Jurassic World the Game Economy and Resource Guide

Are you new to the game of Jurassic World and keep on getting stuck? Are you low on money and DNA all the time and cannot beat further battle stages? If you have any of those problems, this ultimate strategy guide will likely solve your problems with Jurassic World the game. We will go over some strategies, tips and tricks to help you with the game.

Please note that this guide is written for beginner to intermediate “Free” players. You can probably bypass quite a bit of our tips if you simply pay money into the game. However, we will however include some paying player strategy if you do have alot of disposable income.

If you are looking to spend a little money the game, the best bet is usually to grab Super Rare or Legendary packs when they are on sale, especially near the beginning of the game. Then use that edge to help you earn additional DNA’s and packs with early game player duels. The rest of the guide will mainly feature strategies that are applicable to free to play players.

Be Patient
First off, if you want to be a free player who collects everything including buildings and Jurassic World dinosaur in the game, the key is to be patient and wait for the various resources to come in. You will not be able to build your Rome of Jurassic in one day. It will be a long term game where you will have to fight through various players, special events, and tons of waiting to accomplish your goals.

Collect Those Free Packs and Other “Free” Stuff
1. Free Packs are basically the “free” way for you to advance through the game. Without being diligent to collect free packs whenever they are available, you will be missing out on timed quests, DNA, and free dinosaurs. You can collect Jurassic World free packs once every 6 hours, so keep your phone handy at all times to collect those.

2. Free “DNA”
Always collect free DNA by watching an advertisement video whenever you can. Even though you only get 3 DNA per video watched, they really add up. Just get the video going whenever you are watching TV or when you have some free time. The free DNA’s are what will push you through the game with those extra dinosaurs for evolution.

3. Free “Dino” Bucks
Like DNA, get free dino bucks whenever you can, however Dino Bucks is less useful in Jurassic World the Game. However, you can always use Dino Bucks as your entry tickets into player duel. Never use the Dino Bucks for speeding things up or buying other resources, unless you really really have to.

Managing Food, Gold Coins and Economy in Jurassic World
Food and gold coins are two basic resources in the game of Jurassic World. You need food to level up your dinosaurs, and you need gold coins to produce food. So you will need to manage both of the resources well to advance smoothly in the game.

1. You should always keep your food production building working at all times
You should typically only have the minimum attempt of “activation” to save gold. Additional activation times increase the cost of food per gold produced. But if you plan to be away from your phone for longer period of time, go ahead and activate all the timers to get maximum food gain.

2. Upgrade Your Food Production Whenever Possible
Always upgrade your food production to the max since that is the best way to keep up the leveling of your dinosaurs.

3. Save Your Gold and Food
Saving a healthy amount of Food and gold coins is essential, especially when you receive timed quests, this way you can complete them easily to receive additional Dino Cash. It can help if you actually “stop” expanding for a few days and simply build up your stash of Food and Gold.

4. Take Advantage of Lower Level Gold Buildings
The hardest part in the beginning of the game is Gold management. You need gold to make food and expand. During early game, Security Office and Jungle Bean Coffee Shop is your best friend. Build maybe 10~20 of those buildings and play diligent for an hour or so. Then you will have all the gold you need to expand and advance into much better income generating buildings later.

5. Use Gold Boosting Buildings on Long Term Dino
As you move through the game, gold boosting buildings will start to have much bigger impact. Use those to surround your best producing dinosaur for better income.

6. Park Expansion is Always a Priority
Always expand your park whenever you level up. The reason is that you can stack even more gold producing buildings to further your Jurassic World park’s economy.

7. Avoid “MAXING” All Jurassic World Dinos
Only invest your food and DNA on the dinos that you will be using to fight in Arena. If you are looking for gold, building gold production buildings is way better choice then trying to max level your dinosaurs. There are several reasons for this.

First many quests require you to “spend” certain amount of food within a time frame, you actually want to have non-max dinos to spend those food on. Second many quests require you to level up or feed dinos, you also want to have non-maxed dinosaurs to complete these types of mission quests. Many players get “stuck” simply because they have to wait for DNA’s to get additional dinosaurs for their quests.

Saving Your DNA from Day 1
DNA in essence is equal to your dinosaurs. No DNA, no dinosaurs, and you will fail the game’s Battle Arena stages due to lack of level and evolution stats.

However, you should NOT start going DNA shopping happy and buy all the dinosaurs and evolve them. Save your DNA instead and only buy to evolve your Jurassic World dinos when you are stuck with the story or battle arena stages.

As you move through the game, you unlock additional dinosaurs which can cost alot of DNA’s. And chances are that these “new” dinosaur units will be much stronger than your old ones. Since you would NOT use your old dinosaurs in your later battles, you should not invest the precious DNA points on them.

Picking Your Jurassic World the Game Dinosaur Team
After we talk about saving your DNA points, now we will move on to actually picking and choosing which ones to invest for the long term. A first simple rule of thumb is that you should NEVER evolve your dinosaurs unless you have to.

Secondly, you want to pick on dinosaurs with good stats. Dinos that can help you win arena fights are good dinos. Now we will go through how to decide which ones to invest on during early game. Use Dinosaurs reference list as some guidelines to help you figure out their stats. You can always ignore this advice and just level them up at will, however you will find out that you waste a lot of resources in terms of food and time for little results.

Your first dino choice should be a dino with good HP and decent ATTACK.

Your second dino choice should be a dino with good ATTACK with decent HP.

Your last dino choice should be a dino with best Attack possible.

As you move through further in game, gradually “replace” better dinos with one of the slot in your team. Never try to replace all three at the same time. These dinosaurs have different roles in your arena and player duel fights.

You can also consider refer to the Battle Arena Stage list as a guide line as to which dino “type” to invest in first.

Playing on Weekends or Any Special Events
Always keep a tab on the weekend event packs or any other special events. The stages are usually tailored based on your current game level. Playing and beat those special events to get additional card packs is key to beating later levels.

How to Play and Win Player Duels
You want to play and start winning player duels at an early level, the chances are that you will be matched with much weaker players compared to higher level. The players that you are matched with typically have similar dinosaur strengths as you based on the player level.

Use proper Battle Arena strategies in another guide to help you win. By winning player duels consistently, you will earn valuable DNA and dinosaur packs. Below are some additional tips that are outside of typical sound Battle strategies.

1. Level Camp: It may be a good idea to level camp your entire Jurassic World the game dinosaur park in early stages. You can max level your dinosaur to get an leveling advantage over your enemies. And only start to advance through the story when you start to run low on the dino bucks.

2. Max Level Your Dinos: Always enter player duel with at least maxed leveled dinosaurs. By doing so will give you an automatic edge over players that do not.