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It can take a while to learn how to get the specific fish in Go Fishing Social. This guide will teach and show you the location of where all the fish type is, as well as the what type of bait that you need to use to be able to catch the fish in Go Fishing. More information will be added as to the average weight that that these different kinds of fish that you can catch in game.

If you have found this Go Fishing listing reference guide helpful, please take a look at our other Facebook game guides along with more Go Fishing guides, and please remember to always link back to us if you choose to share this list else where. Thank you!

With the filter option available for this Go Fishing table that we have provided for you, yon quickly narrow down the fish and location by using filter. You can also filter the type of bait to learn what type of special fish that you can catch with the Go Fishing baits that are available to you for your level. Give it a try, you will be able to find and narrow down the fish in Go Fishing easier and faster with this feature.

It should be noted that there is always a percentage of whether or not you will be able to catch the fish. Having the bait at the correct Go Fishing location does not mean that you will be able to encounter the fish anytime soon. Go Fishing takes time and patience, as well as a bit of luck.

Atlantic salmonNessie BankSmelts
Atlantic SturgeonUrquhart Castle
Nessie Bank
Amur SturgeonWild Coast, Holy Water, GreenlandDragon Flies, Minnows, Smelts, Larvae, Worms, Small Fish
Arctic CharLonely Tree, Wild Coast , Quiet Corner, Nessie Bank, Deep WaterSalmon Eggs, Smelts, Cut Bait, Small Fish
Big Head CarpWild Coast, Holy Water, GreenlandTadpole, Midges
Bream Wild Coast, GreenlandFrogs, Corn
Brown TroutSilent Trees, Nessie Bank, Urquhart Castle, Deep WaterFrog, Minnows, Carp Boilies, Dragonflies, Worms, Corn, Small Fish
Bullhead Silent Trees Minnows
Catfish Wild Coast, Lonely Tree, Greenland, Deep WaterDragonflies, Smelts, Small Fish, worms
Chinook Salmon Quiet Corner, Wild Coast, Lonely Tree, Cold Spot, Holy WaterSalmon Boilies, Small Fish, Cut Bait, Smelts, Clams
Chum SalmonWild Coast, Quiet Corner, Cold SpotSmall fish, Salmon Boilies, Smelts
Cobia Shipwrecks, Shallow waters Small fish
Coho SalmonWild Coast, Silent Trees, Greenland, Lonely Tree, Cold Spot Craw fish, Salmon Boilies, Salmon Eggs, Smelts, Scuds
Common CarpNessie Bank Bread, Worms, Corn
Dace Uruhart CastleWorms, Corn
Dolly Varden Trout Lonely TreeSalmon Eggs
European PerchNessie Bank, Deep Water, Uruhart CastleCarp Boilies, Small Fish, Larvae
Ferox TroutUrquhart Castle, Nessie Bank, Deep watersMinnows, Worms, Cut Bait
Grass CarpWild Coast, Green LandDragonflies, Frogs, Corn, Worms
Grayling Lonely Tree, Wild Coast, Cold SpotWorms, Larvae, Dragonflies
Jack Crevale Shallow watersSmall fish
Kaluga Wild Coast, Green Land, Holy WaterCut Bait
Largemouth Silent Trees, Open WaterCraw fish, Frogs, Pet Food, Worms, Bass Bollies
Lake SturgeonSilent Trees, Open Water, LighthouseWorms, Minnows, Clams
Lake TroutSilent Trees, LighthouseFrog, Cut Bait, Minnows, Frogs
Legendary fish at Kenai river
Unique old catfish
Lonely tree
(Hook and line 100+)
Catfish Bollies, Cut Bait
LenokWild Coast,Holy Water, Lonely TreeSalmon Boiliess, Salmon Eggs, Dragonflies
Lingcod Quiet Corner, Lonely Tree, Wild Coast, Cold SpotMinnows, Smelts, Small Fish, Fruit Flies, Midges, Tadpoles, Dragon Flies
Northern PikeSilent Trees, Lonely Tree, Urquhart Castle, Nessie Bank, Still Water, Holly Water, Wild Coast, Open waterCrawfish, Frogs, Dragon Flies, Carp Boilies, Minnows, Fruit Flies, Midges
Pan fishSilent TreesFrog
