Marvel Avengers Alliance Hero EXP Level Up Table and Bonus

This is a simple EXP leveling table chart for your Marvel Avengers Alliance (MAA) Heroes. Use this list to quickly determine the amount of time and shield points needed to level up your heroes. You can also use this list to figure out the amount Remote ops bonus that you can obtain by sending the specific heroes out on missions. Check out our other list of Marvel Avengers Alliance guides to help you advance faster in game.

LevelSilverShield PointsTimeXP to Next
Remote Ops
250083 minutes43810%
31000915 minutes65615%
420001030 minutes90220%
55000121 hour117325%
68000158 hour146630%
7150001812 hour178135%
8300002218 hour211440%
9500002424 hour246750%
101000003036 hour283760%
112000003548 hour322360%
123000004072 hourN/A60%