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Fishing is a very important part of the game play. With fishing, you will be able to make coins quite fast and level up fast at the same. In this guide, we will go over some basic in Here Be Monsters Fishing and how you can take advantage of it. Please share this guide and remember always link back to us!

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Fishing Information

You can fish Here Be Monster fishing locations where there is a fish sign on the world map. Depending on the area of the world that you are in, you may have different chances at catching the various fishes in the game. In general. all of the areas near water can be used to fish. For example lakes, river, and the oceans. In general, the more exotic the location and faraway from London, the more XP and money that fishes can generate for you.

You can know the types of fish that you can catch in various area by clicking on the fish sign at the map. Depending on the bait that you have used you may be able to attract different kinds of fishes. In addition, the fishes can steal your bait if your fishing rod is too weak.

The right moment to catch the fish is to click the mouse when the red exclamation mark appears. Now there is always a chance that you could lose your bait. When the system message says that the fish has stolen your bait, it means that you have gotten the timing correctly.

With the current system of fishing in Here Be Monsters, you will cast your lines until the lines drift away from you. One of the easiest way is to cast to the righthand side of you and let the line drift. This way you can get more “fishing time” for your casts. This will increase your chances of getting a bite from fishing.

Getting Stronger Fishing Rods

To catch stronger and rare fish, you will need to upgrade your fishing rods into more advanced ones. Below is a list of these fishing rods and how you can obtain them. In general, you can obtain the stronger

Rough Fishing Rod – 250 coins or make with Wooden Pole + Twine
Basic Fishing Rod – 780 coins or make with Rough Fishing Pole + Reel
Gnomish Rod – make with Basic Fishing Rod + Gnomish Reel + Gnomish Rod Plans
Sparkle Rod – 15 bank notes.

The strongest fishing rod at the moment for Here Be Monsters is the sparkle rod, so if you have the money you should consider purchasing the rod to catch the fishes more easily.

Getting the Fishing Bait and Lures

One of the easiest way to make and understand different lures is through the use of Almanac. In a nutshell, some of the most useful

Here Be Monsters Fish Location

Because the developers have stated that the fishing system may be getting an overhaul, thus we have decided not to list out all the fishes available at different locations in the world at the moment. We will update this guide when we know more about it.