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Here Be Monsters is all about catching all the monsters that you can possibly can in the Almanac. However, the game is pretty hard if you are first starting out in the game. In this guide, we will go over all the basic items that you need to know about trapping monsters in the world of Here Be Monsters. Use this guide to help you get a head start in the game and avoid any mistakes!

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Understanding Traps

At the time of writing this guide, you will only be able to use and setup one single trap in any given location. You will have to place a trap and place suitable baits to catch the monsters that they attract to. You will have different kinds of traps and higher level traps can catch higher level monsters in the game.

Different monsters in the game may appear at different world of the map. You will need to learn how to use the Almanac to be able to catch all of the monsters in the game. However, some of the monsters are currently not available as the developers are still releasing new contents.

You should gather a few baits and place them all into the trap at the same time. Your Here be Monsters traps will continuously trap the monsters for you without having to check it every 15 minutes. The trap will continue to trap new monsters until it has run out of the baits.

Beginner’s Trappers Tips

With the trap system, there are a couple reminders that you will need to know about your traps.

Using Traps as Teleport landmarks
If you have traveled far to any fishing or mining locations, one good way to “remember” these locations is by placing a trap in them. Remember to place a bait too so that you traps would be active in Here Be Monsters. By click on the map and traveling to your trap locations, you can travel to and from that specific locations without using any energy.

Be Aware of Picking Up Traps Remotely
Be very careful when you decide to pick up the traps that you have laid remotely. This option is available next to the teleport button. By doing so, you will lose any bait or past monsters that you have caught before. However,

Getting Second Traps
At the time of writing, you will only be able to use one trap in the game. However, we expect future updates to let you use two different traps. You will most likely have to purchase the secondary traps using the real cash banknotes.

Complete List of Here Be Monsters Traps

Below is a list of all the available traps in the Here Be Monsters. We have listed out the stats of these various traps to help you determine the best ones to use to capture the various monsters. However, please note that there are quite a few traps that are not available to obtain at the moment in the game.

You will have to purchase the trap plans from London’s Eddie and son’s or through some of the quests rewards.

How to Obtain
Basic Box Trap400 coinsLandNone120144168
Basic Pit400 coinsLandNone15615690
Ghostbuster1 Spirit Lantern
1 Ghostbuster Plans
5 Mechanical Parts
5 Cold Iron Ingot
LandJack o' Lanterns
Will o' Wisps
Fireplace Trap1 Contraption Kit
1 Fireplace Trap Plans
LandSanta's Gnomes150150264
Lobsterator V21 Lobsterator V2 PlansWater220190250
Cage Drop Trap1 Cage Drop Plans
1 Cold Iron Cage
1 Contraption Kit
Camouflaged Box Trap1 Basic Box Trap
1 Camouflage Paint
4 Oak Tree
Tar Pit1 Basic Pit
2 Neverfading Coal
9 Tar
Net-a-pault1 Net-a-pault plans
1 Superstrong Net
1 Contraption Kit
1 Mechanical Parts
1 Wooden Pole
Snapper Trapper?Water440435430
Ballista Fortis?Air506300500
Ballista Ingenium?Air300500507
Ballista Rapida?Air250507500
Basic Birdcage Trap?Air100180110
Clam Trap?Water12090160
Creaky Submarine?Water400350506
Da Vinci Wings?Air200506250
Kite Trap?Air100400300
Mutant Venus Trap?Land350200200
Mystic Circle??500500500
Quicksand Trap?Land500100200
Tesla Trap?Land506508508
Trojan Horse Trap?Land500200506
Whirlpool Trap?Water500200300