Pink SalmonLonely Tree, Cold SpotMinnows, Smelts
Rainbow TroutSilent Trees, Lonely Tree, Cold Spot, Uruhart CastleSalmon eggs, Frog, Corn, Cut Bait
Red SnapperDeep Seacut bait
Roach Silent TreesPet food, Bread
Rudd Nessie BankCorn
Siberian Salmon Wild Coast, Cold SpotSalmon Boilies, Smelts
Small mouthSilent TreesCrawfish, Frogs, Pet Food; Open Water - Worms, Pet Food
Steel Head Quiet Corner, Lonely Tree, Wild Coast, Cold Spot, Open Water Corn, Smelts, Salmon Eggs, Fruit Flies, Crawfish
Sockey SalmonGreen Land, Cold SpotDragonflies, Salmon Boilies, Smelts
- Tarpon- Shallow waters - Small fish
Three-spined SticklebackNessie BankLarvae
Trophy Monster Fish
Wahoo Reefs, ShipwrecksCut bait
Walleye Silent Trees Frog, Minnow
White FishSilent TreesFrog, Pet Food, Larvae
Yellow CheekWild Coast, Greenland, Holy WaterDragonflies, Frogs, Corn, Midges, Cut Bait
Yellow Perch Silent Trees, Still WaterFrog, Minnow, larve. Open Water - Worms, Bass Boilies
Amber jacksShallow waters, Reefs, Shipwrecks Small fish, Cut bait , Dragon Flies, Frogs, Tadpoles, Fruit flies
Barracudas Shallow waters, Reefs, Deep seaSmall fish, Cut bait, Smelts, Tadpoles
Black GrouperShallow waters, ShipwrecksScuds, Cut bait, Smelts, Shrimps, Tadpoles, Frogs, Worms, Small fish
Bull SharkShipwrecks, Deep seaCut bait, Small Fish
Cobia Shipwrecks, Shallow waters, Reefs, Deep seaSmall fish,frogs Cut bait, Fruit Flies, Crawfish, Tadpoles, Midgets
Dolphin FishDeep Sea, Ship WreckCut bait
Jack Crevale Shallow waters, ReefsSmall fish, Scuds, Cut bait, Clams, Shrimps
King Mackerel Shallow waters, ReefsSmall fish, Cut bait, Scuds , Fruit flies, Clams, Midgets, Tadpoles, Frogs, Worms, Larvae
Lemon sharkShallow waters, Reefs, Deep Sea, ShipwrecksMinnows, Small fish, Cut bait , Clams, Tadpoles
Permit Shallow waters, Shipwrecks Small fish, Scuds, Shrimps, Cut bait, Crawfish
Red SnapperDeep SeaSalmon Eggs, Larvae
TarponShallow waters Small fish, Cut bait, Shrimps, Scuds
Tiger SharkShipwrecksCut bait, Clams
WahooReefs, Deep sea, Shipwrecks Larvae, Cut Bait, Fruit flies, Crawfish, Tadpoles, Midgets
White MarlinReefs , Deep sea, ShipwrecksCut Bait , Clams, Small fish, Crawfish
Nile TilapiaThe Source of NileCorn, Fruit flies, Midges
Redbelly TilapiaThe Source of NileMidges
African Longfile EenThe source of NileFruit files
ClariasThe Source of NileFruit flies, Cut bait
Cornish JackSilent Beach, Rocky WaterMinnows, Small fish
Nile PerchSilent BeachMinnows, Smelts, cut bait
SemutunduSilent BeachSmall fish
BayadRocky WaterSmall fish
Electric CatfishRocky WaterSmall fish
Catfish Silent Beach, Rocky WaterSmall fish
Deep Water CatfishRocky Water, RubondoSmelts
H.PyrrhocephalusThe Source of NileClams, Midges
Green SturgeonHoly Water, Green Land,Slim lure, Rainbow Lure, Minnows
Mekong CatfishAmur RiverLong lure, Mullet
Chinese PaddlefishAmur RiverSlim lure, Long lure, Minnows, Mullet
BurbotAmur RiverBright lure, Minnows
Freshwater StingrayWild CoastSlim lure, Minnows, Mullet
Cutthroat TroutKenai RiverLong lure, Mullet
Giant SalmonKenai RiverLong lure, Shrimp lure, Mullet
HooliganKenai RiverLong lure, Fishy lure
Yellow Eye RockfishCold SpotLong lure, Shrimp lure, Mullet
Alaska Black FishKenai RiverLong lure, Shrimp lure, Fishy lure, Mullet
Salmon SharkKenai RiverShrimp lure, Long lure, Fishy lure, Mullet
IchthyosaurCold SpotLong lure, Fishy lure, Mullet
Tiger FishSilent Beach, Source of NileStorm lure, Lucky lure
Bulldog FishLake VictoriaStorm lure, Mullet
MudfishLake VictoriaStorm lure, Rainbow lure, Mullet
African LungfishSilent BeachStorm lure, Mullet
Ocean SunfishGreat Barrier Reef (GBR)
Key West (KW)
Port Douglas GBR, Motley Reef GBR, Reefs KW


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