm
4-5 Dr. Strange
4-6 Phoenix

MAA Chapter 5

5-1 Thor
5-2 Capt. America, Black Widow
5-3 Wolverine
5-4 Kitty Pride, Iron Fist
5-5 Nightcrawler
5-6 Hawkeye, Ironman

MAA Chapter 6

6-1 Human Torch
6-2 Phoenix, She-Hulk
6-3 Black Widow
6-4 Thor
6-5 Luke Cage, Daredevil
6-6 Storm

MAA Chapter 7

7-1 Spiderwoman, Mr. Fantastic
7-2 Wolverine
7-3 Spiderman (unlocks Epic Boss Green Goblin)
7-4 Thor, Dr. Strange
7-5 Iron Fist
7-6 Thing, Invisible Woman

MAA Chapter 8

8-1 Thor, Black Widow
8-2 Hulk
8-3 Cyclops
8-4 Capt. America, Kitty Pryde
8-5 Hawkeye (unlocks epic boss The Hood)
8-6 Sif


Marvel Avengers Alliance Mission Hero Deploy List — 8 Comments

  1. Anonymous on said:

    What about chapter 9 now that it’s out there?

  2. Anonymous on said:

    3-3 phoenix, iron man

  3. Anonymous on said:

    You’re missing Luke Cage in mission 6-3!!!

  4. Anonymous on said:

    Looks great, but can you also add the epic boss info for chapters 1-6 like you did for chapters 7 and 8?

  5. Anonymous on said:

    6-3 luke cage NOT black widow -_-

  6. prabu on said:

    is there n guide for chapter 8?
    it will be very useful if this page was updated..

    • Gamelytic on said:

      As requested – this page had been updated!

  7. Kamoto on said:

    Great info very useful in my planning ahead but seriously should fill in Chapter 7’s deploys and that Phoenix is the 4-6 deploy.

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