How to Level Fast | Aura Kingdom

Leveling Up in Aura Kingdom is important to unlock additional main quests while having stronger skills. We will go over some key points to help you gather experience points to level up faster in the game.

For more useful guides, please check out the rest of our Aura Kingdom list of guides. Please note that some information on here may be pretty basic, however our goal is to list out the potential ways for new players to level up their characters fast by breaking into the game easily.

Main Quest
Envoy’s Path for EXP
Do Your Repeatable Dailies
Level Up Monster Grinding
Equip EXP Gears
Use EXP Cards
Monster EXP Book Use
Party EXP Bonus
Watchout for Overlevel

Main Quest

The easiest and surest way to get your easy level is through the main questing. Follow through the main story lines to get the needed EXP and level up. Now, you should always do your daily repeatable quests before the main quests whenever possible. This is because that you will always be 1~2 levels behind especially when you get higher levels past level 40. Thus, do the dailies before the main quests whenever you have them available.

Envoy’s Path for EXP

Ticking off the EXP boost for your envoy’s path skill tree is very important to level up faster throughout your Aura Kingdom adventure. The EXP boost will affect the amount of EXP that you obtain through questing as well. Every class’s envoy tree is a little but all of them has 3 quick study skills that add up to a total of 8% EXP boost.

Do Your Repeatable Dailies

Repeatable quests come in several flavors. In general, each of the map offers 1 dungeon daily quest, 1 monster kill quest, and 1 item collection quest. Your best bet is to go through your Aura Kingdom journal tab to finish these 3 main daily quests. You want to do the daily quests within 10 levels of your character just like monster grinding for the maximum experience gain.

In addition, there are occasionally fame quests that you can take. The rule of thumb is that doing fame quests within 10 levels of your recommended levels are good.

Level Up Monster Grinding

Monster grinding for EXP in Aura Kingdom can be divided into dungeon grinding or open world grinding. The best place to grind for your character’s EXP is through dungeon runs. Again, make sure you run through the dungeons within 10 levels of your character, in addition, make friends with other “good” players that you know can run dungeons easily.

Combine dungeon running with full out EXP gears to get the most out of your dungeon leveling runs. Improve your grinding efficiency by boosting your gears with the right elemental weakness toward monsters. Your goal is to kill each of the monsters with as little skill cast as possible.

EXP Gears

EXP gears are usually either relic (blue) gears or crafted gears with EXP bonus stats. When you are grinding for EXP, make sure to wear full out EXP gears for every part of your armor to achieve the maximum bonus. In theory, you can get EXP bonus on all 10 of your gears including crafted trophies which can result a cool 50% exp boost.

EXP Cards and Boost Items

You can purchase EXP boosting items from the item mall to help you with the grinding. These items typically have a duration limit and have stacking limitations. If you have additional cash to burn, EXP cards and related items can help you level up faster.

Monster EXP Book Use

Monster EXP Book is gained through a few quests and is a cash shop item. They will grant you with some instant EXP boost depending on your level. Because they give you more EXP the higher level you are, your best bet is to save and use them at the very last moment.

Party EXP Bonus

When you are in a full party, you will obtain an EXP bonus with the monsters killed. The EXP boost is in effect when you are on the same server channel with the same map. You do not have to kill the same monsters to get the benefits, thus it is usually beneficial if you can get other players to join your party when you are running dailies or grinding on certain maps.

Watchout for Overlevel

Your EXP received per monster killed decreases significantly if you grind monsters more than 10 levels apart. Always check your amount of EXP earned to make sure that the grinding is worthwhile.


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