Best Marvel Avengers Alliance Heroes to Buy and Use

In Marvel Avengers Alliance, because there are multiple classes that you can use for each of the heroes, we will give you a listing of the top choice of the heroes. Please note that with ISO-8 boosts for individual heroes, you can make your MAA team stronger as well. Please share this list with your facebook game and Marvel Avengers Alliance friends if you have found this guide helpful. Please remember to always link back to us and show your support! In addition, we will list a few must have heroes because they are required for you to unlock Marvel Avengers Alliance epic boss mission requirements. Also check out our other Marvel Avengers Alliance guides as well.

Top Marvel Avengers Alliance Heroes in Each Class

The list of top heroes will be included here as our best recommendation for the different MAA heroes for you to get in game. It should really be noted that because each heroes have different skills and their own specialties, you may find our opinion differently. The top heroes listed here are based on the best public player opinions that we can find. You want to have 3 heroes of each classes as you progress through the game, this will ensure that you will have no difficulties throughout your Marvel Avengers Alliance game play. If you have trouble collecting these heroes, please take a look at our MAA CP farming guide.

Please note that these rankings of the best heroes in Marvel Avengers Alliance may change because of future updates and rebalance.

Best Blaster Heroes

Dr. Strange
Ms. Marvel

Best Infiltrator Heroes

Kitty Pride
Invisible Woman

Best Scrapper Heroes

Iron Fist

Best Bruiser Heroes


Best Tactician Heroes

Captain America
War Machine

Notable Best and Top Must-Should Have MAA Hero


Spiderman – Unlock various Epic bosses.

unlocks an Epic Boss in chapter 5.3
required to unlock the Golden Katana

War Machine
required to unlock the Golden El Diablo

Required to unlock Golden A.R Spectre

Human Torch
required to unlock the Golden T.Q. 5000

Black Cat
Chance to unlock an epic boss

Chance to unlock an epic boss

Luke Cage
Chance to unlock an epic boss

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